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The Most Deserving Champions

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There have been many WWE Superstars throughout the years that many of us believe should have been WWE or now for the past 9 years World Champion. Mr. Perfect, Ravishing Rick Rude and Million Dollar Man Teb Dibiasi come to mind right off the bat. Certainly Jake the Snake Roberts and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat should have worn the WWE Championship.

However I will talking about talent that most will disagree with. I saw someone put up a blog that had a list of superstars that deserved title reigns but never got their shot. While the list proved to be speculative he had no reasons to back up his choices. I will give you reasons why I feel these men should have been champion.

1. Matt Hardy: Title should have won would be WWE Championship and Intercontinental title.
WHY: Matt was a worker and a talented one. He was someone that lived the buisness and deserved his moment to shine. His V1 persona was hilarious and it is around this time while he was wearing the cruiserweight title that I felt he should have been wearing the Intercontinental title instead. He was a great heal and a great wrestler and had an entertaining feud with Rey Mysterio. Also throughout his career he had great matches with the likes of Chris Beniot and Eddie Guerrero that seemed to go overlooked. But still Matt had the heel heat to make people want to see him lose but yet had the talent to be successful. Also in my opinon during a time when JBL seem to come out of nowhere and win the WWE title I think Matt would have been a better choice and could have continued to hit his V2 era.
Its my opinion but Matt like Kane did should have been rewarded for his time and work in a buisness he devoted himself to.

2. Owen Hart: Should have won the WWE Championship
WHY: Simply put he was great! His talent in the ring was often overlooked. He had it all...technical wrestling, high flying, charisma, brawling and mic skills. For a guy with so much talent it seemed a shame that he never really was used right. And his tragic death makes it all the more dissapointing that he never held the title.

Those are my picks for the most deserving of WWE championship runs.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. AndyWonder's Avatar
    The business is harsh for some. You can have all the talent in the world, but if the owner of the company does not think you yourself can make the company enough money then he won't wanna give you championships. I think Chris Benoit and King Booker are the only exceptions. I don't think they could draw on their own but were still given the world heavyweight title belt anyway.
  2. owenhart4life's Avatar
    Owen Hart was my favorite wrestler and you are 100% right. Owen should have been champion. He was one of the best in the WWF and in case everyone forgot.


    Owen 4 life
  3. hbk2416's Avatar
    The trouble for these guys is they we're widely considered the 2nd best wrestler in their own family. I for one felt Owen was better than Bret late in their careers. He had great ability and far more charisma than Bret. I just can't agree with Matt Hardy deserving a World title. His career was full of good/great matches, but IMO those matches we're great because of the other wrestlers in the match. I always felt Matt was the least talented in the Edge/Christian vs Hardy Boys matches. To me he was never more than mid-card talent.

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