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Book It - Bringing Back King of the Ring

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What's poppin folks! RatedATB back at it again with first addition of Book It, where I take certain feuds or matches and book them the way I think would be interesting. I hope to continue this series, and I'll take requests as well, so if there's anything you'd like me to book, as far as feuds, matches, or even ppvs, just send me a request in the comments and I'll take it under consideration.

Now, to the topic on hand. I think I'm not alone here when I say the WWE should really consider bringing back the King of the Ring (which from now on will be referred to as KOTR) ppv and not just the tournament, which has been active every two years since 2006. It's an awesome idea in that it develops feuds, has potential to end a few, and can make the career of a single superstar in one night (Stone Cold, Lesnar, Angle), or help a superstar wet his feet in upper mid card or main event feuds (Edge, HHH). I think this year would be the perfect year to bring back the ppv, especially with the June ppv up in the air. I'd also revive the stipulation where the winner gets the main event of Summerslam, this year being against the champion of his choice. One last thing, this is assuming that both Sheamus and CM Punk are the champions at this point and time in the WWE.

We start out coming off the heels of Over the Limit. Whoever is Raw's GM comes out and talks about how they want to make this summer more exciting than any other summer has been in years and has discussed a collaborate idea with Teddy Long. They want to bring back the King of the Ring ppv, mentioning the stipulation where the winner gets the choice of champion at Summerslam. Eight superstars from Raw and eight superstars from Smackdown will battle it out over the next few weeks, until we get to the final four, who will all face at the King of the ring ppv itself. Raw will feature Miz, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger, while Smackdown has Christian, Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Sin Cara, and Ted Dibiase. I'm leaving Cena/Orton out because I'm just going to assume they're gonna be in the title picture and they don't really need this anyway. The brackets will appear at something like this

Miz vs. Rey Mysterio
R-Truth vs. ADR
Kane vs. Kofi Kingston
Ziggler vs. Swagger

Big Show vs. Henry
Dibiase vs. Rhodes
Christian vs. Sin Cara
Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

We'd get one or two matches from each show a week until like I said they had the final four appear at the ppv. On the Raw side we'd see Miz get a win over Mysterio in the Raw main event after some interference from Ziggler, the story being they've been feuding, and we'd see Rey even the odds in Ziggler's match the next week setting up a match between the two at the ppv. We'd get an upset victory from Kingston and ADR knocking Truth out of the tourny as well, bringing us to this:
-Miz vs. ADR
-Kingston vs. Swagger

Miz gets the better of ADR and Kingston gets yet another victory by knocking Swagger out, giving us Kingston and Miz at King of the Ring on the Raw side. As for Smackdown we see Show and Henry go to a double countout giving us a bye for the first match. Christian (returning as a face) is able to knock Sin Cara out after a long hard fought match. Dibiase appears to be getting the victory in his match but Rhodes uses the IC title while the ref is out and manages to get the win and goes all the way to the semi-finals. Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett put on a great match but Barrett reverses the label lock into the Wasteland and is able to move on, giving us this:
-Rhodes going on
-Barrett vs. Christian
Barrett and Christian wrestle in the main event of the Smackdown either before KOTR or two weeks before, depending on the scheduling they have for the ppv. Christian ends up getting a win and moves on to the ppv giving us:
Miz vs. Kingston
Rhodes vs. Christian

I apologize for not going into HUGE details here, but I'm only allowed so much space lol. Anyway we get to the ppv and it opens up with Miz/Kingston. The two go for about 10 minutes when it appears that Miz is gonna take it when out of nowhere Kingston reverses the SCF into the Trouble of Paradise and manages to make it to the finals. Rhodes and Christian goes about the same time a few matches into the show. Rhodes is about to do the same to Christian that he did to Dibiase but Christian is able to get a roll up and knocks Rhodes out moving into the finals setting up Kingston/Christian for KOTR Winner. I know people might be upset with Kingston going that far but he'd give us some good matches and he deserves to be in the spot so just live with it.

Anyway we get Christian/Kingston the match before the main event. It goes about 20 minutes and it's a pretty even match, looking like either could win. Each trade finishers and near falls, both pulling out all the stops. They each try to do the rope swing kick and all sorts of fun stuff when Christian gets the better of Kingston and wins King of the Ring, sending him to Summerslam against whoever he wants. Kingston shakes his hand and leaves King Captain Charisma to soak up all the glory. He ends up winning the World Title and has a much deserved long reign as a face champion...the one he's deserved for many many years.

Well there you have it, the way I'd enjoy seeing KOTR return. You could make the argument that no one really got made but when you look at it Kingston made it all the way to the finals and looked strong in the match so you have an instant threat in the upper-mid card/main event, and we made a few feuds out of it too. Not to mention it went to a guy that genuinely deserves it and I feel that even though he's held two world titles, he isn't taken seriously as a main eventer. Anyway, I'd love to hear feedback and some suggestions for any future edition of Book It. Until next time folks, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces!

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  1. jonod's Avatar
    I'd like to see a tag team KOTR to relaunch the division. bam!
  2. jonod's Avatar
    ps i agree - it needs to come back as a ppv
  3. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Great idea man, would love to see this come back as a tourney. Nice to see you give the win to Christian, he deserves it (That and "King Kofi Kingston" isn't exactly the best title), would love if this happened.

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