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He's The Miz and He's . . . . Getting Stale

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Ok so this might rub some people up the wrong way but these are my thoughts and opinions about the Miz and I truly believe the Miz needs to shake things up before he falls to the bottom of the pack but feel free to comment otherwise.

Now let me start off by saying I was a supporter and really got behind the Miz when he was WWE champion and thought he did a good job in the main event of wrestlemania. But in the past year since losing the title he has done nothing of any relevance, his rivalries although started off promising became weak and fizzled out.

The Alex Riley feud seemed promising at first but it didn't have enough substance and was very short lived. The "Awesome Truth" team just basically turned out to be two people to get their asses kicked by the Rock and after they split their rivalry just didn't work and no-one even cared about it enough to give it a PPV match (You may say it could still happen but I believe their rivalry has run its course)

Now a couple of things in general I find not to be "Awesome"

1. That stupid "Awesome" bouncy castle that he sometimes walks through. Is it just me or is that not just the tackiest thing you have ever seen (It's nearly as bad as MVPs hot boxed tent)

2. The upside down WWE logo. He's still doing this Really? Really? Really?

3. EASY on the fake tan.

4. "The most Must-See WWE Champion of all time" give it a rest it was stupid when he was saying it when he was champion its borderline ridiculous after he hasn’t been champion for nearly a year.

Now I may have gone off on one here and I didn’t mean for this to be an "I hate Miz" blog because I do think he's got so much potential and I'm glad he had a nice long run in the rumble and lasted until #30 came out. Maybe it's time for a face turn or a rivalry that someone cares about but I feel he needs to step up his game because it feels like he is a long way away from being WWE champion again. Maybe put him on Smackdown and have him as the Edge of that show.

Thanks for reading and remember this is just one man’s opinion.

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    Have Miz do the celebrity millionaire thing, I have money and you don't, I have talent and you don't. Have him buy or steal contracts of wrestlers and create his own stable with Miz as the mouthpiece. Make him the most hated man in wrestling.
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