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Top 5 MITB winner candidates for WM 28

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If a money in the bank ladder match is to happen at Wrestlemania then these are the top 5 people I think will have a chance to win it.

5. Cody Rhodes
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I can see him winning and wwe using it for his first world heavyweight championships reign, however because of his possible match with Goldust I don't think he'll be in the match.

4. Drew McIntyre
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I can see his losing streak continuing up until Wrestlemania where he would win the MITB. This would be a surprise to everyone but I don't think they have enough time to properly build his (face) character so people can get behind him.

3. Wade Barrett
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He was the favourite last time and a win would be great in continuing the Barrett Barrage. He's a future champ and he's been ready for the main event for a while now but if he's having a match vs Orton he won't be competing in this match.

2. Christian
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When he returns there won't be enough time for him to start a feud so he'll almost definitely be in this match. Regardless as to whether he returns as a face or heel I'm sure most people would be more than happy for him to win the match and I'd like to see him go on a lengthy run to make up for last time. This has a high possibility of happening.

1. R-Truth
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Many of you will probably disagree with this but I'd really like him to win and them have a decent championship reign. A Smackdown superstar won the royal rumble so I think a Raw superstar will win the MITB. R-truth is good in the ring and on the mic and I see him as a future 5 time champ.

Honourable mentions
The Miz
Dolph Ziggler
Jack Swagger

Who I think will be in the match
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
The Miz (provided wwe feel they can trust him)
Kofi Kingston
Justin Gabriel

Thanks for reading and I look foward to reading the comments

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    I accept if it is Barret but I love to see Xtian winning it...he can cut gr8 promos week in week out threatening the champ....that wud be hilarious to see if he's allowed some freedom in his character...n of RTruth...I donno whether or not he's winning the MITB...but if Mark Henry can become a champ...why not RTruth...RTruth is at any given day more entertaining than 90% of the ppl in WWE...but, I want the Ron Killings of tNA to be the champ....not this watered down RTruth....
  2. holgerwich's Avatar
    I think Truth is great, but something alot of guys forget is that the guy is 39 years old, he's not a young guy like Ziggler and Rhodes
  3. Callum's Avatar
    @toobeastly33 as someone else Truth is quite old (just turned 40) now and I think for all the effort he's put in over the years warrants at least one world title run even if it is the world heavyweight championship. He's good in the ring, good on the mic and charasmatic imo, what more could you want from a champion? I'd also disagree on it being truth's fault for the survivor series sales as I'm sure many of the younger fans don't even care for the rock. Having said that I wouldn't blame any sole person on survivor series.

    @revenious I agree with you that Drew McIntyre is currently not world championship material but there is a chance he might be in the future as I don't think anyone can honestly say they thought Ziggler would be champ whilst he was in the spirit squad.
  4. The_DRQ's Avatar
    Right now Ziggler's my choice, but I don't like to make predictions this early.

    I would say it would be nice if we get a face winner of The MITB Contract and turn it in on a Heel Champion. We haven't seen that since CM Punk's first MITB win (AND NO, I do not count Daniel Bryan or Kane as a Face wins, because I was more than confident that their turns-ins would be Heel in nature -- granted I didn't expect Kane's to be so quickly)
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