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Answer me this about Cena and Rey

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(Authors note: This started off as thread but went off the handle and hope it makes a decent blog, thanks)

Recently here on the forum i was reading one of the IWC superstar polls and noticed that Rey Mysterio has been going over a lot of the other IWC favorites. while reading the comments majority of the guys who voted were all in support for Rey for reason he can put on great matches after certain injuries.

I then read about twenty nine other threads all wanting cena heel, cena is boring, gimmick is old, same old shit, can't wrestle. The same things people have been complaining about for five years. NON STOP!!

To me the Hypocrisy of these people burns like gonorrhea.
I'll admit it, i hated cena for these reason, 5 YEARS AGO!!! like everyone else
but i and few select others in the IWC can move on and appreciate John Cena THE WRESTLER now
yet people still hate on Cena and mark out for Rey

Cena has recently taken a backseat from the title picture (something people always wanted) despite earning his way there with countless top draw matches i.e vs punk MITB, vs Triple H Wrestlemania 22, vs Shawn Michaels Raw 2007.
Whether people like it or not, he earned his way there fighting guys like lesner, taker and angle.
Rey got to the title picture by exploiting Eddie Guerreros death and breaking Takers orbital bone.

Cena has petitioned the creative team to put over other guys constantly like Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder and even got Punk up to the permanent main event standard.
Rey on the other has got paranoid countless time about new guys stealing his spot and refused to put over Dolph Ziggler, who wouldn't get his IC title push for another year, but drops the title to John Morrison who until then was picking up wins over World Champ CM Punk. However i will give him credit for Cody Rhodes although creative should have pushed him year before then after the dissolution of Legacy, but that's another story.

Cena started his WWE career as a nameless, faceless drone before turning into a vanilla ice heel for almost two years before getting over as a face with cathy phrases that got SUPER OVER!!, contrary to what people say he has tweaked that character countless times over the years.
Rey debuted in WWE as a face the same time as Cena. since then his character has never changed apart from an entrance that needed changing to protect his shitty knee.

Cena has been criticized for his 5 moves of doom, but not rey for punch, kick, dropkick, hurrancanrana, finisher.
Seriously, come on, no one else wanna call out this. Cena can wrestle contrary to whatever middle-age male dominated crowd will chant. i know he can, you know he can, those same crowds know he can. Rey can't wrestle....anymore.
what ever 5-star matches he put on before are long over, he needs carrying and can't go 7 minutes in the ring without injuring himself, he then gets paranoid again over his pay and appearances as normally talents who get injured often lose jobs or take pay cuts, rey demands more money and less appearances. Cena has never been reported as looking for more money and has invested his entire life into wwe i.e films, interviews, tv show spots, granting wishes, visiting troops, all this ahead of his own marriage - Dedication.
Injuries - Rey has had countless injuries but has worked through certain ones before taking time off for surgeries. This has got him over with many of the IWC
yet ZERO credit has gone to cena for wrestling a handicap match one day after batista broke his neck, not to mention retruning from his tron pec muscle after two months instead of the recommended six.
anyone? no
still no credit

my point is why is Cena still hated today while Rey is praised beyond comprehension.
why do fans boo a guy who does nothing but good things, is it some sort of Bono effect? I don't know, i just don't get it.
All of the reasons fans boo Cena are simply outdated and people need to move along and maybe get behind the guy now.
why not?
anyone who doesn't like cena AND rey, thats fine, thats understandable, thats fair
but to the guys who curse Cena and Praise Rey (and you're there, probably reading this) that kind of double standard thinking is why the IWC isn't taken seriously

so there it is, some logical thinking and comparisons, bias arguably but its MY opinion.
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  1. Robstar's Avatar
    Punctuation and grammar need to be looked at. Copy it into Word and use spellcheck
  2. Lewigie's Avatar
    Well I'm impressed anyways !
  3. Lewigie's Avatar
    Good job and great post
  4. wwe=awesome's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar
    Punctuation and grammar need to be looked at. Copy it into Word and use spellcheck
    who gives a crap? it was a great blog in which i agree with every step of the way. good read man
  5. Taneel's Avatar
    completely true.
  6. Zekic's Avatar
    Agree about most,and take into the point that i have no idea about what happens backstage in wwe,but rey is constantly puting ppl over, rhodes,punk,del rio just to name a few. Hes glorified main eventer who is there for high spots in ladder/elemination chamber/rr etc matches and putting ppl over,and for all what hes done to wrestling and how much money he earned for this company he deserves what wwe gave him, and probably he deserves at least one more thing: credible WWE/WH title run meybe to end his carier with bang.
    Updated 02-06-2012 at 04:55 AM by Zekic
  7. holgerwich's Avatar
    I bow down to you my master! Great blog and agree, Cena is a great wrestler!
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