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The Top 5 Least Entertaining Superstars of WWE

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In this blog I'll be talking about the top 5 wrestler that In find least entertaining in Wwe today.

5. Kofi KingstonKofi's been doing the exact same thing for far too long now. He needs to take a break for 4-6 weeks after Wrestlemania (Its very likely he'll be used as the spot monkey in the MITB match) and return with a new gimmick. I don't care whether he's heel or face just as long as he comes back with something more interesting. He also needs to get rid of the Boom drop as these type of moves get boring really quickly and they do make you think 'surely his opponent could of rolled out the way by the time he actually hits the move'. He can keep SOS and Trouble in Paradise but replace the boom drop with an arial move. I'd have him return as a heel, have him cut a promo on Evan Bourne saying how it's unfair that he was punished for Bourne's mistakes etc. They feud for a bit and the feud ends with Kofi moving to Smackdown and competing for the IC title. Bourne can form another team with someone like Tyson Kidd. There's no denying Kofi's talented in the ring but I think some time off would be good for him to work on his mic skills.

4. Jinder Mahal
I have no idea why he feuded with Sheamus when he shouldn't of been on raw/smackdown let alone superstars. He should go back to Fcw and retrain. If he is to stay in Wwe he'll definitely need a complete overhaul. Although I have a feeling he'll be future endeavoured sooner rather than later.

3. The Great Khali
Never been a fan of big men besides Kane and Undertaker because they are limited when it comes to what they can do in a match. I have no idea why he's in the elimination chamber when there are much more deserving people such as Christian. It doesn't help that how Big show and Khali will be eliminated is far too predictable. When all other men are on the floor Big Show and Khali will finally come face to face they'll go at it for a bit before one of them gets the upper hand, a finisher out of no where and Big man no 1 is eliminated. Big man no 2 stands up only to be ambushed by the other competitors, Big man no 2 finally gets some offence by head butting (or karate chopping) the other wrestlers. Big man no 2 turns around, RKO out of nowhere and Big man no 2 is eliminated. I don't hate Khali but he's boring to watch.

2. Alberto Del Rio
He signed with wwe on the condition he got an immediate main event place. He got a big push winning the MITB briefcase and the royal rumble in quick succession. Del Rio should never of been in the main event scene and I think the creative team now realise that. He's very boring on the mic and far too much promo time was wasted on him last year. Luckily he can wrestle. When he returns he should feud with Jack Swagger to make the US championship look more prestigious. In my opinion Swagger should of been in the main event scene rather than Del rio as he's more talented both in the ring and on the mic. Im hoping that when he returns he'll of taken on board what Vince told him and he'll be more interesting to watch. Also if his interview on the Miz is not in charachter then he's a complete jerk, how's the miz supposed to trust del rio knowing that Del rio dislikes him and wants to punch him in the face (I'm not saying the Miz isn't how Del rio described him but he shouldn't of called him out publicly, and if it's true then I miz and del rio may be having a real fight shortly)?

1. Zack Ryder
The least entertaining superstar by far. I respect what he's done and how he worked for his spot but he can't wrestle and he's not that good on the mic. I hate all his cheesy catch phrases as well, 'Woo woo woo you know it','Are you serious bro? Really?Really? People say they want the wwe to be less Pg yet they support Ryder. I'd much rather Curt Hawkins was on the main roster than him and I'm not one of those people who think he's going to be the next Shawn michaels but I can see that he's good in the ring whereas Ryder is not. I'd like too think that Ryder is using his time off to improve his in ring/mic skills. I want him to go too FCW to get some more experience but this will never happen because he sells merchandise. I know many of you will disagree with my opinion on Ryder.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing the comments

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  1. blink's Avatar
    I agree with everything you just said. Good blog.

    Also I'd like to see kofi. A heel and work a little more "methodical" if you will. Maybe at a slower pace at first but then speed it up when he smells blood. Plus he's just got that perfect heel look to me.
  2. CMRyder's Avatar
    Stupid list. Ryder is on it? makes it stupid. Orton or Miz isn't on it? Makes it stupid.
  3. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    I can agree with every wrestler you put here, except Del Rio. I like his character, I thought he was certainly one of the better heels they had and why he hasn't got a lengthy title run is beyond me.
  4. akbar's Avatar
    Agree with most but Ryder is entertaining, Fact. He gets more cheers than most of the roster. I don't really like him but you can't argue with what is true and that Ryder is entertaining...
  5. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I'd like to add Ted DiBiase to the list. I keep hearing about this "DiBiase Posse" but no references are made to it such as promos or vignettes.
  6. toobeastly33's Avatar
    we Like akbar said...It is ignorant to put ryder as he draws regardless if u like him or not. Totally agree with mahal, Khali and Del Rio for sure though.
  7. The Piper's Avatar
    SSSOOOO glad someone agrees that Ryder is an overrated SOS (think about it) that should not be where he is.
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