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5 Divas WWE Dropped The Ball on.

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Alright guys, It's Black Falcon once again with My newest Blog. On a side-note, I'm thinkin of gtting an official title for any future blogs, any ideas will be welcomed. Anywho, on to the main event:

Even though most of them are piss poor and can't put a match on, there's no doubt that the WWE Divas do have some genuine talents within their ranks. Beth Phoenix and Natalya instantly spring to mind, but others have shown some good improvement, including Layla and Eve, plus Kharma will hopefully returning soon. However there are a few people that WWE never gave a push too who actually deserved it. Here I list 5 Divas that WWE dropped the ball on. First some guidelines. I'm only listing Divas that:
  • Are currently released from the WWE and are either in different promotions or not wrestling.
  • Did not recieve a Women's or Diva's title reign in their time in the WWE.
Without further ado, here we go:

5. Maria Kanellis
Attachment 1427
Granted Maria wasn't amazingly talented but she definitely had great potential. She also had great charisma and personality. While originally starting off as the ditzy interviewer, she certainly became more fierce in her time their. Now currently the 'First Lady of ROH', this could be the perfect year for the 'E to think about resigning her. Only time will tell.

4.Stacy Kiebler/Torrie Wilson
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This was tie because these girls had pretty much everything. They had the charisma, they had talent, and they were two of the sexiest women to ever enter the WWE. With Stacy's 41 inch legs and Torries flawless ass, these Divas had the perfect looks, and would have been great champions.

3. Katie Lea Burchill (AKA Winter)
Attachment 1430
A truly underrated Diva, Katie Lea showed a massive improvement after her release. Being a Brit myself, I always had a soft spot for her and Paul, eve though she's originally from Germany before training in Britain. I'm gonna say right away that she's hot, and I loved the way she acted in ECW and on Raw. Now that she's a 2-time Knockout Championship and Knockout Tag champ over on TNA, she's really come into her own. If WWE ever managed to get her back, they'll have made a valuable purchase.

2. Gail Kim
Attachment 1431
Now before anyone starts on me, I know that Gail had a Womens Title reign back in 2003. However, if current champion Jazz hadn't been injured, I'm not sure if she would have won. I'm also mainly focusing on her 2008-11 run. Gail one of the best female talents going in my honest opinion, yet she was kept out of the title pictur in favour of people like Alicia Fox and Eve Torres. After Gail quit she vowed never to return to WWE. I don't blame her, and think that the E lost a valuable player in the current TNA Knockouts Champion.

1. Ashley Massaro
121px-Ashley_Massaro_18.jpgI'm gonna come right out and say it; Ashley has always been my favourite all-time diva. She's hot, she's talented, and I loved her character. She was the punk chick who didn't give a damn what you thought about her, and she managed to get straight into the roster without any former training.
Ashley parted ways with the WWE in order to look after her ill daughter in 2008. However she has since been performing at other events last year. I for one hope that WWE see sense and gives her a call. She has been training extensively since she left and I am confident she could come back better than she ever was. Here's hoping for a return and a championship run.

Anyway that's all from me tonight. Don't flame just cuz it's about Divas, I'm hopeful for a revival this year, Falcon out.

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  1. DEVENKEITH's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cancron
    I'll agree with everyone on this list, But Torrie Wilson. Torrie Wilson was just a waste of space and nothing but eye candy. She's just an older version of Kelly Kelly. Neither of them should ever be in a wrestling ring. They have both been in the industry for years, they have both dated, and Torrie even married true wrestlers. But neither of them could give 2 sh!ts about improving their skills to be more entertaining to the crowd. Their both train wrecks in the ring.

    Torrie never deserved the title, she never earned it she and K2 don't even deserve to be in the industry.

    WOW your nuts.. Torrie Wilson Gave WAYYYYYY more to WWE then K2.. At the time of Torrie Wilson.. she was the TRISH STRATUS of SMACKDOWN! Of course at the time the Woman's Championship stayed on raw.. STILL. she was used almost every Thursday night. Not to mention her In Ring ability improved! However after she was drafted to raw with divas like, Trish,Lita,Victoria.. her in ring improvement was over shadowed by the better wrestlers.
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