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Pipe bombs, promos, and a Cena-less Raw

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Hello all, me again. As per usual I'm going to review Raw from my own personal perspective. As the title would suggest, tonight's Raw seemed heavy on the promos and video packages. It was. But we also got a fun main event and even Khali managed to not suck in a match (he was carried by Randy Orton to be completely fair though). Anyway, let's get this started.

Raw was indeed heavy on promos and video packages. So much so that I forgot all about the Divas' and SmackDown matches altogether. Pretty much the first hour was nothing but promos to me. I'll admit I'm against another Triple H/Undertaker WrestleMania match, and Triple H delivered exactly the speech I expected him to. It did nothing to wet my appetite for a round three of this encounter. The only thing that really did anything for me was the video package which interrupted The Game on his way out. It showed Undertaker as an underdog for the first time in years, and I for one find that to be an interesting concept heading into WrestleMania. It's just about keeping me hooked.

One feud I actually cannot wait to see heat up is the Jericho/Punk feud. We all knew what it would be about should it happen (it was being posted on here for months after all), but both superstars can deliver on the mic and in the ring. What can possibly go wrong in that 'Mania match? If that wasn't enough, CM Punk calling Jericho's bluff tonight was genius from the 'voice of the voiceless'. We all got CMTrolled and it was a true statement. One word describes this feud for me; HYPED!

I mentioned Khali in the intro to this entry, but I don't feel like I gave him any credit for not ruining that tag team match. He may not be a great athlete (hell, he stinks), but he seems to be grabbing this obscure opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship and trying to build on it. I like that and I hope he can keep building to become a genuine force in WWE for the first time ever.

So Raw was practically Cena-less tonight. It actually made a huge difference in how I watched the show. It felt fresh and as a result the main event was unpredictable and new. I've missed Six Pack Challenge matches and it was a great way to showcase the talent in Raw's Elimination Chamber match. The only downside is that with the Kane/Cena angle coming to a close (as it seems), it feels like it needed a bit of air time so as not to drop the ball with it. Kane scaring Eve has gotten old very fast due to the fact we've seen Kane without the mask (it doesn't work anymore), and how can Cena 'embrace the hate' when his only job tonight was completely unrelated to the storyline? Please don't mess up Cena's best angle in years WWE.

Other thoughts on tonight's show - Why were the Bella Twins trending on Twitter for a match that lasted all of three minutes? Who else is getting tired of the Rock/Cena video packages as quickly as me, and who else isn't buying the hype? and who actually wants to see HBK as a special referee at WrestleMania given the epic way he bowed out two years ago?

That's all from me tonight. As ever, follow me on Twitter (@ComingToCinemas) and download my creations for WWE 12 on the PlayStation Network (ajspringer1990). Oh, and comment with your views!

P.s. Don't get CMTrolled!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    The only reason WWE brought Khali back is Ring ka King....Here in got attn of ppl....sad thing is I missed all the I'm literally travelling all this month....

    Before Ring ka King take away the total attn from WWE..they need to do something n Jinder Mahal is least to not popular here in India..n Khali has tons of fans only due to two reasons..1. His Size 2. He destroyed Undertaker in his first appearance (Undertaker is very much popular in India...)

    Only thing I want khali to do is...improve in ring....
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I don't know all that much about Ring Ka King tbh. It's not something that interested me, I knew it existed but that's all. But I'm personally not a Khali fan, I just think his performance on Raw was the best I've seen in-ring. I agree that Khali is wasted talent if he doesn't improve his in-ring ability.

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