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What is WWE Doing Wrong?

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Twitter:Well Royal Rumble was on the top ten trending on Yahoo all 3 times I checked my email today.

Overall it is pretty annoying. The Twitter obsession is what gets to me the most. I don't like hearing it during the match. It honestly gets old even seeing the ads when they come back from commercial about how many people watched Raw the past week

Also I kinda dislike how they mention how many Facebook fans people have.

"John Cena now has more fans than The Dalai Lama"
"Big Show now has more FB fans than Hitler"
"CM Punk now has more fans than the President"
"The Rock just surpassed Jesus Christ himself in number of FB fans"

Inconsistincies In Storylines: The storyline starts, you watch every week for something to come up, and it eventually ends up being nothing, a story with no reason. And when someone brings this up, we see automatic responses that “it kept us interested and served its purpose.” Guys, you are not a WWE corporate member, you are the customer. When I had to turn in Raw every week, thinking something interesting will come up although nothing happens, that’s WWE management to be happy about. But why do WE defend it? If I am the customer I won’t be happy about it when the creative insults my brain and tries to make me forget things. If there is an anonymous Raw GM, if WWE is trying to shove it down my throat every single week and force me to guess who he is, and eventually gets rid of it without an explanation, WWE Corporate might be happy because he kept me interested for weeks. But why would I be happy as the viewer? Shouldn’t I deserve a better explanation? Why do Jericho not talk anything at all for weeks and then decides to say something, eventually ending up being nothing. If Jericho talked for weeks and ended last week’s Raw by saying it will be the end of the world, I would still be interested in what’s going to happen at the Rumble. No need to insult me by picking up the mic and putting it back down in your promos. If someone thinks that it’s a way of getting heat, I would say Fingerpoke of Doom is the best way to get heat, what a way to just annoy people who watch you!

Weird Hirings:When Brodus Clay comes out he has those two dancers with him. One of them is Ariane Andrew. She was the fist person eliminated in the past season of Tough Enough. Why is she the fist person to go from that show to being seen everyday at Raw and Smackdown? I know she's just a dancer, and this role for her will not last, but it just pisses me off she's on there at all. When Austin asked her what her favourite wrestling match was of all time, she said some Alicia Fox match. Austin was stuned by her answer and took her belt because he felt she didn't have the passion for wrestling. Then why the HELL is she on Raw now?

I know I'm making to much out of this, but it just upsets me that the WWE hired her. She was a joke on Tough Enough, and I can't believe they hired her. Out of everyone on that show, she is the last person I thought I would ever see on Raw.

Writing:The writing is there biggest problem. It doesn't seem like much effort is put into it. The product could be half decent, no Attitude Era, but decent if there were story lines that were actually interesting. I'm interested to see what they do in the new year to correct this. I like the building up of Dolph and Rhodes, and Jericho returning. It would be great to see a change in Cena's character and that he doesn't just bury Kane with the 5 moves of doom. That would be a total waist of a story line. I think Kane needs to win this feud to keep Cena's character in a confused state of mind going into Mania 28. So, if they are going to stick with the PG rating for a while the least they can do is work on the writing aspect. Give us well thought out story lines that actually make some sense, are interesting, and eventually have a payoff in the end, and not just dropped.
This is Bad Booking:

1) Daniel Bryan should not be the World Heavyweight Champion. I have
nothing against him and I think he is a great wrestler. But I don't
think he needs that title to validate his ability. I think it does more
harm to the belt than it does good to Bryan. If you're a great wrestler
then that's all you need and people will remember you. He is 165lbs and
is the Heavyweight champ?!

2)As someone mentioned on another post. I'm tired of seeing "face a"
verses "heel a" because one wants the others belt. I also hate "face a"
vs "heel b" because one attacked the other and suddenly they are
rivals. Then WWE thinks they are being creative when they take the 2
aforenetioned faces and pair them up against their respective heels. No
connection, no story, just following a generic formula. I hate the fact
that a heel has to either brag about themselves or talk shit to the
fans in each promo. Then the face does the opposite and kisses ass.

We Want Tag-Team Wrestling!:I'm tired of the WWE Tag Team division being treated like the red headed step child and it has been for a long time. There use to be competition from the likes of The Steiners, The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation, The Hardy Boys, Dudley Boys, E&C, Demolition, The New Age Outlaws and so many more over the ages but the last few years have been meshed together teams with no real unity. Even today the only team in the WWE truly is the Uso Brothers, but they have yet to hold the titles or get enough exposure. Tag Team wrestling in the WWE is a thing of the past, but I want it back!

Give Pushes To The Wrestlers The WWE Universe want to see!:
1. The Miz
2. Dolph Ziggler
3. Cody Rhodes
4. Wade Barrett
5. Justin Gabriel
6. Ted DiBiase
7. R-Truth
8. Christian
9. William Regal
10. Goldust
These are the list of wretlers people actually WANT to see!Everyone is bored of Cena and Orton after watching them mainevent every PPV!Its time for a change now!

Divas Division:'Nuff Said

I hope you liked it!Goodbye!


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  1. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    1) Didn't Mysterio was WH champion??

    2) Social network are a great way to interact and to advertise the company

    3) Cena and Orton sell a lot and they will be on the main event like it or not

    4) Tired of Face vs Heel storylines???, what do you want, real life characters with real problems that fight for credible reasons?, if is that you shouldn't be watching wrestling

    5) I agreed with the Tag Team division thing

    I see a lot of rants of fans that think they can run a company by themselves, do yourself a favor and don't take wrestling seriously
  2. Kaisered's Avatar
    Although I agree with some of the things you say. I do not agree on who you say the Universe wants to be pushed. The WWE Universe likes better guys like Santino, Funkasaurus, rather than someone like Gabriel or diBiase although most of us do not take them seriously. Btw I agree with what Pumpkin said don't take it seriously. Just sit relax watch the show if they don't use your guys too bad and if they do great. Everyone has favorites and if the E were to push everyone's favorites the show will be chaos.
  3. LoGik's Avatar
    relax man. I agree with most of your points,although the WHC is not a legitimate WHC it is the wwe's version.Also on your heel v. face portion you mention it is boring and generic when it is really a formula tested by time. The heel is supposed antagonize people which is why they insult the crowd and talk bad about your favorite wrestler to make you dislike them. Your list of wrestlers to push consists of mainly heels. Also william regal and goldust? they are past their prime and if used should put others over not get a push. How did you create this list of wwe wrestlers the "universe" wanna see? I think it is only your personal preference and therefore does not represent the entire universe. Also you talk about it not meaning anything. If you're looking for something more realistic and legitimate then maybe you should try watching some mma and boxing.
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    I am really getting behind the Randy Orton-Wade Barrett feud, but otherwise, I do agree about the bad storylines, and most of the other stuff.
  5. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    umm Cobra Commander Christian got two World Titles Reigns;1 lasted for a month and the other 5 days!And when he got injured he was not getting a push he was jobbing to Sheamus
  6. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    And you must've forgotten A face vs face storyline (in the first few months)for Christian and Orton worked great
  7. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Social Networking is annoying!Who wants too see Santino??Only kids!but I agree Brodus is fun to watch but that will soon wear off
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