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Evening everyone. Just read the news about WWE bringing back No Way Out as a PPV and just wanted to write a short blog about WWE and it's Pay Per View names.

For starters, I'm addressing the reviving of No Way Out as a PPV, big problem with that is No Way Out in July? No, No , No!!! No Way Out is a Febuary PPV and always will be to me.

I have always hated WWE's Decision to scrap the main stay PPV's. in my eyes this is how the WWE Pay Per View's should have stayed.

Jan - Royal Rumble
Feb - No Way Out
Mar - Wrestlemania
Apr - Backlash
May - Judgement day
Jun - King Of The Ring
Jul - Fully Loaded
Aug - Summerslam
Sep - Unforgiven
Oct - No Mercy
Nov - Survivor Series
Dec - Armegeddon

None of this crap naming PPV's after match types (ie. Extreme Rules, Fatal 4 Way, MITB, HIAC, TLC, Elimination Chamber) and then have different matches on the card. If you are going to call a PPV Hell In A Cell then every match should take place in a Hell In A Cell, if not then what's point? If you are going to call a PPV Fatal 4 Way then have each match a fatal 4 way otherwise don't call it fatal 4 way. Take TNA for example, Lockdown, the PPV theme is a cage and every match takes place inside a cage. I just saying that should have stuck the PPV names above then at least it would have given prestige to each PPV if it was consistent thing each year like RR, WM, SSlam and SSeries.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    OLD PPV Names... love them...
  2. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    Absolutely agree, this is the perfect list of ppv's. And in the order they should be not no way out in july!!
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    It's a pretty good list, but it's not how I'd do it. I'll write about this later on.
  4. Cross's Avatar
    Yes, someone who understands me. I hate how they call the ppv Elimination Chamber when it should be No Way Out. Seriously? No Way Out is such a better name. Plus we don't get shoved down our throats a single time in a year where we get a certain stimulation. Your blog wasnt long, but it wasnt needed to be long. Great blog

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