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AJ Styles-The Blog I Thought I Wouldn't Write

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I know what your thinking, "The Piper is blogging on an Impact Superstar!" or "Piper actually does someone on TV more than NXT?" And correct you are, I never thought I would write an Impact blog, but yes, I watch Impact every week, but never gave blogging about it any thought.

The Look
AJ Styles is a born Middle, Upper, high card, and main event wrestler, and TNA knows it, better than AJ himself does. AJ Looks like an average wrestler in WWE standards, but he is the only "Mr. TNA" where he comes from, and proves that he is worth that nickname every time he is in the ring.

The Wrestling
at the beginning of AJ Styles carreer, all you could say was "How does he do that?" I say at the beginning not because he was better then, but it was all new back then. AJ can do a wide variety of (in lack of a better word) styles, and proves it every night with unmatched high flying moves, grapples, and his finisher-The Styles Clash

The Titles
AJ Styles is a TNA Triple Crown champion, holding the tag-team championships with Abyss, the World Heavyweight championship, and the now worthless Television championship (in the risk of ranting, from EY to Robbie and Robbie, that title is now a shiny decoration) and he earned every title he held, and even a few more.

He (sorry Vince, a pronoun) should not be made weak by getting taken out by Gunner (how useless is that storyline), and by not getting beaten for the title twice by a cheapskate champion. I'm not saying AJ should be TNA's super like Cena, or Randy, but at least make him look hard to beat.

Every time I look at a blog about AJ Styles, TNA, or TNA vs WWE, they all say AJ fighting someone in WWE would be sweet, or AJ should have a run in WWE, or WWE would treat AJ like a king. But guess what, WWE would book AJ as a genaric cruiserweight, destroy his credibility, and make him a jobber just like they always do with the real wreslters. AJ is NEVER leaving TNA, and you should all be happy for that, because he will be treated a helluva lot better in TNA than he ever would in WWE, even if the paycheck is smaller, the matches are better. But when TNA drops the title from Roode to someone, I would like that someone to be AJ Styles.

Side Note
What would a real AJ Styles blog be without links to the greatest match in TNA history?
Part 1\
Part 2

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  1. chato's Avatar
    I wouldn't consider these corrections. I would call them additions. I honestly don't think the writer needed all that information to get his point across. But anyways great blog piper. I enjoyed it.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 Blog....I love AJ as much as I love Daniel n Punk....I feel AJ is awesome n he carried TNA very effectively until Hogan/Bischoff era....AJ can fly high can grapple well n can play any kind of match much like Punk/Eddie/DB...As the blogger the beginning I used to awestruck at his moves...I always wonder how anyone can do such moves.....he's really phenominal one...he is still in short of atleast 2-3 more reigns as champion...he's awesome as both heel n face...ppl say he's not gr8 at mic...he may not be a Punk or HBK...put he's not bad either..even one of teh all time best wrestlers Brethart was also not all really gr8 on mic...AJ doesn't need mic skills...his in-ring ability is enough for us to pay to see him..I want TNA to put AJ n Joe in some worthy story line n that wud be gr8....
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