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5 Finger Death Punch

Best Ring Entrances

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Whether it is the big "pop", the lights, the ceremony, the music or the circunstance everbody has an entrance that brings the chills and increases the pulse pounding.

10. Rowdy Roddy Piper...bagpipes and march
9. Nikita Koloff slow walk to the ring, cage match, all the Horsemen are in the ring, surrounding Dusty...The Russians were feuding with Dusty and magnum TA. Nikita climbs in, much the surprise of Flair and AA...Flair smiles and steps aside to allow Nikita to go after Dusty. Nikita does his muscle flex, toungue pointing down and runs across the ring and hits the Russian Sickle(sp?) on Flair. Dusty and Nikita cleaned house and formed the Super Powers.
8. The Rock...if you smell what he is cookin'!
7. Stone breakin' and beer drinkin'
6. Jimmy Garvin...Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a Sharp Dressed Man...strut, air freshener spray, Precious and sequins!!
5. NWO...N...N....nWo...deir-deir...deir-deir
4. Road Warriors...Ozzy's Iron Man, war paint, shoulder pads and spikes and 2 big athletic monsters.
3. DX...HHH & X's and that video...Don't forget the crotch chop and the "SUCK It"!
2. Goldberg....the music, the locker room view with head banging into the lockers, the LOUD chant of GOLDBERG and his entrance pose, punches and blowing smoke from his nose...all in a slow, I'ev been there B4 walk!
1. Nature Boy Ric Flair...the anticipation...the robes and 2001 Space Odessey blairing throughout the arena....

No Hogan...see nWo...I hated the Real American, strut around the ring, hands to the ears, begging for cheers and ripping a pre-torn t-shirt!
I would list Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Red Rooster, Brooklyn Brawler, Eugene and the Funkasauras Brodus Clay over bad.

I'd also give an Honorable mention to the Macho Man Randy Savage and TNA's Sting. For the ladies...whatever Mickey James or Trish Stratus do/did, wear ,,,you get the point!

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  1. LoGik's Avatar
    you forgot undertaker as well.
  2. luduca444's Avatar
    yeah, Undertaker should be on here imo
  3. deecee's Avatar
    also thought gangrel's entrance was pretty creative
  4. supermetsk31's Avatar
    The Undertaker & Kane!!! Separately and together as the Brothers Of Destruction.
  5. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Definitly Undertaker's gotta be on this list and in the top 5 - if not #1.

    Probably doesnt belong in the top 10...but honorable mention...Matt Hardy version 1...with the "Matt facts" and video. thought that was creative for Matt's new heel character at the time
  6. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    definitly forgot taker!
  7. Sony's Avatar
    Hollywood Hogan's Vodoo Child theme was epic. Hogan coming out and playing air guitar with the belt was great!
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