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Wrestlemaina 28 card reality/hope

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Hi everyone, like manyrecently on here I am a long time reader and first time blogger. I have beenwatching wrestling since just before Wrestlemania 9, to be honest over the pastyear or so have not watched as much due to the birth of my son but over thelast few weeks have been getting back into it.
Anyway on with what I thinkwould make a good Wrestlemania with the talent available and the way storylinesseem to be heading (obviously I will make some changes)

Dark Match

Triple threat tornado tagteam title match

Epico & Primo vs TheUso’s vs Rek’s & Hawkins

This would not be the firsttime the tag titles have been defended in a pre show match at Wrestlemania. Ithink this would be a good warm up for the crowd and give these 3 teams achance to show what they can do to management. The tag division needs seriouswork to revive a lost legacy of such great teams as British Bulldogs,Demolition, Hart Foundation, LOD, the Rockers amongst others. A lot of great wwe stars had there starts inthe tag team division and this needs to be rectified. These 3 teams cant dothat themselves and at least 4 or 5 more teams are required but it is possibleto start the change here. I would have the Uso’s win this one.

Opening Match

US title: Dolph Ziggler vsJack Swagger ©

Dolph Ziggler has been on anamzing run for the last year. I don’t see this stopping any time soon; he needsto break away from Vicki though. I think this can happen after the EliminationChamber. After losing in the chamber or even having Vicki cost him beingeliminated in the chamber Vicki won’t be happy. She berates Dolph and he dropsher like a bad habit. An irate Vicki will have Jack Swagger try and beat somerevenge out of Dolph leading into a match between the 2 at Wrsetlemania. Dolphwould have to win this one for me. This could be the start of a face turn forDolph and ignite his push onto a potential main event player.

Match 2

No DQ falls count anywhere:Kane vs Big Show vs Mark Henry vs Great Khali

This may not be a popularidea but a match to see who the best big man in the WWE appeals to me.Obviously a lot would depend on if Mark Henry is recovered from his injuriesand if Khali is sticking around. Also I know for whatever reason they like tohave Big Show vs random celebrities at mania and if they still wanted this haveShaq as a special enforcer. This match would have the potential for a lot ofbig spots and backstage moments, I remember kane vs show vs raven for thehardcore title and something like that could go down a treat. Kane would haveto win to continue his embrace the hate path.

Match 3

Diva’s title: Kharma vs BethPheonix ©

The diva’s seem to never havetime or opportunity to put on a match these days. I know they are nowhere nearthe quality of the past but this one could change that. They are clearly on acollision course as the 2 dominant women in the WWE and Wrestlemania would bethe perfect place for them to meet 1 on 1 for the first time. Kharma would takethe win for me

Match 4

Money in the Bank: Truth vsMiz vs Brodus Clay vs Skip Sheffield vs Drew Mcintyre vs Kingston vs Del Rio vsMysterio

This match could haveeverything depending if all are back from injury in time. All 8 men deserve thechance to showcase themselves at mania and this would be the perfect way. Kofialways has big spots in these matches, Miz, Mysterio and Truth could do thesame. The power would come from Sheffield and Clay and the technical abilityfrom del rio and mcintyre. As always this would have the potential to steal theshow and I for one would love to see either Drew or Miz win this.

Match 5

WWE Championship submissionmatch: Chris Jericho vs CM Punk ©

The feud for this match hasbeen well documented and discussed already and looks like it will happen (notthe submission part). Both claim to be the best in the world and what betterway to prove who is truly the best than to make the other tap out. This shouldand probably will be match of the night. Both men are amazing wrestlers andhave the ability to put on a clinic. Being a huge Jericho fan I of course wouldhave Jericho to win but for some reason I think they will have Punk retain.

Match 6

IntercontinentalChampionship: Christian vs Cody Rhodes ©

Talk of Cody vs Dustin arestill in the background but Cody deserves so much more than that. Christianwould be a perfect man to face him and help boost his credibility. Christianwill need a high profile match and that is exactly what the Intercontinentaltitle should be. These 2 both have the ability to put on a great match andrepresent this prestigious belt well. I would love to see Cody retain and tryand follow the example of Steve Austin, retain the belt then forfeit it thefollowing night before announcing pursuit of the world heavyweight championship

Match 7

World HeavyweightChampionship 4-way elimination match: Sheamus vs Barrett vs Orton vs Bryan ©

This has been mentioned as apossibility in another blog but I believe this would be the right way to go. Itwould be a throwback to the main event of Wrestlemania 16 which was a reallygood match. These 4 have all been on a high recently and deserve to be in theposition of a title match at the grandest stage. It would bring conclusion tothe ongoing Barrett/Orton feud and potentially start new ones i.eBarrett/Sheamus Orton/Bryan. I would love to see Wade Barrett given the chanceto shine as champion but if this did happen I could see Sheamus coming out ontop.

Match 8

Undertaker vs Triple H

Well this match seems to be agiven. They have done it twice before and as others have mentioned I am notsure what they could do differently this time. HBK as a special ref would be anice touch but will that be enough to freshen it up? I don’t think so but Ithink that is all they will do. Other bloggers ideas such as Hell in a Cell orLumberjack match with all previous streak victims as lumberjacks (love thisidea) could work but I can’t see anything other than a straight repeat of lastyear. They will never end the streak so Undertaker for the win.

Main Event

John Cena vs The Rock

Well onto the match a year inthe making. To start with this has been dragged out far too long. A lot ofpeople couldn’t care less about this match because they have taken so much timegetting to it. It will be a good match, they are trying to repeat the successof Rock vs Hogan but that won’t happen. IfCena finally does turn heel this will be so much more interesting. SuperCenahas run its course and much like Hogan when he joined the NWO he needs a majorchange. The Rock does not need this but I would love to see him pick up thevictory.

Well that was my take on WM28on how I think it could be a great ppv. Thank you to anyone who takes the timeto read it and any comments or criticisms are welcomed


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  1. jonod's Avatar
    hey, I like this card! Its realistic too, only thing I would change, would be to have the WWE title match higher.
  2. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    Honestly my one hope is that in the elimination chamber its down to PUNK v Y2J, Punk hits G2S on Y2J.... About to win the title and cue Taker, Chokeslam, Tombstone, Y2J gets the surprise pin and Punk is in against Taker....

    Id be happy with the other way round as well - I wont be buying WM at this rate, the matches are all pretty stale - HHH was a bad selection, Sheamus will Squash Bryant, ad Y2J v Punk doesn't bring much either. Its all in my opinion but prefer Sheamus v Y2J or Punk, and the other v Taker
  3. LincolnHawk's Avatar
    I like the card. It's realistic and on paper, it sounds like it could be a really good event. The only matches I would disagree with are Ziggler vs. Swagger based on the fact that I think Ziggler is above the US Championship now. He's not going to be in a match for either of the World titles but I think he should be on the card against a main event guy, as opposed to wrestling for a mid-card championship. In the same light, I don't think Christian should be challenging for the Intercontinental Championship. I think he's above that too!
  4. bartish2's Avatar
    only one problem... fatal four way for the wwe belt? so sheamus' RR victory is basically useless because 2 other stars get in the match regardless? 1 on 1

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