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Rebel Lion

The Rebel Lion's Den: WWE Pay-Per-Views Revamped

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Welcome to the first Rebel Lion's Den...I hope you enjoy!!

A WWE pay-per-view is supposed to incite anticipation & excitement into the minds and hearts of the fans, but this hasn't been the case lately. With all the gimmick PPVs and PPVs with no real history, the WWE has seen a dramatic drop in the interest and buyrates of their PPVs. I feel this could be a reversible trend by simply revamping the actual PPVs themselves to bring back a feeling of legacy, legitimacy and ecitement.

I am not one of those people that feel like 12 PPVs a year is too many IF...and only IF...they are done correctly. Here is how I would revamp the WWE's PPVs:

WrestleMania (End of March, beginning of April)- The Showcase Of The Immortals would remain as is, being the Super Bowl of the WWE. I would bring back the Money In The Bank Ladder Match exclusively to WM, doing away with the MITB PPV. This could create a WM tradition that would be very much so anticipated every year, and be a platform for the emergence of the next big superstar in the WWE on the grandest stage of them all.

Backlash (End of April)- Just as the name states, this would be the PPV where vendettas and grudges held from WM would spill over into a great PPV.

Judgement Day (End of May)- Where the culmination of those rivalries from WM will come to a climactic end. Or will they?

King Of The Ring (End of June)- So many fans of the WWE have been calling for this, so why not give the fans what they want? Have it be a 8-man tournament held on that one night (7 matches), just like the good ol' days. Qualifing matches for the 8 spots happen on RAW & SmackDown. KOTR is a great chance to build new & fresh rivalries, put over up-and-coming WWE Superstars (Austin 3:16 ring a bell?), and push another deserving WWE Superstar into main event status by giving the winner of the KOTR a shot at his choice of WWE or WHC at the next PPV.

The Great American Bash (End Of July)- Here you would have a PPV with instant name recognition, and momentum from the KOTR carrying over into this PPV, not to mention the KOTR winner's WWE or WHC title shot.

SummerSlam (End of August)- Rivalries lingering from the KOTR and the GAB come to a head in the classic summer showcase that is SS.

Fall Brawl: War Games (End of September)- I know ol' Vinnie Mac doesn't want a 2-ring event, but screw him. Just like the classic FB:WG was, the main event is the 5 biggest faces vs. the 5 biggest heels in a double ring cage (with a ceiling), with one team earning the right to enter the cage first and have the numbers game in their advantage until all 10 men are in the ring. Who knows what could happen? Faces could turn heel, heels could turn face...chaos at it's finest, and the WWE Universe would eat it up!!

Halloween Havoc (End of October)- Need I say more?? The October classic brought back.....that is enough for me to get exited for in itself!!

Survivor Series (End Of November)- Except for maybe one major rivalry singles match, every other match would be in traditional 4-on-4 elimination tag team format. People love tradition, and this would really boost excitement for the SS, seeing unconventional teams come together, equipt with cool names for their teamns and all!!

Starrcade: Armageddon (End of December)- I fused these two classic PPVs together because I think it sounds pretty cool & they both deserve recognition as the December PPV. End the calendar year off with an epic PPV that ties up most loose ends of that year.

Royal Rumble (End of January)- Now that S:A was the climax of the previous year, RR will traditionally kick off the Road to WrestleMania. Now those rivalries that we thirst to see can begin to take form headed into WM, and the winner of the RR still gets a WWE or WHC title match at WM.

No Way Out: Elimination Chamber (Middle-to-end of February)- I enjoy the WWE and WHC title matches in the EC, but bringing back the No Way Out brand just makes it sound so much more ominous & dangerous. Puts the final touches on the matches that will be at WM.

So there it is!! I am looking forward to you guys' comments, critiques & suggestions....Peace!!

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  1. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    Thanks ch.brooks24, and I do like your idea for the "Bragging Rights: War Games" PPV as well. I am too a fan of brand separation, If they kept the brands separate, it would be such a major attraction when they did a "Supershow" every now and then for RAW or SmackDown. Thanks for the input....
  2. jbaines07's Avatar
    I thought that was a briliant post, really enjoyed it. All the ideas sound brilliant as well. I agree with Rebel Lion, there are far too many "SuperShows" at the moment. It happened once in a while it would spark some excitement, but it all shows at the minute is, lack of talent, or no trust in WWE to promote within!

    Good Blog Dude

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