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This Week's Wrestling Top 5

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1. All the build-up for Jericho's return, and for what? "wanna-be's"? "Jericho wanna-bes?" That's a pretty weak premise as far his reasons for coming back. It has no substance or depth. Also, none of Jericho's comparisons to other wrestlers made much sense. His promo this week really hurt his intrigue. While CM Punk was only mocking Jericho's "no-talk" segments, it was also totally appropriate to not say a word to that promo by Jericho due to it's lack of reason and rational. Quite frankly, on the microphone (and in physical coordination), Jericho just ain't in Punk's league.

2. Meanwhile, Triple H buried the Undertaker (pun zinger!), and put an end to the only thing Taker has going for him, his other-worldly gimmick. While IWC'ers gush over taker on here, the truth is, he's old, fragile, and can't move quickly. It's a blessing that taker only wrestles once a year anymore, because if he were on a regular schedule, we'd all get bored really fast. If HHH vs. Taker is going to happen again, it surely just took a major hit now that Trips is making it all about him, and not about a supernatural force. He made taker look weak, un-powerful, and overall unimportant. It makes their impending match some definite NON-must-see-TV.

3. TNA in Wembly was a nice fit. While the WWE makes the exact same atmosphere for every arena, TNA's change in theme made me much more intrigued to watch. Sure, they are still booking poorly, but if they start giving different looks to different venues, (like ECW did), it would spice things up and grab the attention of the common viewer, instead of the exact same set up over, and over, and over, and over... and as far as the booking, here's an idea: If your'e going to give the people Sting, why don't you make it at a PPV and not just give it away on Impact? If you give people too much of something, it loses its effectiveness, and Sting doesn't have a lot to give anyway, so making his wrestling appearances rare are vital to keeping us interested.

4. Why would you book AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels on Impact, and then AJ vs. Kazarian at the PPV? Daniels is the mastermind, isn't he the final straw? I think ol' Easy-E got it backwards on that one.

5. Now that Michael Cole has backed off his Sean Hannity impersonation, he's not as bad to listen to as he was. He's still not great, but there's an improvement.

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  1. MR Boss's Avatar
    You are right HHH made Taker look weak, unpowerful but not unimportant. The reson HHH made Taker look weak so it makes you think if HHH can be the one to end the streak. Isn't that obvious, but it looks like for you its probably not.
  2. Heath_Decka's Avatar
    Whoa whoa... throwin' out insults? Classy.

    Anyways, wrestling is about building up both wrestlers to face off in a grand match... not one tearing the other down with no means to using it as a positive. Thus far, it's a poorly worked angle on an already poorly thought-up fued. Two mega stars? yes, but not really buzzing with interest... at all.
  3. bearkg88's Avatar
    I get Boss point though. Going into every wrestlemania, Taker comes off as a phenom, unstoppable, and every wrestlemania you know Taker is going to win. Of course we know Taker is going to win this one, but I like the approach they are taking with this Mania. Showing a humbled taker, wanting to seek his revenge for how mania ended last year. It is a different side and I like it.

    As for your point about Jericho. I disagree. I think the approach they are taking with Jericho is good. Considering they probably had the intention of Jericho winning the rumble when they put out the promos, with the change they made, i think they are going in the right direction with Jerichos promos, and I am excited to see what he says Monday.
  4. Heath_Decka's Avatar
    Well, Jericho never said exactly why it's "the end of the world as we know it".. he just emptily said it hoping it would sound cool. Sure, if you're a Jericho mark, you probably didn't think twice about it, but as a wrestling observer, it's the total representation of how lacking of substance this comeback by Jericho has. It has been just one giant let-down, with no clear, defined purpose. Kane came back with a purpose, Jericho? not so much, and it hurts him.

    Time will tell with the new approach to taker: Make him beg for a match with the almighty Triple H. I just know that Taker's only real drawing power anymore is his supernatural gimmick. If you take that away from him, he has little to nothing to give anymore.

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