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Chambers, Ambulances, and Cobras – 10-Yr Anniversary EC!

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Before I get into the bulk of tonight’s blogs I’d like to apologise for my lack of content last week. As it happened it was the first week in almost a year where I’ve missed Raw. Although I caught the highlights (on – care to reward my free plug, WWE?) I felt it was too late to warrant a blog. As for tonight, I’m hoping my planned double header of Elimination Chamber and Raw blogs will make up for my inconsistency.

As this year’s Elimination Chamber kicked off I knew two things would happen; it would kick off with a Chamber match, and that particular Chamber match wouldn’t be the better of the two. I was right. My surprise was that it was the Raw Chamber match which kicked it off. If you compare the line-ups for both Chamber matches on paper SmackDown was a joke of a match compared to Raw. Of course that’s just on paper.

In retrospect SmackDown’s match was a helluva lot better than the match Raw’s elite put on. Everything about the SmackDown match fell perfectly into place, even Santino’s role was something I marked out for. It was pretty clear that SmackDown were given the spots whilst Raw were given one major spot in the Jericho incident. Bryan getting destroyed by Show, Santino eliminating the two superstars who would be believable winners, and the general way the match flowed were all great things (I’ll admit the last example I gave wasn’t so much a spot as a basic requirement). Raw, however, provided nothing in the way of excitement until Jericho entered the match. It felt too careful to me, although it could have been the potential early tweak to Punk’s knee that affected that. Even so, the Raw Chamber match felt stale and lazy, and I for one would rather not see Punk head to ‘Mania as Champion (his matches are always classics on the biggest stage and the title seems to dilute ‘Mania feuds these days – 2009 was the last time the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania had a decent build).

As far as the rest of the PPV went, the Ambulance match seemed to be a great way for Cena to build some much needed momentum before his ‘Mania feud fiiiiiiiiiiinally (sorry, I couldn’t help ‘Rock’-ing that up) kicks off. For me it worked to an extent. Cena snapping is something I’ve enjoyed seeing lately as it reminds me that he used to be exciting. The only part where this match fell short was that it was constantly compared to the Kane versus McMahon match of the same stipulation, a failure on the commentators’ part. The McMahon match allowed for so much more due to lack of restrictions at the time, whilst this match concluded in the same way most stipulation matches do for Cena. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the AA performed from that height various times and it reminded me that Cena lacks in originality. In summary, Cena needs to do a lot of work to make any victory over The Rock believable at WrestleMania.

The various segments throughout what is usually a promo-free environment seemed to be nothing more than filler. Did we need five minutes of random superstars who didn’t make the card/couldn’t compete rehashing their statements from Triple H’s reign as Raw GM? I think not.
Finally, Sheamus ‘declaring’ that he will face D Bryan at WrestleMania. I think it became pretty clear once CM Punk won the Raw Chamber that Sheamus would face the winner of the SmackDown match. I guess that’s why they took the chance to make it a memorable moment in the best way Sheamus can; actions. I liked it. Sheamus versus Bryan at ‘Mania has potential in my book.

Thanks for reading part one of my double-header of blogs tonight, I hope I’ve done enough to convince you to read my next instalment later tonight (once I catch up on Raw).

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