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William Regal: Future HOF & The saving Grace of NXT

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Hey guys BlackFalcon here once again. Tonight I decided to watch the first NXT of the year online. I had not watched a single episode from Series 3 onwards. The matches were okay, I didn't really care much for the backstage storylines (although I laughed at the Reks/Hawkins v Tatsu/Baretta prank war, and their match was incredible), but one person made it all worthwhile. A returning William Regal on commentary who gave a stellar performance throughout.

I've always respected Regal, and not just because I'm a fellow Brit. He's a proper wrestler. He's seen it all, done it all, and has enjoyed it all. The first fact you need to face is this: Regal has been wrestling for nearly 30 years. He spent 10 years touring the world before he landed in America, and has been wrestling there ever since. He's a real veteran, although he has never got out of the midcard. Besides the big 2 (WWE/WHC) Regal's done nearly everything. He's been a 4-time Tag Champ, a 3-time Hardcore champ, a 4-time European champ, and a 2-time Intercontinental champ. He's a King of The Ring, which is a big accolade to have. He's also been the Raw GM, and he did an amazing job at it.

Another point is he's incredible on the mic. A true heel among heels, I honestly put William Regal at the top of the pile of great talkers. Another point is that he's been able to help so many superstars get a real start. If he Hadn't been working with "Umanga", would the guy have been pushed so much? If he hadn't headed up the Ruthless Roundtable on ECW, would Kozlov and Jackson had got title reigns this year? I somehow doubt it.

Now we move on to his work as a commentator. Watching this episode alon proves how good Regal really is. He knows what he's talking about, he knows every move, and he talks in great detail, which is perfect. He's also completely unbiased, which means he can call a match and not miss any importatant details because he goes off on tangents about the wrestlers (here's looking at you Cole)

So how could the WWE best utilise Regal? I say we put him as a third announcer on Raw. Cole and Lawler work good together, but they get so involved in their own conversations that the match ends up getting lost. The same thing happens between Cole and Booker on Smackdown, which is why they kept Josh Matthews there, in order to keep some focus on the match. I think if they bring Regal in to the Raw announce team, then the matches will have a lot more focus on them, instead of it being the Cole/Lawler fiasco it usually is.

This is BlackFalcon, saying that William Regal was a great competitor, is a great announcer, and will be a great Hall of Fame inductee some day. If they don't let him in, it will be a complete travesty in my mind.

BlackFalcon, signing off.

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  1. RST's Avatar
    Great read, but in my opinion, Regal isn't HOF material. I'm a fan, but he is more of a "Hall of Very Good" kind of guy ...
  2. HeelTurn's Avatar
    Nice blog

    Yeah I agree that Regal is classic on commentary, hes came up with some great lines. As far as the HOF goes, he should go in. If celebrities can go in and people who were never part of the WWE and some other questionable choices, then I dont see why Regal shouldnt be put in.
  3. Cross's Avatar
    He should get atleast 1 World Title reign considering how long he has been wrestling
  4. CenationRules1087's Avatar
    I believe that William Regel should have a World Heavyweight Championship reighn. He would make an interesting feud with Danial Bryan!!!
  5. Johnny_D87's Avatar
    People have been saying that he should get a world title before he retires, and thanks to Daniel Bryan, he should get his shot. Since Daniel is turning heel, Regal could come out and play mentor to him, with Daniel getting the big head and turning on him and Regal getting a shot. Not my best idea, but better than most WWE ideas. Lol.
  6. JoePublic's Avatar
    Enjoyed reading this, I think Regal will be a valuable asset behind the scenes when he retires. I think he is HOF material especially in comparison to some of the jokers that are already in there.

    He is one of the last oldskoolers, the very definition of a wrestler's wrestler.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    William Regal is my favorite wrestler frm his very first episode on raw...

    everything abt him is gr8..he's undoubtedly one of the best technical wrestlers of all time..he's one of the best of all time at mic..he's gr8 at commentry desk...

    No matter how bad the booking has been for him in his entire career...he deserves a place in HOF..n when it happens...all the true wrestlers n true wrestling fans celebrate on that day...because as Joe public said...he's the last of the oldschoolers...

    One quality of his is missing in this blog...that is he's an awesome trainer..jus see few names he trained...Punk, Bryan, Kendrick, Samoan joe, Chris Hero...I guess these r among the best in the world in terms of their wrestling ability is concerned in their respective styles...

    last but not least..this is a gr8 blog!!!
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