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Reinventing the WWE in 2011, Part 1: The Tag Teams

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Hello all, Main Event here. I really enjoy blogging, and I'd like to get noticed as as a good blogger around here. In order to get myself more noticed, I'll be producing these every 1-3 days. This will be a series of a fre (or a lot) of parts on how to totally reinvent the WWE in 2012. I'd really enjoy it if you kept a look out for these in the future, as I think I will approach some really interesting topics. I also think I'll enjoy posting about match cards, reviews and such. Thank you! Let's get started.

-Gone are the days of The Rockers, Legion of Doom, Edge and Christian. I'm afraid tag wrestling won't be like that again, let's face it. However, the WWE have no excuse for giving fans such a divison as we have now. You have a few teams, and the divisions been getting a little better lately, but it needs to become relevant agin. If the WWE were to make a real effort at a restoration of the tag divison, it would be enjoyable matches and fueds back onto their minds and onto our TV's. First of, we need to make some teams.

1: Epico and Primo: One of the few teams we have. Although they're hardly worthy champions, they're fun. Give them more promo time and weekly matches on RAW, and watch them improve. In a mtter of time, these two could really live up to their names as champs.

2: The Usos: Possibly the most legit team we've got. Again, give them more matches and promo time, and incolve them in a fued for the titles, eventually these two could make great champs.

3: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks: These two make a great pairing, but why do we only see them on....where do we see them? Superstars and NXT won't cut it. Get these two on RAW and have them cut some promos and compete in matches.

4: Hunico and Camacho: This is a kind of new pairing as in the past, they haven't been treated as a tag team, more like Camacho managing Hunico. I'd like to change that. Give them a team name, walk to the ring with their bike and get them in the ring.

-As a little check point, that puts us at four legitamite teams. Enough? Hardly, WWE can use this as a good base, while they're busy making us some new duos. Here's the new teams I would make...

5: Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson: I feel as if this potential heel pairing could be great. Both have been said to be in store for pushes and I feel as if there's no better way to do it than to pair them up. Can you imagine these two in the ring together? I sure can picture it.

6: The Rotunda Brothers: Ahh, the current FCW tag team champions. Do I feel as if these two are ready for the WWE? Yes, Husky Harris is one part of this team, and he's already been featured on TV tons. Move these two up ASAP and let them impress. These two could be a permanent pair that give us the legit tag team we want.

7: Ted Dibiase and David Otunga: Hear me out on this one, the Money Gimmick and succesfull lawyer gimmick seem to mesh well with me. Why not pair them up and see what happens? I say do it, and really try to keep them together for a while.

Another checkpoint. Having pretty much utilized WWE's current roster, who else could they sign? I say they try for the young bucks, as they could provide some highflying action. Also, freakign cut the crap and get Gabriel and Slater together agin.

This puts us at 9 teams, about 7 that could really be together for a while. All WWE need to do is keep making teams and keep them together.

Okay, that's the end of my first blog. Please look out for me in the future and give respones. I will probably blog again between Monay and Wednesday, so watch out! Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the Main Event blog of your day.

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  1. Bagg's Avatar
    Agreed, i enjoyed the read but you guys have to know, this division died in 2002 when the draft split up the dudleys and the APA and (i think) the hardys too. From there, there were brief decent runs with billy n chuck, WGTT and Los Guerreros, its been dead since then and its never coming back. I dont wanna be that guy, but theres a tag team blog every week on this site, yall just need to realize that its over.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I must agree with some of the commenters on here about Ted Dibiase. He's getting a good following now and it wouldn't be wise to put him in a heel tag team.

    The rest is good though. Good Blog.
  3. thunderprince09's Avatar
    hehehe the Dibiase and Otunga pair up could be looked at like his father who was rich and IRS lol both go after money
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