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Top 5 Potential Mega Stars Whos Career ended too soon

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Alot of people will have to read this to understand the concept of this blog. This list is a countdown of Wrestlers who could of had a huge impact on wrestling if their career wasn't cut short or ended by injury or death.

People like Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Owen Hart and many other talented men who died tragically are not eligible for this list...... For the Simple fact that these men had multiple championships and amazing careers. A guy like Owen Hart was at the end of his career at the time of his death, he wasn't a young rising star of any sort. Eddie and Chris had World titles and main evented wrestlemania, Their Careers were ended much too soon but they had Great careers.

Guys such as MR Perfect and Rick Rude were at the end of their careers and pretty much hit their peak.

Alot will say "Bruiser Brody" should be on this list. But lets face it, Brody was 44 at the time of his death and I dont think he was a potential up and coming star. Brody already cemented his legacy from territory to territory.

Then Some Will say that "Edge" should be on the list.... Edge's career was cut short but Edge also did everything their is to do in wrestling. Its hard to look back and say "How big of a Star Edge would of been if he didn't retire so young", When Edge is a huge star in WWE and maybe the youngest guy in the HOF.

So lets go on with the list of these men who had so much Potential but was sadly ended short by a tragic incident

Art Barr was one half of the tag team Los Gringos Locos and his partner was non other than the Legendary "Eddie Guerrero".....Los Gringos Locos was the the most hated villains in the history of AAA wrestling, Their was no heels more hated than Los Gringos Locos and its was largely to Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr. Art Barr Died tragically at the age of 28, Which made Eddie go to a solo career.

Art Barr and Eddie Guerrero was so hot of a team that WWF, WCW, Japan and ECW all had huge interest in them as a team.... The plan looked to be for Los Gringos Locos to work Japan, Then hit ECW and then make their way to the big leagues.... alot of people believe that Art Barr would of been apart of that fresh style of wrestling that Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho brought to America. Also alot of critics say Art Barr's Mic Skills were much better than the rest of the group and had more of a natural charisma.

I'm not saying Art Barr was a better wrestler or performer than Jericho, Benoit or Guerrero but Barr was thought of as a Great performer and he would of meshed well with those men when they would of all been brought to ECW and eventually WCW around the same time. "The Love machine" Art Barr could of made a huge name for him self in states as a heel if he didn't die at the young age of 28.

4. Gino Hernandez
The Tragic Curse of the age 28.... Gino died at the age of just 28.

Gino Hernandez was Looking on his way to be WCCWs top heel, He had such a natural heel Charisma, A great look and he was young.

No Telling how far Gino would of went if his career and life wasn't cut so criminally.

I apologize for my lack of info cause alot of these men I didn't know too well and I didn't follow their careers.... These men I did read alot about and heard alot about from shoot interviews. I know Gary Hart and alot of people were very High on Gino and he seemed to be destine to be a superstar in wrestling and at age 28 he still had time on his side if it wasn't for addictions and bad choices.

3. David Von Erich
At age 25 David Von Erich lost his life. David had a seemingly very bright Future in prowrestling, David was also known as the most talented of the Von Erich family.

David at one point was considered and some people say was already booked to be the next NWA champion, The NWA board was very impressed with David and wanted him to take the title from the Red Hot Champion Ric Flair... Sadly David died before he would get the honor to carry the NWA champion.

If David would of been NWA champion at 25, Who knows how far his career would of went, He was cutting good promos, having good matches and was very over with the crowd where ever he worked. Most of the Von Erich Family lacked the talent in ring and on the mic that David had.... David had a bright future in wrestling and seemed to be the diamond in WCCW and the Von Erich Family.

2. Magnum T.A.
Magnum had quintessential 80's look, Longish hair, Handle bar mustach, Big built chest that was full of hair. The look helped Magnum get over big time with the NWA wrestling fans..... Magnum also had some matches and feuds that were not only getting noticed by the Wrestling fans but also higher ups in the NWA.

Magnum was groomed to be the next NWA champion and was going be the NWA's answer to Hulk Hogan.... NWA had huge plans for Magnum T.A., Which is not a rumor but a fact and it was just a matter of short time before Magnum became the Man in NWA.

Terry Allen (Magnum TA) in the midst of his huge super push was involved in a car accident in his Porsche, Ending his Ultra bright future in wrestling.

(Terry Allens accident wasn't due to speeding or Drunk driving, Magnum simply lost control of his Porshe on his way home during a rain storm.)

1. Brian Pillman

Brian had the Look, The in ring talent, The Character and the mind for this business. Brian Pillman stuck out from everyone in wrestling, he was unique, different and fresh..... The Loose Cannon character and Brian himself would fit in with the WWF's Attitude era perfect.

If Brian never suffered the car accident before entering the WWF and if Brian never sadly passed away at age 35 in 1997 he would of become a HUGE star in wrestling.

Sadly after the car accident that fused Brians ankle in one position and caused him incredible pain daily, He was no longer able to work a decent match and he was reduced more to a color commentator and mamager role. Brian had short medicore matches in the WWF but really he was working at 25% cause his wasn't able to do much with the fused ankle and he was in so much pain..... Too think what would of been if Pillman was able to work at 100 percent with Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Undertaker, Owen hart, Mankind and how he would have push the envelope with his promos and storylines in the 1997-2000 WWF era.

I'm sure I missed alot of guys and maybe some very obvious, but these men came to mind when I thought about this list.

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  1. Final_Silence's Avatar
    Nice read man, only correction, the curse is age 27 not 28.
  2. Sony's Avatar
    Brian Pillman died @ 35 years of age. Wow....25 yrs old, seriously?
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    Brian Pillman died @ 35 years of age. Wow....25 yrs old, seriously?
    yeah the 3 key is right next to the "2" key, so I would say its on a typo, not a lack of research or me being misinformed, but thanks for correcting it.
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Final_Silence
    Nice read man, only correction, the curse is age 27 not 28.
    opps..... Thanks for catching that, I thought it was 28... I guess for prowrestling its 28.
  5. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Crippler, great list man. As soon as I saw the title of the blog, I was thinking that Magnum TA had better be pretty high up on there. Just the fact that his accident was so terribly timed immediately before his rise to fame is so heart breaking. Not to mention, it's interesting to see that he's one of the VERY FEW tragic stories in wrestling who is actually still alive to tell about it. One additional person I'd like to mention from the more current era is Lance Cade. Now I don't know if the higher ups ever had any ideas of doing something big with him, but I honestly believe they could have. This was a guy who had the look, the confidence, and the ability to really be a major player some day. Unfortunately, like so many others, he passed away before he could prove himself. Great blog man.
  6. midian's Avatar
    Maybe not a mega star but I think Droz deserves a mention
  7. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    great write-up and read! i too immediately thought of magnum ta!

    others might include:
    mark & jay youngblood nwa
    kerry von erich
    terry taylor (career killed when he became the wwf red rooster)
    el gigante
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