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Top 5 Should of Been Champions in WWE

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[B]WWE Champions [/B]
5: Rikishi
4: Umaga
3. Shelton Benjamin
2: Matt Hardy
1: Bobby Lashley

[B]World Heavyweight Champions[/B]
5: Scott Steiner
4: Shelton Benjamin
3: Matt Hardy
2: Bobby Lashley
1: Mr. Kennedy

[B]Intercontinental Champions[/B]
5: Joey Mercury
4: Charlie Haas
3: Kenny Dykstra
2: Chris Masters
1: Matt Hardy

[B]United States Champions[/B]
5: A-Train
4: Elijah Burke
3: Kaval
2: Gregory Helms
1: Jeff Hardy

[B]Cruiserweight Champions [/B]
5: Lance Storm
4: Jeff Hardy
3: Shannon Moore
2: Jimmy Wang Yang
1: Brian Kendrick

[B]Women's Champions[/B]
5: Maria
4: Torrie Wilson
3: Maryse
2: Stacy Keibler
1: Dawn Marie
World/WWE Tag Team Champions
[/B]5: The Mexicools (Super Crazy and Psychosis) [WWE TAG TEAM TITLES]
4: Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore [WWE TAG TEAM TITLES]
2: John Cena and B-2 [WWE TAG TEAM TITLES]
1: Cryme Tyme (Shad and JTG) [WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES]

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  1. tchocky360's Avatar
    Really disagree about Matt Hardy deserving to be either a WHC or WWE champion.
    It's your personal opinion, but you don't have any reasons why any of these should be champions. It's just a list, not a blog.
    Why, for example should Matt be WWE champ over Jeff? Who I think most people would say was always the bigger draw of the two.
  2. JoePublic's Avatar
    My list of people who should've been World Champion/WWE(F) Champion only has two names on it

    Roddy Piper
  3. Spectroheliographies's Avatar
    Lol, this is an obvious troll.

    I'd only agree with Mr. Kennedy but you're either a TNA mark or are a retard. The highlight of Matt Hardy's career I'd of said was his spots against Kane during his feud for Lita. Shelton Benjamin's over-rated by all of the internet fans so I'm not sure why he's on the list. Umaga although he's passed on was feuding with main event and upper mid-card talent but still doesn't deserve to be there since it was a brief period.

    Bobby Lashley wasn't in WWE long enough or committed although I respect him he still should have never held the titles. Jeff Hardy for cruiserweight also made no sense considering that title's based around getting athletes who aren't over the beginning of their push. Jeff Hardy (was/is) already over so I don't see the purpose in that.

    The only reason I'd agree with Mr. Kennedy is because Randy Orton persuaded him to be released. So I felt like due to a bad hand being involved with his career he'd of achieved more since he's reached a peak in his potential at TNA.

    Bad list, probably a troll.
  4. akbar's Avatar
    No, no and no...
  5. JeffHardy2012's Avatar
    matt hardy is a good wrestler hes just really bad at cutting promos, i thought were he was was just fine
  6. steviej893's Avatar
    First of all hello. I'm new to the site and wanted to send a shout out to you all. Now that that's done, I think this list should've covered WWF as well as WWE wrestlers. Three names that quickly come to mind are
    1) "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff-He would've been a great arrogant heel to oppose Hogan (but of course that couldn't happen, and
    2) Ted DiBiase-Despite his whole "everybody's got a price" gimmick, the man was a genius in the ring
    3) Mr. Perfect-Period

    Heck you could probably go back to the late 80s and list the entire Heenan family roster (with the exceptions of the Red Rooster, King Kong Bundy, and the Brooklyn Brawler).

    As for tag teams, many might say I'm out of my mind but I liked the Islanders.
    Updated 02-08-2012 at 01:22 PM by steviej893 (Adding a new name)
  7. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Amazes me that guys like Orndorff, Dibease Sr., Mr Perfect, Piper, Jake Roberts...never wore the WWE Heavyweight title. Such a shame. Its all about timing I guess...these guys peaked during Hulkamania
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