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A history reflection + WWE's current problems

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I've never posted on here, but I enjoy most of the blogs and all the information provided by the site. I've recently watched the most recent Stone Cold DVD for the 3rd time and had some thoughts:

**Stone Cold was a fuckin trooper. Seriously....I've never seen one wrestler go at it when injured like him. There's a reason he will always be the most popular wrestler of all time.**

Problems w/ the current WWE:

1. Seriously, people can discount the Era change, but it's a horribly flawed argument. Today's WWE caters to 6 year olds (supposedly). From watching the DVD, it was obvious that 6 year olds loved SCSA and cheered for him as much as their parents. Maybe the language filter is completely unnecessary?

2. The biggest thing I noticed from watching some amazing Attitude Era matches was the WWE's willingness to match Face v Face in big time PPV's. It seems they're scared to do this in current times, which means they protect everyone and put on predictable matches. The DVD was proof that the SCSA v Rock / SCSA v Undertaker (good) matches were some of the best in the company's history. When both are faces, it's truly impossible to guess the outcome.

Random Thoughts:

-Dolph Ziggler is the best current roster wrestler in the WWE, and it's not even close. This guy is the perfect heel and sells moves better than anyone I've seen since The Rock.
-Zach Ryder needs to be a heel. Seriously, the guy is an extension of The Jersey Shore and I cringe everytime I see him on TV. He does look like Bradley Cooper, so The Hangover flashbacks are sort of a positive.
-John Cena gets a raw deal. Sure, I hate the bastard. I think he would be one of the best heels of all time. If the WWE was still in the Attitude Era, he would be a top-drawer. It's unfortunate he came around right after Rock/Austin.
-Why the hell do people care about Jericho? I've never understood it. He seems like a Top 5 microphone guy, but his in-ring stuff is average at best.
-CM Punk v Austin needs to be the Headliner for next year's WM. NEEDS to be. This would be an all-time great and - with proper buildup - could top Rock v Cena. I think Austin would actually love to put Punk over if it was properly pushed.

Anyway...I sort of rambled through this, but I had to get this stuff off my chest.

I've been a huge wrestling fan since I was a kid. The pinnacle in my fanhood was Austin v Michaels @ WM w/ Tyson. I miss the era and feel the current WWE should embrace the past. If only Linda didn't decide to run for office.......

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  1. Kaisered's Avatar
    I know you are an AE mark as many here are so I will just tell you a generic answer. You need to understand that wrestling like government changes. It never gives you what you want and when it does is just a very bad version of what we wanted. As fans we are never really satisfied, but when we like something we don't want it to change. Yet again like government as things change people need other things and those who were comfortable before now are not. Vicious cycle
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    Austin has, and always will be, overrated as all hell.
  3. RatedATB's Avatar
    The problem isn't attitude. I'm tired of people using attitude as a reason why the show is lackluster. The problem is lack of character development and lack of creative development. Simple as that. The sooner people understand that the better.
  4. Ravsta's Avatar
    cm punk vs austin i hope not, cm punk is the most overrated wrestler in history, and dosent deserve to vs austin.
  5. scottkv17's Avatar
    hte problem is attitude era was awesome and so good, everything they do now is compared to it, infact 1 of/ if not the best ppv of all time was last year money in the bank, pure wrestling drama and good story telling and was awesome, raw last week again awesome wrestling, just not as consistant as the attitude era, attitude was awesome and i agree best i have seen but i still believe in the product today and can make moves forward without going backwards to the attitude era as everyone wants it to, i agree zggler is good, but you also have others who can perform week in week out, dbryan, christian (when fit), cm punk, tyson kidd(if EVER USED) so the WRESTLING talent is available but just not used correctly and in the right way, wrestling show needs to be that wrestling
  6. WHAT!'s Avatar
    CM Punk vs SCSA next Wrestlmania...idk about that.This WrestleMania is all about The Rock and John Cena now next year people are say CM Punk vs Austin I don't like that idea.
  7. Theicon's Avatar
    Great blog Kaisered you have no idea at all lol
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