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Top 5 Managers..

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Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. I gotta touch on a topic that's being discussed very heavy today and that's managers. Many fans including myself really feel like managers should be brought back into a prominent position like they were in the 80s. I thought I'd blog on whom I feel are the 5 greatest managers of all time.

5 Greatest Managers of All Time:

5. Slick

Humor is what made me add him. He was just plain funny to me. The way he dressed and everything. Lol he's one of my favorite heels of all time and also I really am a fan of Haku. Slick was awesome.

4. Paul Bearer

His voice is what did it for me. Very funny and scary at the same time. I feel like he played the turncoat role perfectly by switching back and forth with Undertaker & Kane. It was good television but was funny was anytime he got his ass whooped. He would be sliding all over the ring haha good stuff.

3. Sensational Sherri

She's the greatest female character of all time and definitely the greatest female heel of all time. Sherri was very much hated. I loved her pairing with HBK. That was when Shawn was a vicious heel and possibly was some of his best work and that was before he even became WWF Champ.

People talk a big deal about Miss Elizabeth but really she had no real importance. She wasn't really a manager, she just stood outside the ring for Savage. If anything she was booked as a pure distraction in bright flashy dresses. I'm not trying to disrespect her but I don't see how that categorizes her as a great manager.

Sherri on the other hand was pure gold and I loved her work from working with Savage, to HBK, all the way to Harlem Heat, she was amazing.

BONUS: Jim Cornette & Tennessee Lee

One of the greatest heels and underrated masterminds of this business. Just look at ROH. But Cornette to me did some of his best work when he managed Jeff Jarrett when he was with the WWF. Tennessee Lee makes the list just for being funny as hell, he used to have me cracking up.

2. J.J. Dillon

He was a straight forward type of guy. Man when he talked, you listened but you hated to hear what he had to say but you had no choice but to agree. He was pure gold with the Horsemen and its truly hard to put anyone before him.

1. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Bobby was just the greatest everything. To me he was the greatest commentator of all time, the greatest manager and truly the funniest individual in wrestling history. Its not much to really say, there will never be another Heenan. We gotta show this man love while he's still alive because I swear so many people in the wrestling business today can learn from him.

People hate Michael Cole but Cole really seems like he's taking a few pointers out of Heenan's book. The one thing that separates Heenan from Cole is that not one person really found Heenan annoying. They knew he was the best at doing his job so he always had that respect even though he had to live with the "Weasel" insults. Other than that, there's no one better than Heenan.


Thank you all for checking this blog out. Please leave feedback as well as your own lists. Before anyone say's anything, I DID NOT FORGET JIMMY HART. I didn't add him on the list for a reason. Be safe guys and check out my new song below...Until then.

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  1. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    No "Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart? Ya know, iconic megaphone in hand? Managed Hogan, Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, King, DiBiase Sr., and Honky Tonk Man? Ya know, the guy that managed the friggin Hart Foundation?
  2. blink's Avatar
    I would've put hart on there before slick bit that's just my opinion much as this is yours. I personally always liked captain Lou albanowhen he was in a manager role.
  3. Sony's Avatar
    Mr. Fuji should also be on the list along with Jimmy Hart! I wouldn't necessarily have Paul Bearer on the list of top 5 managers. He fitted his role as the Undertakers manager, but he was always a one trick pony. Yes briefly he managed, Kane and Mankind, but his legacy will always be with the Taker. Paul Bearer was just a more successful James Mitchell (Abyss's manager).

    my list:

    5) Captain Lou Albano (why does everybody always forget about this guy)
    4) Mr Fuji
    3) J.J. Dillon (#3 only because the horsemen were just as relevant without him)
    2) Jimmy Hart
    1) Bobby Heenan

    Edit: just read the post above mine...Captain Lou Albano was mentioned!
    Updated 02-13-2012 at 03:04 AM by Sony
  4. monctonvike's Avatar
    great blog all the same but how about an honorable mention for classy freddy blassie?????
  5. Seanb93's Avatar
    Paul E Dangerously
  6. Sony's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Seanb93;bt54418]Paul E Dangerously[/QUOTE]
    Never thought he was any good as a manger. It seemed like he could never find the volume button to his voice cause all he ever did was yell with the exact same frequency every time he spoke.

    I would give honorable mentions to [FONT=arial]Paul Ellering to go along the list I previously posted[/FONT]
  7. HaVoC's Avatar
    Gary Hart would have to be on the top 5 list for me. With -maybe- the exception of Heenan, no one could bring heat on a heel any better.
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