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$hazBlog: Wrestlemania Dreamcard

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So this is my Wrestlemania Dreamcard, with the current superstars in the WWE. I know most of the EWN are getting abit fed up with all these Wrestlemania blogs and shiz but I like reading and I enjoy reading blogs about other people's opinions and thoughts. So I chose a Wrestlemania dreamcard instead of predictions, so I get different opinions.

Note: This is NOT a WM 28 Dreamcard so please bear that in mind before you insult me!

1. Hunico vs Evan Bourne vs JTG vs Justin Gabriel vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Trent Barretta - Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight Champion

I think this would be the best way to start my dreamcard. Bringing back the Cruiserweight Champion, so underrated and underused talent can be used properly. I would love to see a battle royal between all these guys. The only thing that concerns me is that is that no one hardly knows Trent Baretta, so I would have promo, backstage segmants including all.

2. Kofi Kingston and Tyson Kidd vs Epico and Primo (c) vs Rotunda Brothers vs Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks - Elimination 4-Way Tag match for the Tag Team Champion
In my opinion this would be the best way to rebuild the Tag division. I think the team of Kofi and Kidd could work, I absolutely love the ring abilities of both guys. I was gonna include Kidd in the Cruiseweight Champion match but I think he is better than that so a step forward into the tag division would be best! I would keep the team face, Kofi is very over with the fans and a heel turn would be okay but I'd prefer to keep him babyface. Tyson Kidd just had a recent face turn, and I think it should stay that way. When he was in the Hart Dynasty, he was over with fans with DH Smith when they were babyface. Epico and Primo come in as the champions. And some may not agree with the fact that I put the Rotunda Brothers there but I've been recently watching some FCW videos on YouTube and man are they sick or what! Husky Harris has already had a taste of the main roster when he was with New Nexus. Hawkins and Reks need more TV time instead of being on NXT and Superstars all the time. To build this up I would include alot of promos and time on the mic for everyone one of them, so they can improve.

3. Drew McIntyre vs Jack Swagger (c) vs Santino Marella - US Champion match
Most of the EWN will probably be thing WTF?!, why the hell has he put Santino in there? but I'll explain. The guy needs to be taken seriously, but with his gimmick for comedy purposes he isn't going nowhere except jobbing. He's great on the mic and the ring, and he is funny as hell! I would make him more agressive in the ring which would be a good step, and keep the guy funny, turn him heel and make him more agressive so he's taken more seriously. I think the US Champion needs as much value as the Intercontinental Champion does so I added Drew McIntyre into this game. He's been a great IC champion, so he could do the same with the US Champion and he goes in as a face. Swagger is just great in the ring, but he's really boring me now. As I said in the tag team match, I would have promos and time on the mic for all three.

4. Kharma vs Beth Phoenix (c) - Divas Champion match
This match is like to happen at WM 28 which is a great thing. The divas division has been a joke lately with the disgraceful Natalya farting and divas who can't wrestle, etc. The 'E should just focus on the divas that can wrestle: Beth Pheonix, Eve, Layla, Tamina, Natalya and Kharma. Okay back to the match, these divas are beasts, so I would book 'em in a 10-15 minute match to show that there are some dangerous divas in the 'E.

5. Sheamus vs Kane
I must admit, this is a filler. But there wasn't any way in hell that I wouldn't feature these two superstars in a dreamcard. I absolutely love watching Sheamus, he is full of charisma and I can see him walking out of Wrestlemania 28 as World Champion. Kane still has it, he is great and I think this match would be sick, if booked properly. Sheamus obviously goes in as the face with Kane as a heel.

6. Dolph Ziggler vs Cody Rhodes (c) - Intercontinental Champion match
These two would put on one hell of a bout. Rhodes is just brilliant and he is main event material already, he goes in as IC Champion. I think he is ready for a World Champion. Ziggler has impressed me so much with his matches but he really needs to drop Vickie Guerrero. However I don't think he's ready for the WWE Champion, so I would make him have a final reign with the IC Champion. So Rhodes is the one to lose, with him moving on the main event picture.

7. Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio
This would just be sick. Two of the biggest stars in Lucha Libre, going at it one on one, it would be a dream come true. Before this feud even starts, I think Sin Cara needs to learn English, practise on the mic and improve his botches. As for Rey he needs to go in as a heel, I would have him come into the ring into a huge ovation. Then have him diss the fans by blaming them for when he lost his World Champion, and when he got injured, etc, which turns him heel and that's when you have Sin Cara who also returns into a huge ovation. He speaks of Mysterio's betrayal, etc. What a match these two would put on, with Cara getting the win and Mysterio giving a handshake afterwards.

8. Royal Rumble Winner: Christian vs Randy Orton - Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Champion

Okay, I know Christian and Orton have already had 3-4 matches but still. They put on a sick match at Summerslam and when I say sick...I mean SICK! I would have Christian returning to win the Royal Rumble as a face, with Orton already World Champion after Elimination Chamber. A great match with plenty of build up with the promos. Orton turns heel for this to happen, and a last man standing match to settle this rivalry once and for all.

9. Chris Jericho vs Wade Barrett
Yes, I think this match needs to take place. It has already happened but not on a PPV. I think it would also be a great way to put Barrett over. The promos would be excellent, the ring ability would be great. Jericho as a face, why? well he still gets cheers as a heel or face. Keep Barrett as the cocky heel. I would have had Cm Punk vs Y2J but I needed something different.

10. Cm Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan - WWE Champion match
This would be an epic match! Daniel Bryan as a heel, Punk as a face. These guys are the best talent that the WWE could get in this era. D-Bry has improved on the mic and cuts great heel promos. The promos between the two would be MAD! Leave this just between these two, no one else involved!
How I would book it: At Royal Rumble, Cm Punk defeats (say The Miz?), next night on Raw, Punk talks about how he is the best in the world and shiz, which leads to D-Bry coming out. D-Bry tells Punk about the respect he has for Punk, but then starts to insult him by calling him a 'cheap skate', etc. (couldn't think of anything). Punk gets pissed off and then D-Bry insults him even more, and then it all turns physical with the two brawling and then security come to break it out. At Elimination Chamber Punk defends against the other 5 men, he wins but after the match you have D-Bry coming out to attack Punk to end the show. After EC you have Punk coming out as he is pissed off with D-Bry, telling him to explain his actions. D-Bry comes out, he mentions Ring of Honor and says that he has always been 2nd best, cutting an emotional promo. When Punk was the WWE Champion and still is, D-Bry was the World Heavyweight Champion, bla bla,. Punk offers his hand, then says on the mic that he expected better of D-Bry, and tells him to stop being jealous of Punk's success. D-Bry questions Punk, 'why have you extended your rotten hand?', with Punk saying it's a challenge to a match at WM, with the crowd up in the air, screaming 'Punk v Bryan, Punk v Bryan, Punk v Bryan' with D-Bry accepting!

11. Undertaker vs John Cena - Streak match
The main event of the night, Cena vs 'Taker. I would have Cena defeat The Rock at WM 28, yes I said it defeat The Rock, do I need to bold it? Okay then, DEFEAT THE ROCK! Hulk Hogan passed the torch to The Rock, and we need The Rock passing it to Cena. So what if most the IWC hate Cena, he's worked his ass off for the company. In fact everyone booing and dissing Cena is one of the best things that has happened to the WWE. Someone who is super and face getting booed heavily? Vince McMahon is making this happen, he knows what he is doing! Okay back to the Taker vs Cena match. After WM 28 Cena needs a worthy challenger, someone who is capable of beating him. Undertaker is the right choice. Why? you have Taker who is the legend of WWE at the moment. With Cena who defeated the legend The Rock. So this is what Cena and Taker both need. To face each other. I would have Taker beat Cena, proving that no one could beat Taker at WM! And Taker retires afterwards anyway. Promos would be the best way to build this match up, don't let Undertaker face anyone before WM!

Hope you liked my dreamcard. Sorry if it was very long. Have a good week IWC, bye!

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  1. cjstonecold's Avatar
    Very good blog. Love the matches 4-11. I hope that Cena vs. Taker does happen. Wouls love to see Jericho vs. Barrett and Punk vs. Bryan for sure.
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    no usos int he tag match? they earned those belts jut as much as the rotunda brothers hawkins & reks doe tyson & kofi already held the belts:G
  3. Shaz11's Avatar
    @cjstonecold - Thanks for the comment mate, I really appreciate it!

    @Mikeyboy7777777 - Holy #8$%! How did I manage to forget the Usos?! I like Primo and Epico, but I prefer the Uso's! So the Uso's are added. I feel sorry for Primo and Epico

    Looking forward to the other opinions!!!
  4. The Piper's Avatar
  5. Shaz11's Avatar
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good blog bro. I would love to see the matches for 6, and 8 through 11.

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