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5 Wrestlers TNA should have kept

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These will be in no particular order but TNA has certainly let people walk or fired people who should have been kept. The argument can be made for beyond 5 guys, but we'll keep the list simple.

1. Christian (or Christian Cage): If this list were in order, he would be at the top of the list. WWE held Christian back and once he made his way to TNA, he became a bigger star than WWE could have ever made him, or ever really planned to. He was over with the crowd no matter what he was playing, one of the more talented wrestlers in the biz, and could have easily helped TNA become bigger than it is.

2. Jay Lethal: Being a huge fan of ROH, I don't have a huge problem with this but it would have been better to keep him. Another guy very over with the crowd, still relatively young, especially considering how experienced he is. He was certainly getting better on the mic as he got to be in bigger storylines, and the X division will always need guys like him.

3. Monty Brown: How he left the wrestling biz as a whole is kind of sad, but he was a beast in TNA. One of the better characters TNA had, he had a great amount of charisma, though i'm not sure how far he goes, but he was a great talent in TNA.

4. Low Ki: Another weird wrestling story, I would have liked to have seen TNA keep Low Ki. He's certainly bounced around companies, but is talented as hell. His mic skills are a little off, but i'm almost sure with work, he could have been something great. Always an X division attraction, I think he could have easily been a TV champ in this era, maybe pushing for a World title.

5. Jim Cornette: I know, he's not a wrestler. Hear me out. I think that 2006-2009 era of TNA was the golden age so far for them. The wrestling was on point, they had guys coming from WWE jumping ship, lots of great talent as a whole. Letting go of him eventually lead to Hogan and Bischoff coming in, what I like to call the slight dark ages. Nonetheless, he's one of the better minds in the wrestling biz, if it isn't enough proof with what he's doing with ROH right now.

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  1. Sony's Avatar
    No mention pf Petey Williams?
  2. kylos's Avatar
    Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Homicide... the list goes on and on.
  3. BichinRichStanley's Avatar
    Solid list. Nice blog
  4. Theicon's Avatar
    Christian & Low ki why????
  5. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Well I did say i'd keep the list at 5, though I can make the argument for more.

    Petey Williams was very good, thought about putting him in, maybe over Low Ki.

    Why Christian? He was one of TNAs best acquisitions and became one of TNAs biggest stars, more than any plans WWE had/has for him. Great wrestler, hard worker, tremendous on the mic.

    Low Ki is a very good wrestler, crowd favorite, OK on the mic, could have been something great in TNA.
  6. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    The Top 5 Wrestlers That TNA Should Have Kept (In No Particular Order):
    01: Ron Killings
    02: Christian Cage
    03: Homicide
    04: Desmond Wolfe
    05: Awesome Kong

    The list goes on. I can see where you're coming from with Jim Cornette, but he's not showing it with ROH.
  7. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Maybe Ron Killings, he was definitely taken more seriously in TNA.

    Well Desmond Wolfe was hard to keep because he couldn't wrestle, he still hasn't been cleared to wrestle as far as I know, so releasing him was best.

    Jim Cornette is doing a great job in ROH, the show they have on TV is pretty good, as well his scouting of new wrestlers and the direction of the company, he's doing great.
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