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$hazBlog: Updated Wrestlemania Predictions

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Hey guys, Shaz11 here. As you can see in the title this is my updated version of my Wrestlemania 28 predictions. So I hope you enjoy
Before I start, I am gonna start a new series of blogs called $hazBlog, with many things such as how I would book a scenario, Top 5/10/15, predictions, etc.

Match 1. Uso Brothers vs Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks vs Epico and Primo (c) - Tag Team Champion match
WWE have hardly got any tag teams which is a real shame as a lot of prestige is lost. Hopefully the guys get time on the mic, and its built up properly. I just really wanna see the tag team division back in shape.

Match 2. Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston vs Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler vs Wade Barrett vs Drew McIntyre vs Hunico vs Justin Gabriel - Money in the Bank Ladder match
Can't wait for this match to return, it looks more likely now that its been reported and the Money in the Bank PPV has been scrapped of the schedule for after WM. I put 4 guys from Raw and Smackdown. Swagger goes in as United States Champion because I don't think all titles will be defended at WM 28, and he can continue his feud with Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Hunico and Justin Gabriel are in for the high flying action, McIntyre as a face as he wins the WWE Universe's heart (Just wanted to say this. Maybe have him save T.Long from a car crash or something?) and Barrett and Ziggler go in as potential winners. I personally think that Barrett should be in a bigger match at WM but he could end up as the winner anyway, as I think same for Ziggler.

Match 3. R-Truth vs The Miz
Seems likely with the two not having a match yet. I'm not sure if they're planning to put the WWE title on Truth, the guy could make a good champion as he is good with the merchandise and the fan reaction but it seems unlikely.....and he's 40! I think The Miz's performance has gone downhill a bit so I expect better from him after Elimination Chamber!

Match 4. Kharma vs Beth Phoenix (c) - Divas Champion match
No lie, I would actually beg WWE to put this match on for 10-15 minutes. These divas can both wrestle and they're monsters! A lot of the Divas division's prestige has been lost and I mean A LOT! Cause of stupid 1-2 minute matches and divas who can't wrestle! WWE should focus on the divas that can wrestle: Beth Phoenix, Eve, Kharma, Layla, Natalya and Tamina.

Match 5. Shaquille O'Neal vs Big Show
TV time wasted, Shaq will win.

Match 6. Goldust vs Cody Rhodes (c) - Intercontinental Champion match
WWE are apparently planning this match.....GET IN! This is a great way of pushing Rhodes, and Goldust is most likely to put his own brother over. They both can wrestle, so they would probably put on one hell of a bout! I wouldn't mind seeing Goldust winning, then retiring as the Intercontinental Champion the next night, leaving someone else to challenge for the belt with Rhodes moving to bigger things (Main event scene)

Match 7. Mark Henry vs Kane
Not sure if this will happen with Henry being injured. This is how I would book it: Mark Henry is cutting a promo, talking about the World Heavyweight Champion and other shiz. Kane comes out and attacks Henry, saying he aint done with Henry. He challenges Henry to a match at WM 28, but Henry won't accept, so Kane gets a chair and threatens to break Henry's other leg, then Henry accepts the challenge.

Match 8. Randy Orton (c) vs Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan - World Heavyweight Champion match

I can see this happening, Orton is super so he is most likely to be in the World champion match, with Sheamus's World champion opportunity being pointless! I think Orton will win the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match, thus winning the World champion. The next couple of weeks D-Bry will complain about the fact that Sheamus has chosen to go for Orton at WM 28, and wants to invoke his rematch clause at WM 28, making Sheamus vs D-Bry vs Orton at WM 28. I just want Sheamus vs D-Bry at WM 28 though.

Match 9. Chris Jericho vs Cm Punk - WWE Champion match

This is most likely and probably will steal the show. This match would have everything: Star Quality, great buildup/promo, etc. This is a must watch match. I'm not sure if this should be a Submission match but I wouldn't mind, this match is also in my dream book.

Match 10. Undertaker vs Triple H - Career threatening Hell in a Cell match
I don't agree with HHH being Taker's challenger for WM 28. I'm not sure if this will be Takers match though as I feel he should face John Cena in his last match. This will also probably be H's last chance and what a way it would be to end it all in a Hell in a Cell match as they are both H's and Taker's specialities!

Match 11. John Cena vs The Rock
Generation vs Generation, David vs Goliath. Call this anything you want this match will be one of the best (says Vince McMahon) I'm not sure where this could lead to though, Cena turning heel? I think Cena will win, with the fans all rioting. Next night on Raw, Cena shockingly disses the fans as they boo the hell out of him, thus turning heel! Doubt it will happen but its just a thought!

Hope ya enjoyed the predictions, I'm off for now, bye!

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  1. Shogun's Avatar
    dont see why r truth being 40 is a problem i mean jericho is probly older and will be champ again im sure , spot on about the whc match between bryan orton and shea i see sheamus winning it at mania though and hhh vs taker again is stupid it shud have been taker vs mankind
  2. Jtpearl's Avatar
    Pretty good line up though I don't see the tag match happening unless it's the dark match.

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