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Top Tag Teams and/or Stables (10)

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I grew up in the Mid-Atlantic area with the best ever wrestling organization...the NWA. They emphasizes tag-team wrestling which spun-off groups, cliques and stables, as they had each others back. I wonder, who was the most influencial and significant. I suggest the following.

10. The Russians, Ivan & Nikita Koloff.
These guys were big, strong, mean wrestlers that gave a nation a way to fight evil with good.
9. Rock n Roll Express.
Girls and women tuned in to see n roll as part of the show...ring entrances.
8. Legion of Doom/Road Warriors
Paint, spikes, Hawk and Animal...nuff said
7. Rickey Steamboat and Jay Youngblood.
Multi-time World Tag Team champions, one of the first of the high flying, speed teams to jump off the top rope and use the chop.
6. Super Powers - Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff.
Teamed after the tragic accident to Magnum TA...battled the Horsemen as a team of new world allies.
5. Mega Powers.
Hogan & Savage came together at a time they were on top of the game and biggest draws.
4. 3-D/Dudleys.
Devon and Bubba/Bully Ray...more tag titles than anyone...successful in the ECW, WCW and WWE.
3. DX.
Revered and cheered as heels and babyfaces...sold the most merchandise ever(I guess)...mad mic skills etc,,
2. NWO.
The take over of WCW with former WWE heels Nash and Hall and then defection by Hogan to the group...many other feuds and defections.
1. The 4 Horsemen..
oftem immitated, never duplicated. The symbol of excellence, with 4 fingers in the champion ever, best technical wrestler and enforcer in AA and great draw as people loved to hate them.

I am sure I missed someone...please offer suggestions or your own list!

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  1. supermetsk31's Avatar
    Brothers Of Destruction!!!
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I like your list, but here's a few personal ones I would have added:

    Freebirds-They owned it in their days. They had it all. Flamboyant pretty boy, big bruiser and deviant little guy. Nice heels and drew well.

    Midnight Express-Wrestling technicians. Flawless in the ring and with Jim Cornette made them great.

    Varsity Club-What a creative concept with A+ talent. All of this with the evil task master Kevin Sullivan as their leader.

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