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An Irish Rumble, an epic match, and a return to give you chills

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After a two-day Facebook and Twitter media-blackout due to the Royal Rumble, it's safe to say it was well worth waiting to watch my second favourite event of the year followed immediately by Raw.

I'll start with the Royal Rumble and the epicness of the event, or unusual lack of it.

Since I'm covering two events in one blog here, I'll keep things as brief as possible so to make this an easy read.

In all honesty the World Heavyweight Championship match was a disappointment to me. Mark Henry did nothing of value and probably would have been better as a Rumble participant. The way in which Bryan won was the only plausible way for him to do so and I think they realised that when they had him do nothing but take punishment. Overall, a poor match.

I won't even mention the divas since, as per usual, they were pointless.

John Cena versus Kane was another disappointment until it hit the backstage areas. It's a feud which doesn't benefit from in-ring action, and needs more assaults to help Cena 'embrace the hate'. It served its purpose in all fairness.

The show finally hit its pace with the WWE Championship, and having Punk effectively win four times was a great way of metaphorically even the score from the past month with Ziggler. Great technical match as well.

Now, the Royal Rumble match. This was a match which was both good and bad in my opinion. I don't really need to point out the bad as I think it was obvious to everyone, but I will anyway. It had too many comedy moments; the commentary team ALL taking part (wouldn't Cole have noticed King and Booker in ring gear? lol), Ricardo competing in what may as well have been y-fronts (as well as the awesome "Ri-car-do!" chants, loved it!), and the Santino/Foley stare down were all funny, but it showed a severe lack of potential winners to have these moments ranging up to somewhere around the 20th entry. The best moment of the match came when the final two were Sheamus and Chris Jericho. As slow-paced as it was, it was actually unpredictable and I enjoyed it (as disappointed, but understanding, as I was at the result). Another highlight was The Miz and Cody lasting well over 40 minutes, shame they didn't last to the last four though.

For me it was a wasted Royal Rumble match until the last ten entrants, but not necessarily the worst Rumble I've seen.

For those of you thinking I've made the Royal Rumble seem like an oversight in this blog, it's because Raw made it that way. For the second week running Raw has outdone itself. I would say spoiler alert before you read this but I'm assuming that if you're reading this you know what happened already.

Raw was already set to be a great episode before it started, Triple H was returning to either wish Johnny Ace the best in his future endeavours or, in my opinion, turn heel and actually give him the GM job. Either way it was gonna be good. Instead, Raw kicked off with the announcement of the Raw Elimination Chamber and a great match in Bryan versus Punk, which was the best match of 2012 so far barring the Jericho interference (which I'll get to in a few lines), as well as a sample of CM Punk's impressive singing voice. I was anticipating the Punk/Bryan match to the point where I almost forgot about Johnny's potential sacking.

Jericho's interference in the Punk/Bryan match was a strong realisation to me that Punk may actually lose the WWE title in the Chamber. I feel like Jericho shouldn't be given a title shot so quickly after his return, and it leaves me thinking that only Dolph could really come out of that match convincingly as a winner due to his push in recent months.

My reasoning is this:
  • Kofi is in that match as the standard athletic superstar so cannot possibly win the match;
  • Jericho looks like he is building to a match at WrestleMania with Punk, and a title run seems unlikely so soon after a return;
  • Punk is a champion who could afford to go into 'Mania without the strap and still steal the show (against Jericho most likely);
  • R-Truth and The Miz are far too embroiled in their own feud (regardless of Truth's declaration that their business is done) and if one of them one the title it is likely the other would challenge for the title - I cannot see a WrestleMania match from those two for some reason;
  • And Dolph has been poised for months to be a WWE Champion in 2012 - Jericho is the perfect reason for Punk to lose at the Chamber.
Cena looks like he's enjoying his role as an insane face/heel divide finally. Finally a divas match had a purpose on Raw, and it was to reveal that Kane is either really fast or that he lives in a lair underneath the ring. The key moment in this promo was that Cena is well and truly in assault mode and I'm loving it. The fact that he's finally giving some depth to his character is refreshing enough, but that he's doing it so close to 'Mania is even better. It might make his match with The Rock a true epic.

The best moment I have saved for last. Triple H was in full DX mode when he was mocking the master of the Ace Cutter (I can't help but laugh about Johnny having chap stick with him), and just as it seemed like Johnny was about to have his ridiculously long job title shortened something happened that doesn't happen often; Raw surprised me and I genuinely had chills that something incredible was about to happen.

The Undertaker returned and, in the same manner as last year, challenged The Game to a rematch at WrestleMania. I'm initially not in favour of a third match between these two as I quite like the idea that The Rock and Stone Cold are the only two to face off at three WrestleManias, but the way they cut this promo was incredible. The fact that they turned it from a picture perfect repeat from last year into Triple H turning the Deadman down by effectively saying "bless you, old man" was brilliant and somehow I now want to see this match again. My only question is, can we please have this match inside a Cell?

Thanks for reading what has admittedly turned into a long blog. I'm going to close this is the only way that seems appropriate - We're on the road to WrestleMania!

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  1. Mooresy29's Avatar
    Yes I totally agree with you in the 'bless you old man' pat on the shoulder, everyone seems to think that HHH was refusing to fight because he's back in charge now and it would be seen as letting personal problems 'cloud his judgment', but I saw it as HHH basically taking pity on Taker, I fully expect him to cut a promo saying there'd be no point in a rematch because this time Taker won't get up etc etc leading everyone to question whether Taker still has 'it' kinda similiar to Flair/Michaels at WM24. Hopefully HBK gets involved in a special referee type role.
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    As interesting as it would be, I don't want to see HBK as a special referee at 'Mania. It's a rarity that Special Referee matches are successful on that stage. I'm still very hopeful of Hell in a Cell, even though I know it won't happen lol.

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