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Chris Craze

A cool little storyline I'd like to seee. (Part one)

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Hey! First blog status!

Well, on WWE 12 I'm on Storyline designer, and I've decided to take it from recent events. For instance, Triple H returning and all. Well I sort've had an idea that would, at least in my mind be cool. It's another power struggle, as we all know Triple H took Vince McMahon's job from it (storyline wise) well essentially, Raw has plunged into chaos, Kane has been on a rampage and Triple H comes out to address the state of the 'E. He comes out, and actually fires Kane, and announces a surprise signing has happened (not who),before his microphone cuts out.

The next week on Raw when Triple H is giving a closing-show promo about how his change has been productive so far, Kane viciously assaults him and Triple H will be out for a couple of weeks, during that time, Kane wins the WWE Championship and talks about a 'Man in Black' who's coming back. The week before the next PPV, Vince reveals himself and books Triple H in a match against Kane. Which Shawn Michaels interferes in (yep he's the surprise), but wait..Who's out to even the odds in this Last Man Standing Non-Title match? Vinny Mac, introducing his latest acquisition BROCK LESNAR

Kane goes and wins, with Michaels and Haitch laid out to end the PPV. The next week on Raw, however Michaels' has a match against Lesnar, who attacks Michaels before the match. But Michaels still manages to win the match. Triple H has an interview segment noting "This isn't about Degeneration-X, that was a thing of the past, we're now just two men looking to right a big wrong." Triple H loses purposely to Kane by DQ, and just when you thought Triple H would have the upperhand, Vinny jumps him with a weapon to close the show.

The battle is really back and fourth the next few Raw shows, until they finally have another pay-per-view match Shawn Michaels, Triple H vs Mr. McMahon, Kane, and Brock Lesnar. In the match, which Michael's and Haitch eventually win though bloodied, by pinning Kane. Who is left in the ring by a fleeing McMahon, while Lesnar is laid out, outside of it. HHH hits the Pedigree, Michaels the SCM. They are about to send the crowd home happy when Michael's takes a microphone. "We're going to end the McMahon tyrant and bring the COO title to the rightful man..Me." He superkicks HHH -end of show logo-

If this has been received generally well I'll be sure to continue on what I have.

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  1. Corwo's Avatar
    O.O brilliant
  2. Theicon's Avatar
    Good ideas apart from HBK he wont be wrestling again
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I'm afraid whether HBK can wrestle a match...even if he can..I don think he can put on a long match that too with guys like Brock n Kane...same concerns for HHH also...anyways a gud thought..

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