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The "ONE" Thing TNA is Missing?

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Hey guys Knox here, hoping all is well with you folks. As of late I have really found a new love and passion for TNA wrestling again. I found that passion that I had for TNA back in 2006 when I was sold that they were the best company. The way this company has improved has been beyond amazing.

I'm a WWE fan for life and will always love the WWE more but the fact of the matter is the WWE always will do that one stupid thing that makes you question why you even patronize their product. These last few Impacts have been nothing short of amazing. TNA is quietly growing and making a huge name for themselves and I love it.

The One Thing TNA is Missing?:

Well, there's a few things TNA are missing. Going live every week would be an example but thats not the point of this blog. The one thing TNA is missing is a consistent VIDEOGAME.

Yup I said it, TNA is missing a consistent videogame. TNA released one videogame some years ago that I believe was produced by Midway. To say that game sucked was an understatement. That game was horrible.

They only showed the entrances on the stage, the story was horrible and honestly Midway was the only company they could afford at the time.

What a Videogame does for the audience?:

Man a videogame really draws in that internet crowd. Not only that but it draws in the younger fans as well. People want to feel in control and a videogame gives them that opportunity.

My favorite current wrestlers are Jack Swagger & Magnus. I love to pop in WWE 12 and do every match type possible with Swagger because its fun to control my favorite wrestler. But sadly I can't do that with Magnus because TNA doesn't have a videogame.

A videogame would really draw that stronger connection with the fans. It gives them a chance to find out about the guys like Mark Haskins that don't get as much television times. It gives them a chance to explore the roster at their own expense hands on.

TNA's Awesome Match Types: Ultimate X & the Steel Asylum Match

Holy moly could you all imagine these match types on a game and how fun they would be. I personally prefer the Asylum match over the Elimination Chamber any day. TNA has to capitalize on this.

So what company should produce this game?

I would say THQ but they do the WWE game. I would say EASports but they do the UFC game. The only true option would be 2KSports. I feel like 2KSports puts out awesome games.

2KSports do the NBA games every year and the graphics and features on that game get better every year. It would be cool to see them add a true fighting game to their repertoire. 2KSports pretty much cater to sports games so the knowledge base is already there. They don't produce any other game types like the typical shooting games.

To me 2KSports would be the route for TNA to take if they wanted to produce a video game. TNA is growing and I feel like it would be a great business venture. TNA should have the money to fund this.


I hope you all enjoyed this one. I thought I'd blog on something less stressful lol who doesn't love videogames. I still can't believe no one in TNA is stressing a videogame. In this technology age, that should be the first thing popping. Anyway be safe guys and please check out my new song. I finally have a new song below lol. Be safe guys. Until then.

NEW TRACK NEW TRACK NEW TRACK. For those whom been supporting my music, I finally have a new track out. This is a motivational track dedicated to people out there trying to better themselves and live their dreams. Its a true tribute to the "Go-Getters" out there. Also I throw a pretty cool Jim Hacksaw Duggan punchline in the 2nd verse. Please enjoy, download & share. I already sent it to the WWE studios so I'm hoping this could be my big break. Even if they use it for a mere 2 minute promo. Thanks guys & I hope you enjoy.

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  1. davieboy_88's Avatar
    THQ do the UFC games, EA Sports done EA Sports MMA.
  2. Austinfan's Avatar
    that's what I like about wwe 12.

    The other day, I downloaded an impact wrestling arena off of community creations, then I downloaded about 20 TNA wrestlers ( Bully Ray, AJ Styles, Crimson, Morgan, Joe ETC. ) Now I can have TNA matches in a TNA arena on WWE 12 lol so it basically is a TNA game for me
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I'm not a gamer, but good blog anyway. And really good job on the song.
  4. tikayoh's Avatar
    I agree with Austinfan. I turned wwe 12 into a TNA game. But I get what you are saying. Make an exclusive game. I actually watched the star wars edition of TNA, first time in a long time. It was good to see a real crowd. Now that song was pretty damn good. I never thought of sending something to WWE studios. I make wrestling references in a lot of songs. Check out I got a John Cena diss song that had a few people talking last summer. There/s a song called My Theme song where it's all wrestling related. Maybe I should see what WWE Studios thinks lol naw it's just for fun. Good shit. I'ma check out your youtube page as well
  5. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    WWE 12 is a disaster. TNA need a game for sure; but they also need to make sure they can find a way to top all the features THQ offers, even though they're all broken.
  6. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Gonna agree with DK, good blog and mad props on the song bro
  7. Bagg's Avatar
    You should write an actual TNA blog too
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