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The Straight "Vegan" Society???

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Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. I'm really interested in the current direction of Daniel Bryan, I definitely enjoy what's going on here. Wrestling has been around for over 50 years so ofcourse stories will be rehashed so its safe to say its no surprise that we are in the midst of Cm Punk's Straight Edge Society but this time with Daniel Bryan's Vegan gimmick.

Let's talk about some similarities between the two because they are there and I feel like the WWE does this on purpose with guys with such a huge following like Daniel Bryan & Cm Punk.

Cm Punk & Daniel Bryan Similarities:

  • Wrestled for ROH, TNA & WWE
  • Very small frame guys
  • Beloved by the internet
  • Won the World Championship in short stages
  • Cult like following

Straight Edge Society vs Vegan Society:

Now lets break this down. They both are stressing something that actually is important yet the WWE makes them preach their true words as heels. This is something I noticed.

Cm Punk's Scapegoats: Jeff Hardy & R-Truth

Cm Punk was bashing the Universe for smoking, drinking and relying on drugs to get them through the day. He had two scapegoats which were R-Truth & Jeff Hardy. Hardy was the drug user whom Punk referred to and they used his history of drugs as an angle to put Punk over. They also used R-Truth's real life addiction to cigarettes.

Daniel Bryan's Scapegoats: The Big Show & Mark Henry

Daniel Bryan also has two scapegoats. His scapegoats are/was Mark Henry & The Big Show. He uses them by pointing out the fact that they do indulge in alot of meat and dairy products and say's that's the reason they are so heavy.

Cm Punk's Henchmen: Luke Gallows & Serena

These were the two naive people that the WWE booked to have Punk's back. They booked this as if Punk was their savior and if you ask me it was pure gold.

Daniel Bryan's Henchman: A.J.

A.J. is the sweet naive female that's booked to think Daniel Bryan actually loves her. As Cole said, "she would dive in front of a bus for Bryan". Every cult leader has that following and atleast one member that will sacrifice all to show love to her master.

Similarities in Daniel Bryan & Cm Punk's career paths:

They both debuted as these huge popular underdogs. They were given that same tough guy little guy gimmick in which they were small but they backed down to no fight. They were already very famous so they came in with a huge buzz and everyone seemed to love them.

They both won the MITB Ladder match. They way to push guys this small is to give them the MITB briefcase. It shows the pure underdog in each of them. Its basically saying the only way they'll ever get a title shot is by winning this match. They would never be randomly booked in a one on one match for the title.

They both won the World Heavyweight Championship at a young stage in their career. They both used this title to enhance their Straight Vegan & Straight Edge society.

They are also both pushing for the fans to actually do something that will benefit you but being booked as the bad guys. Eating too much meat does indeed clog arteries. Smoking is bad for you. Simple as that.


Basically I wanna see what's next for Bryan. I'm loving this run. How far can it continue and how far will the WWE let it go. I hoep you all enjoyed this, please leave comments and feedback and CHECK OUT MY NEW TRACK BELOW GUYS. YOU WILL LOEV IT. Be safe guys. Until then.

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  1. TheWonderKid's Avatar
    I agree. Lots of similarities. The big difference I see is mic skills. Granted, Punk really had his coming out party on the mic while doing his SES thing and Bryan is getting much better with his vegan/heel character. Still, I think Punk's skills on the pipebomb make him seem so much bigger in personality that he doesn't seem like a little guy. If Bryan can keep improving in promos, he could do very well.
  2. tnamaniac's Avatar
    I had no idea WWE were pulling an Aries...funny
  3. blink's Avatar
    I wouldn't really call a.j. A henchman. I see why you would but she hasn't really done enough to warrant that title from me yet. These 2 are very similar stories and would like to see Bryan gain another member or so as I feel that would help him in his heel run
  4. B-ri's Avatar
    Good blog man, as usual! Quite liking the rap too, is it just a hobby or a career?
  5. knox's Avatar
    hey guys thanks for the comments so far.

    @TheWonderKid, you are right about the mic skills but yeah Daniel Bryan's heel mic skills are like out of this world haha his sarcasm does it for me.

    @tnamaniac, explain that more lol I always seen big similarities in Punk & Aries.

    @blink, yea i can see her heelturn coming pretty soon. Maybe Bryan can add on someone like Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) to his stable.

    @B-ri, thanks alot bro that means alot man it really does. Its not a career yet but I'm working towards it. I'm not making any money off music but its really my life.
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    I think this would be funny only to see Punk come out and tear the whole concept apart... )after a segment with him eating a burger in front of DB?) Mocking Bryan as to how the whole idea has been done before and didn't really work out well for him. Bryan of course retorting that Punk is polluted, and big deal if Punk is straight edge, he still has no real discipline. -- I believe they touched on this idea VERY slightly on that episode of Smackdown where they had the Punk/Bryan match.
  7. Vondraco's Avatar
    On a larger scale, though, I'm a bit disenchanted with WWE seeming to make only the bad guys promote a healthier lifestyle. Punk really hasn't mentioned much about Straight Edge since he became a face, and Bryan's pushing of the vegan lifestyle is anything but effective.
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