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UFC champs who could be WWE champs

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Brock already won both belts but there is a few ufc champions who could potentially do the same and id love to see them in wwe its just some fantasy booking i know it wont happen lol

Cain Velasquez

Cain looks like a monster, although hes not a great talker he could come in as a bodyguard type gimmick maybe for a Mexican wrestler such as Del Rio, i know vince likes to target that mexican audience. Then given a nice run he could break out on his own and grab that brass ring.

Tito Ortiz

Tito would be an awesome heel in the wwe, hes great on the mic and has a whole cocky heel character thats perfect for the wrestling business plus its tito just being tito.

Andrei Arlovski

Lets face it his chin is gone but Andrei is a scary lookin dude, wwe could bring him in with a mma gimmick like what they did with Kurt Angle with his olympic gimmick. If you have seen Andrei on ufc countdown shows you will know hes a very entertaining character outside of the octagon.

Quinton Jackson

Rampage should be in WWE hes a born entertainer and loves the camera, he has the look and the mic skills and the charisma. Who wouldnt love to see rampage slam cena through a table, i could see him having a gimmick similar to MVP but more badass.

Anyway just a stupid blog really, there is probably better ufc champions who could win both titles but its just who id like to see do it.

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  1. nosellshogan's Avatar
    Like the blog, like your choices especially Rampage but there is one glaring omission. You definetly have to include Roy "Big Country" Nelson. The guy is definetly a chracter and looks more like he should be a pro wrestler afterall he's "built "Roy tough"

    Mike Bisping would be another I could see, he's a talker and would make a great heel.

    Im sure someone will list chael sonnen. To me the guy is way to generic for anything .

    I know these dudes aren't champs but I still think they would be great in the ufc
    Updated 02-08-2012 at 06:15 PM by nosellshogan (need to add something)
  2. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    I don't really follow MMA or UFC but I know one guy and that's Anthony Pettis, Don't know if he's much of a wrestler but he has good striking ability, they could use a gimmick like They used with Elijah Burke/ D'Anglelo Deniro in WWE as a former boxer.
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    Clay Guida!!!!
  4. nrb6304's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper
    Clay Guida!!!!
    QUOTED FOR TRUTH!!! Homeboy looks like a damn caveman and is so much fun to watch fight.

    Good fun read, I think that another guy could be Josh Koshcheck he's just such a cocky prick that it's easy to hate him.

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