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Top 5 Wrestlers who should get a new finisher

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5. Randy Orton- Rko
I do like this finisher but it's become slightly too stale for my liking. I'm not saying to abandon the rko but I'd like him to add a submission finisher to his move set such as a triangle hold or the dragon sleeper because at the moment he wins all his matches by an rko out of nowhere (other than recently vs Ziggler). I know he also has the punt kick but he rarely uses it successfully.

4. R-truth- What's up Unlike many I actually like What's Up however I don't see him realistically beating Cena, Swagger, Rhodes etc; with it. But I can see him defeating people like Bourne and Ryder with what's up. I'd like to see his new finisher something more powerful such as a knee trembler or maybe even a moonsault.

3. Christian- Kill Switch I do like Kill Switch as a move when the opponent is worn down however for the most part it takes far too long for the opponent to get in position for the move and it does make you think 'surely he could of got out of that'. I'd like him to have a new finisher which doesn't take as long too set up but still looks like a painful move. Personally I'd like him to have a snap neck breaker or the drive by kick.

2. Wade Barrett- Wasteland I'm sure most people would agree with me that Wasteland doesn't look like it could put someone down for the 3 count. I wouldn't mind it as a signature but a finisher, Really? With hardly any submission finishers around Id like him to use the Edgecator (obviously they'd have to rename it). It's a very underrated move Imo and I definitly prefer it to the sharpshooter. It's a shame Edge only brought it back for the end of his career.

1. John Cena- Attitude Adjustment I've never liked the AA simply because it doesn't look like it could put someone away for a 2 count let alone 3. I know he also uses the STF but that too has become stale at least to me it has. I'd like too see a new finisher which looks more ruthless then the AA. I'd like him to use the Kryptonite crunch or The Code Blue. I know this won't happen at the moment but I'm hoping with a heel turn (or character change) will come a new finisher.

Anyway those are my picks thanks for reading and I look forward to reading the comments.

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  1. blink's Avatar
    Doesn't Michael mcgillicuttY use a swinging neck breaker as a finisher? That's crap.
  2. Beast's Avatar
    Wasteland I agree this is a waste of time. Even if someone like the big show did this it is simply a modified body slam, can't sell me on this finisher. The other stupid finisher is the miz's skill crushing finale. Really really really. He sucks so bad and is a horrible wrestler so I guess this finisher fits him well. I swear I don't know how he is even in wwe. He should have been fined or fired for not catching truth on that flip outside the ring. He has no wrestling skills and is going tto get someone hurt!
  3. MR Boss's Avatar
    John Cena is really over so I don't think making a new finsher is going to change anything, and Ortons RKO is one of the best finshers in WWE at the moment, and by saying he does RKO to many times is like saying Stone Cold does Stunner to much.
  4. DMJ216's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    RKO is one of the best finishers on all time.

    I beg to differ.


    The Stone Cold Stunner.
  5. MR Boss's Avatar
    [QUOTE=DMJ216;bt54272]I beg to differ.


    The Stone Cold Stunner.[/QUOTE]

    He did say one of the best, not the best try to understand better what people type.
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