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Piper's Pit: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

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A new take on WWE rivalries, and a new take for me, my new series of blogs: Piper's Pit! Where I dissect WWE rivalries to their entirety, starting with the recent feud of Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett, so lets get started, shall we?

The Stars
I've never liked Randy Orton, but have always, since NXT, loved Barrett. Randy Orton to me has always been an egotistical, mediocre wrestler who hogged the lime-light from talented wrestlers, while Wade Barret has just been egotistical. It's nice to see Randy in a committed rivalry with a top star, and not burying another useless opponent, and it's nice to see Wade look like a real top-notch competitor.

This rivalry picked up at survivor series in the elimination tag-team match (that not a lot of people saw, thanks to The Rock), while watching the match I thought that Orton would do the same thing he always does, he is losing, he is losing, scoop slam, illegal DDT, and then RKO's everyone on the opposing team winning the match 2 vs. 1, very exciting WWE. But instead, Wade picked up a miracle by pinning Randy Orton. Then came the tables match at TLC, was I the only one who knew exactly how that one was going to end as soon as Wade put Randy on the table? Then it was the falls count anywhere match on SD, another main event that never actually ended. Then the no-disqualification match this past Friday, a match that surprised me in both match and ending (ouch, by the way).

This rivalry has been encrypted into our brains since mid-November, about four months ago. A good span for a rivalry, but I think that these two should not have the same Orton/Punk match at wrestlemania, these guys have been booked to absolutely detest each other for four months now, so these two should tear into each other for the final time on the grandest stage of them all in a (bear with me) last man standing, last ride, or I Quit match. With the ending being so brutal that these two never want to fight each other again.

WWE can't do with this rivalry like they do with every other Orton rivalry, make Orton bury the other guy into obscurity. at Vengeance, Randy buried Cody Rhodes, after Extreme Rules until SummerSlam, Randy buried Christian, and almost every other one of Orton's opponents have been buried by him, so let Barrett win (legaly) quite often, to let this rivalry be 50/50 in wins.

hoped you injoyed the opinions portrayed in the blog, and feel free to leave comments

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  1. Cross's Avatar
    Good blog. I hope you do more like this. But yes you are right that this rivarly needs to have a final match. I would not want it to be at mania considering I have already sen them compete against each other, so I wouldn't wanna buy Wrestlemania (for this match) if its with competeitors I have already seen. But thank you for your blog.
  2. MR Boss's Avatar
    I don't know why, but I can't just click whith Wade Barret. I liked him when he was in nexus, but even then was not such of a big fan of his move set. I think he needs to change it up a bit, he also needs a different finisher because his one that he has now does not look very effective to his opponents, and I also think a submission move will fit well whith Barret.
  3. MR Boss's Avatar
    The feud between Orton and Barret has been ok, but slightly boring to tell the truth. I feel a lot of people think that two. I remember when they had there match on Raw, and Raw lost a lot of ratings. I don't know what this feud was missing, but it should of been more then just a brawl fest.
  4. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I just wonder where Barrett will go after this is over. Orton is the top face so there is no one left to propel Barrett any further up.

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