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The Sting/WWE solution

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The conclusions I've come to regarding Sting and his desire/lack there of to join the WWE are as follows:

1) Sting does not want to work a WWE schedule
2) Sting HAD resentment towards the WWE for the lack of respect they gave to the WCW wrestlers during the brand fusion
3) Sting regrets not being apart of at least 1 Wrestlemania
4) Sting has a strong loyalty for Dixie Carter

Now where I am not of the sort that desperately needs to see Sting at this point of his career (the end of it) in a WWE ring, I do believe an Undertaker vs. Sting Wrestlemania match has more interest than a Taker/Triple H 3 match. Much more interest. And I am taking into account the reality of the situation. That being, both Taker and Sting have long since had their best in ring days pass them. But I am a sucker for the storyline more than the quality of the match itself. I believe Sting can, at the very least, bring some new elements to a match with Taker as oppose to the same spots that Triple H would provide.

But we've discussed all of this already. We know why we'd like to see it, but we also know why we haven't: Sting is not signed to WWE.

There in lies both my problem and solution. Why does Sting HAVE to sign in order to appear at Wrestlemania?

My point here is simple and complex. Wrestling is a business. Plain and simple. In the wrestling business, WWE is king. Does that mean they produce the best wrestlers? No. But objectively speaking, there is no organization, not TNA, ROH or the slew of smaller promotions that can rival the monster that is the WWE. Consider WWE the ESPN of wrestling. Once we except this a being reality, we can move on from the idea that TNA is somehow a threat to the WWE. They are not. If anything, they help the business by offering SOMETHING else for fans to watch. Competition, even though it really isn't "competition," is great for wrestling.

It is within this point that I don't see why WWE and TNA couldn't come to terms where the WWE gets to use Sting for Wrestlemania, and Wrestlemania ONLY. In return, I'm sure there can be some monetary compensation for TNA and there consideration of allowing a signed talent to perform on a WWE show.

As far as storyline, more specifically how to build a match without having Sting actually show up on a RAW leading up to the event, I reference the Sting/Hogan year plus build up back in WCW. Sting, for months, would only appear on TV in the rafters regarding his involvement in the storyline with Hogan. He rarely ever was in the ring, actually, he didn't even wrestle anyone for a good 2-3 months. Yet that took nothing away, in fact, enhanced the Starcade main event when both men finally met in the ring. It worked.

Imagine now, if you will, each RAW leading up to Wrestlemania featuring anything from scarecrows, to black bats, painted faces, etc.... without ever actually referencing Sting, but the implication would be obvious. (WWE does the best work as far as their video promos, I'd be eager to see them get their hands on a Taker/Sting build up). Each week, the ground work is laid, till the storyline peaks at Wrestlemania. And finally, for one night, and one night only, Sting's music hits (ala WCW black faced Sting entrance theme), and he for the first, last and only time, pops out of a WWE entrance.

I'd like to believe that moment would be a transcendent moment for wrestling, both for the short term and long term future. Perhaps it could open the doors to seeing the matches we dream of seeing, if only for one night, but have been denied because someone isn't signed to WWE.

Maybe. Or maybe i hit the J one too many times...You be the judge, and if you've read this far, thank you for your time.

Steezin for a Reezin

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  1. Austinfan's Avatar
    WWE does not deserve Sting. Period.
  2. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I can see the no respect thing. It's happened since the 80s when it felt like vince punished crossed over stars for not starting career in WWF/E.
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