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Top 15 Underused WWE & TNA Talent

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Hey guy Knox here, I hope all is well with you guys. I've been gone for a while as I've said before, school has been kicking my butt lately but none the less I have another top 15 list.

I decided to do this list after hearing about Elijah "The Pope" Burke's issues in TNA with him claiming he's being underused. I'd say he's damn right so I thought I'd blog about 14 other guys I feel is underused from both the WWE & TNA.

It turns into an issue when guys like David Otunga are being forced down our throats yet there are some really good talent that can't even get a match on Superstars.

Needless to say, this will only include current talent. Also, this list will not include anyone on the FCW roster.

Top 15 Underused WWE & TNA Talent:

15. Curt Hawkins (WWE)
This guy has proved he wants to work. He's tried his online show thing and yeah that sunk but he still wants to work. He's a hell of a talent and like I've said before in another blog, "he reminds me of Shawn Michaels". Now hear me out, they sort of favor one another and their in ring styles are pretty similar. He's basically the equivalent of Shawn Michaels except for the face that HBK was given a chance.

Hawkins hasn't been given a true chance as a singles star. He started of with Zack Ryder, then he came back with Vance Archer and then I believe he teamed with Trent Baretta for a while and more recently he's been teaming with Tyler Reks.

Give this man an angle on Raw with Zack Ryder. Let him be the jealous heel former partner of Ryder. Give him a chance to atleast get his feet wet and see how the crowd reacts. I think he was clearly the better of that team. I would like to see Hawkins replace Jinder Mahal on the Main Roster.

14. Trent Baretta (WWE)
Dude looks like he's having so much fun doing his job. He's a pretty solid babyface that does a hell of a job pumping the crowd up and is the definition of a high flyer. He's awesome. I really would like to see him replace Evan Bourne on the main Roster.

13. Magnus (TNA)
First of all, he's the greatest star from the UK currently from both companies. I literally would put him before Wade Barrett & Sheamus anyday of the week. He's brash, he has the classic moveset and the look. He can talk and pretty much is the full package. He's in a pretty successful team with Samoa Joe currently but I would still love to see him get a true singles push.

12. Mark Haskins (TNA)
Rarely am I amazed but this guy finds a way to amaze me every time he steps foot in the ring. I bet alot of people reading this don't even know who he is. Lets just say he does the RKO 50 times better than Orton.

11. Shannon Moore (TNA)
One of my all time favorites literally (I bet I'm the only one who's ever said that). No really this guy is awesome. He can't talk a lick but the dude can work and he has the experience and seasoning that alot of guys his age don't. I hate that they've lost plans for him since Jessie Neal left. I'd love to see Moore have a 5 month reign with the Television Title. Robbie E is a complete freakin' joke.

10. The Uso's (WWE)
These guys have alot of personality and actually have quite the bit of talent in the ring. They seem so natural and its easy to see that this business is in their blood. I mean they're related to the Rock for crying out loud. They need some real exposure.

I would hate for them to end up like Cryme Tyme and never win those belts. Lets face it, they won't ever be successful on their own but they can be a team that stays together on and off and become just as great as the Rockers or even the Dudleys. The WWE has to build a long term team that stays together for over 10 years. That's whats truly missing from the WWE.

9. Rob Van Dam (TNA)
I keep hearing he's on his way out the door. I feel like RVD is one of the greatest of all time. I say after his contract he comes to the WWE and gives me that feud with Cm Punk I've been waiting to see. They did their thing a couple times in WW(E)CW but not on a bigger stage. I would also love to see RVD feud with Jericho again.

8. JTG (WWE)
Once WWE finds out that not every black Superstar needs to be booked as a "thug, rapper or gangster that dances" and JTG could be something special. I'm a black man. I know black people lol and I can tell you that not all black young men act like JTG. Black men receive alot of bad press seeing as we put it on ourselves but not all of us are thugs. I'm the farthest from a thug. I'm literally a church boy.

Vince has to realize this. JTG can keep his gimmick but it only works as a babyface. He also needs to fix his attire and not dress like a mix between Flash Funk & LL Cool J. JTG can be something one day if booked right,

If Vince can't abide by this, than try and resign Shad and bring back Cryme Tyme but without the pretty stealing. Once again, not all black men steal. I feel like Cryme Tyme was one of the most over tag teams of the 2000s and its crazy that they never won the belts. Did you guys every hear the pops they would get?

7. Gunner (TNA)
I don't get it. Gunner has the full package. Its like TNA wants to push this guy but they are afraid to pull the trigger. Obviously he's on their radar seeing as he's still aligned with Bischoff & Flair. I just feel like it was his turn so many times but eventually they kept putting people in front of him. I sure as hell wouldn't mind seeing him at the TNA World Champ.

6. D' Angelo "The Pope" Dinero (TNA)
One of those guys that really never lacked confidence in any stretch of the matter. He's always looked like he belonged even in his days with the WWE. I don't what's going on because when he first came to TNA he was pushed heavy. Its clear that the TNA Universe & The IWC and most people on this site really do see something special in this guy.

5. Drew McCintyre (WWE)
I really don't know too many people that don't like this guy. I do however feel that his losing streak will lead to a faceturn and something fresh for him. Losing streaks is a clear indication of a faceturn in many cases. Its the same way they turned MVP face and I would like to see a Miz faceturn after his losing streak.

McCintyre is pretty much that damn good. He was on his way to big things but eventually they replaced him on the card for Alberto Del Rio in which I feel even the WWE writers can see that was a big mistake.

4. Sarita (TNA)
The most talented female wrestler from both companies. Sarita & Victoria are my favorite female competitors of all time. Point blank, Sarita has better ring work than many of the guys however she does botch alot. But none the less, she's tough as nails and a huge asset to any company.

I still remember watching her dive on her face and lets not forget how she still competed while suffering with Bell's Palsy. She's got so much heart and deserves to be rewarded for that.

3. Kofi Kingston (WWE)
This guy has paid alot of dues. He's been doing the samething since he's debuted and still getting the same loud reaction. He's in the top 5 in the WWE for Twitter followers and Facebook fans and you know that makes Vince cum in his pants.

He's been a solid performer but very flashy and easy to market. His merchandise sales have always been very high. He's pretty much doing everything that's asked of him but yet he's still in the same spot.

He's performed in Elimantion Chambers, he's mainevented PPVs, hell he's just about on every PPV card but they can't seem to take him to that next level.

He was close to it until Orton played his backstage politics. Then just when things are going good, his good for nothing tag team partner Evan Bourne screws that up. Kofi deserves a true push.

2. Alex Riley (WWE)
I guess I'm biased on this one as many of you know how much of a fan I am of his. This guy had all the momentum and crowd noise but they randomly shot it dead. He was awesome. Lets admit he is green at times but he'll only improve with time. I'm excited for this guy because I really think he'll be a future 5-Time WWE Champion once the bookers finally come to their senses.

1. Tyson Kid (WWE)
I had to put him #1 because he's underused to the limit. This guy cn barely get a match on Superstars but yet he's that good. He's cocky and I feel like he deserves a permanent spot on the roster. There are many things you can do with a guy like him. I'm not saying make him World Champion but atleast give him a spot. He's just as good as Gabriel, Bourne & Daniel Bryan if not better.


Hope you all enjoyed this blog. Be safe and leave feedback guys as well as your own list. Thanks. Until then.

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    I couldn't agree with you more man, excellent blog. I especially agree with you that they should put Hawkins on the roster over Mahal...hell any of these choices would work. Can't stand that guy
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    I have always been a huge Shannon Moore mark, from 3-count to Ink Inc. I have always been a fan. Hard Knox for life!
  3. AreYaSerious's Avatar
    I agree with this list.

    Nice blog man
  4. saint_nick's Avatar
    Good blog. But I would have made it a 16. 8 from TNA and 8 from WWE, or something.

    I wondered if their was a space for Eric Young on the list? Eric can put on some great matches and has proven he has good mic skills, so why are TNA doing this whole comedy thing? I suppose it gets a few laughs, but enough is enough. They are wasting his talent completely and he should be wrestling for the X Division Title.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 Blog!!! I feel Curt Hawkins can become a better single's competitor than his former tag team partner Zach Ryder.....I totally agree with you on ur #1 pic...Man..Tyson Kidd is one hell of a talent....I still can't forget that small match b/n Tyson n DB..that was a gr8 match...

    n I agree with Saint_nick...Eric Young is a gr8 talent n i don understand why they r wasting his talent in the current stupid ass gimmick....
  6. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Knox, how've you been man? I really enjoyed this blog. I agree with the majority of it. I'm obviously a huge Pope mark, so I was very glad to see you put him on the list. The way he sky rocketed to nearly the top of TNA just to fall off the map is extremely disappointing. I also like what you said about Magnus. I may not agree that he's better than Sheamus (Sheamus is my boy), but he definitely has all the tools to be a top star. He's got a great build, great moveset, great mic skills, and he freakin' looks like Hugh Jackman. I'm not going to pick apart every one on this list, but I did want touch on those. As always, I really enjoyed the read. Keep it up. Peace.
  7. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    tyson kidd deserves his #1 spot he can barely be taken seriously and now he's in the fart storyline? show some fucking respect wwe writers this could be a future legend in wrestling natalya is family of the hart's treat them with respect just because they did not reach anything in their lives does not mean that they should treat those 2 like dirt
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