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If Someone Ended Undertaker's Streak

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Hello awesome bloggers and viewers. This came to my mind and I thought, who would of been or should be the person to end the Undertaker's Streak. No way am I saying he should be beaten, but what if he was or will be. Who would be a good choice? So I am going to give you 3 lists. One list is people who have had a chance to end the streak but could not pull it off. The second is a list of superstars from the past who did not get a chance to end it. And the third is 3 superstars in the present. I will choose my top 3 for each list. You are welcome to give your opinions.

My first list will be people who had a chance but just could not pull it off:

3.Randy Orton
Now you have to think about the time period. People knew "The Legend Killer" was a threat. Out of all the people who wouldn't be a bad choice to end the streak, Randy Orton at his young,cocky self could of become the absolute Legend Killer he was.

2.Triple H
He has done alot for the buisiness and is truly my number two if someone were to of ended the streak who had a chance of ending it. He can put on amazing spots and is a true veteran of the comapany. If it were to of been either WM27 or 17, I could not decide. He did stupendous as a heel beating every hero before WM17, but WM27's match would of been a bigger shocker.

1.Shawn Micheals
I do not think there should be alot of arguments over this. If someone were to of ended the streak, HBK to my opinion is most deserving. Whether he won or lost, he put some of the best,greatest matches WWE has to offer.

Next list is people who did not get a chance to end it:

3.Stone Cold Steve Austin
Alot of people say this is a dream match. The build up towards this would get great promos with this man considering he is definetly in the top 5 of the best of mic skills. If he ended it, no one could compare.

2. Eddie Guererro
It would of been nice to see him get a chance, but if he ended it, either people would be reallly angry if he stole a win or happy cause someone finally ended it. You have to admit, this guy can wrestle. RIP Eddie

I mean he was in the WWE. Not very long but he was in. The Ultimate dream match due to their corresponding personalities and gimmicks. If someone was the biggest threat to the streak, it could definetly be Sting cause he should know how the Undertaker works due to thier correspondences.

Last list of present superstars to end the streak:

3. Wade Barret
The greatest push you could give to any rising superstar would be to end the streak. If I were to choose one, it would be Wade Barret. He has the mic skills, the wrestling abilities, and just screams World Champion.

2.Chris Jericho
I have this tangibility to where I know Y2J could end the streak. He would almost completely end the world, in the WWE that is, if he ended the streak. No doubt would he be the best in the world at what he does.

1.CM Punk
He has so much potency with the crowd that elevates him to such a high status. I know it is not essential for him to beat Taker at WM, but he would be the best in the world in the WWE realm. He could have promos with the Undertaker about how Taker brought him down to such a low level and how he had to bring himself up again. If you remember, at the Cell ppv in 2009 Undertaker beat CM Punk for the WHC. After that, CM Punk eventually became mist from losing pay per view matches for over a year. This match would have the build up and Punk would show Taker that you do not mess with him.

Thanks for reading my blog it means alot. Please rate and comment in helping me become a better blogger I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading. Remember the Cross.

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.-Acts 2:42

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  1. supermetsk31's Avatar
    people who had a chance but just could not pull it off also was Kane the first time, Undertaker barely beat him.
  2. Austinfan's Avatar
    Sting has never been in WWE, EVER
  3. Grym Reaper's Avatar
    What about Santino to end the streak? Hehe, just joking... Please don't kill me
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Great list, my only problem is Jericho. I like him as a wrestler, and think he is very entertaining, but to me he would need to be back on a permanent basis for a few years, before it would even be justifiable for him to be the one to end the streak. What would be the point of him ending it, if a month later he went on a vaca you know?
  5. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    The streak should never be broken. But if it was broken, it should have been broken by HBK. There has been no other WWE superstar that deserved to break the streak more than HBK.
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Sting wasn't ever in the WWE. He WAS offered a contract like most of the other big WCW names after the buyout, but he sat on the offer for a bit to see how things would begin playing out. He was given the time to think about it with a door open for him should he care to walk through it. He watched some of the initial WWE shows with the former WCW talent and ultimately decided after seeing the infamous Rock burying Booker T by saying, "Who are you?" Sting decided to decline the contract as he felt he would be in buried in a similar manner.

    They need to not break the streak as it's one of those legendary accomplishments in the company. Who better to hold such a streak other than perhaps "Mr. Wrestlemania" himself, HBK? (Though for obvious reasons that's a moot point as HBK doesn't have another 20 years as much as some may wish him to.)
  7. Sage's Avatar
    I've always thought that IF the streak was to end it should be to a new guy. My main choices would be sheamus and rhodes because they are both likely to be around for a while, are popular, not injury prone, can wrestle AND talk, ect.

    My darkhorse pick will always be dibiase jr XD
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