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road to wrestlemania thoughts

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To be honest im personally glad jericho didnt win the royal rumble. The last couple of years it's been wrestlers who are main event material who have been out sidelined, injured for months and suddenly comeback and win the RR like they instantly deserve it, i.e Edge/cena when ppl have been busting their asses in the ring for the opportunity to main event wrestlemania.

Now don't get the wrong idea, when a person who does bust their ass for the business and gets injured it's never a good thing for anybody or even the wrestling business itself. I'm sure there's many people here who dislike certain wrestlers in the business and wish they would have a serious injury and never come back but let's face it, for a majority of those who do wrestle, wrestling is life to them. Whether it's paying the bills, performing infront of literally thousands or just going out there to get a reaction be it good or bad it's what they live for.

Got nothing against edge, he can actually fucking wrestle and put on some seriously quality matches as he has always done, as for cena he can seriously fuck off. He can't wrestle worth shit with his 5 moves of doom and I don't give a rats ass if he stays heel or face he's still gonna suck regardless if he's wwe's poster boy.

Jericho too can wrestle as he has done for many many years, but like the rock you can't just fuck off and do your own thing and come back and go 'hey I want to piss everyone else off and be put in the title shot for wrestlemania by winning the royal rumble'

The only difference concerning rock/jericho is that the rock has more stroke with the wwe/vince and he's probably pissed a lot of ppl off a year in advance by being in the main event for wrestlemania. It is great the rock has come back for 1 more match for wrestlemania but with it being against cena AND the main event? Couldnt give a shit, pick someone better and who can actually WRESTLE, and hey if your someone who's coming back for 1 more match why should it be instantly the main event? You should be grateful your even on the card for nostalgia value, to remind people why you came back, to show people how good you were back then to now.

HELL look at Mark Calloway, the Undertaker. He has been away from wrestling for since the last wrestlemania and just came back last week to challenge Triple H for a 3rd match at wrestlemania. Do I want to see Taker wrestle again, HELL YES he's a fucking legend. He's the man everyone follows and respects in the locker room but wrestling against Triple H again? No thanks. It ain't gonna be a 5 star match ala shawn michaels, it's just gonna be a brawl. I hope we see another swerve and give taker someone else to wrestle.

But let's face it, if anyone should be winning anything to be considered main event or getting a title shot at wrestlemania it should be those continously busting their asses for the business day in day out. When it came down to just Sheamus vs jericho I instantly went 'Oh here we go Jericho is gonna win what a fucking surprise, goes away for a few years and comes bk just to win' and yet swerve sheamus won, didn't see it coming. Great move!

It's obvious it's gonna be cm punk vs jericho for the 'best in the world' bragging rights and I doubt sheamus is even going to be involved in that smirkish, thats already set in stone far as I can see. As much as I don't mind Sheamus, I can't really see daniel bryan vs sheamus sound all that appealing to me at all. It doesn't jump out and scream 'watch me' more like 'this already bores me'.

With how wrestling is in this day and age, I yearn for a match that could stand the test of time like Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit vengeance 03. That match not only was a 5 star match but told the story. It's matches like that, that should be performed on that high level calibur at wrestlemania and to me nothing else will cut it.

Perhaps my expectations are far too high or perhaps to me wrestling was better back then compared to now. When wrestlemania hits only time will tell, I just hope the card is good to consider paying to watch it. Till next time...

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