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$hazBlog: TNA Against All Odds Predictions

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What's going on guys, I'll be writing my TNA Against All Odds predictions! Hope you enjoy the blog.

I've really been impressed with TNA lately, they've improved ever since that stupid takeover business. In fact, the previous ppv Genesis is easily one of the best PPV's I've seen so far, hopefully they keep going in that flow!

Match 1. Jesse Sorenson vs Zema Ion - Winner gets a shot at the X Division Champion
You know, I always enjoy watching the X Division and its the top reason why I currently watch TNA. I'm really impressed with both Ion and Sorenson, Sorenson has already proven himself as a fan favourite while Ion has proved himself as a cocky heel. This would be the best way to start the show and I think Ion should get the win, but I wouldn't really mind seeing Sorenson win anyway, I'm a really big fan of both guys.
Who I want to win: Zema Ion
Who I think will win: Jesse Sorenson

Match 2. Tara vs Gail Kim (c) - TNA Knockouts Champion match
TNA have been treating their Knockouts like diamonds, no lie. Unlike WWE, TNA are focusing on these ladies, they've got alot of knockout talent which is being very used wisely. I doubt Tara will win, I think that Gail Kim should carry on her title reign cause she's doing a sick job.
Who I want to win: Gail Kim
Who I think will win: Gail Kim

Match 3. Alex Shelley vs Austin Aries (c) - TNA X Division Champion match
I'm 100% excited for this highly anticipated bout! Full of action, high flying moves, etc. It's gonna be sick! At Against All Odds, I can see Aries winning this match by far, but you know what, I couldn't give two wits about who wins this bout! If they put on an epic X Division match then that's all that matters! At least prestige isn't lost!
Who I want to win: Either
Who I think will win: Austin Aries

Match 4. Gunner vs Garrett Bischoff
To be honest I think this is just a waste of TV time, but I see alot of potential in Bischoff. I really don't want to see Gunner jobbing to this guy. I'm really concerned about this Bischoff family storyline, I just think that it should be given to deserving guys like D'Angelo Dinero, Brian Kendrick, Gunner (A storyline we all want to see!), etc.
Who I want to win: Gunner
Who I think will win: Garrett Bischoff

Match 5. AJ Styles vs Kazarian
I like the build up to this AJ/Kaz+Daniels relationship. Kazarian is just in the middle of all this AJ/Daniels feud. Two TNA originals going up against another bringing back some sick memories! Can't wait for this bout! I think Kaz is gonna win, with some help from Daniels.
Who I want to win: Kaz
Who I think will win: Kaz

Match 6. Samoa Joe and Magnus vs Matt Morgan and Crimson (c) - TNA Tag Team Champion match
I really don't get why people like Crimson, the guy is just soooooo crap in the ring, he's the most underrated guy on the roster. Hopefully this match tops the others, I don't mind seeing either win, I just want this feud to carry on. But I feel that TNA are gonna carry on with Morgan and Crimson being the monster tag team.
Who I want to win: Either
Who I think will win: Matt Morgan and Crimson

Match 7. Jeff Hardy vs James Storm vs Bully Ray vs Bobby Roode - TNA World Heavyweight Champion match

This match is very unpredictable and thats what I like about 4-Way, 3-Way dances, etc. Its just unpredictable. I don't wanna see Hardy winning, this guy can go a long time without being World Champion and still have all the fans on this side. Storm or Ray winning would be very reasonable, I wanna see Ray vs Roode in a singles heel vs heel match, but I also wanna see Storm vs Roode. But they gotta keep Roode as the champ, he's doing great as a heel and they have to keep that momentum going!
Who I want to win: Bobby Roode
Who I think will win: Bobby Roode

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