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TNA from Wembly Arena: What we saw last night...

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Hey wrestling faithful. DK Wrestling Savior here with, finally, a report on TNA that is worth writing.

I haven't written anything about TNA recently because, well, it has just sucked. The bleeping out of the "A" word, the holding back and incredibly fake looking chair and chain shots by Bubba Ray Dudley, *yes, I said it*, too much Eric Young and ODB screen time. And everything else just seems to go without direction.

That has all changed last night. What I saw last night was a legitimate wrestling organization put on a professional looking show, in front a huge crowd in England, complete with pops, boos, and chants. Pretty much every match was a good match and the show ran smoothly and showed signs of being big time. It was great to see.

I'm not going to break down everything, just touch on things that were good, and the very few things that were not-so-good.

First, I'll talk briefly about the good. Bubba Ray and Bobby Roode drew awesome heat in the opening segment. Sting also got a major pop. And if you notice, the talking in this segment was smooth and it sounded scripted and not awkward. Things are much more enjoyable when it sounds good. *Michael Cole should take a hint, though he has improved in recent weeks, somewhat*

Loved the pops for the hometown Magnus. It was good to see their clean win over the tag champs, even though there was a ridiculous stipulation. it was still a good match.

I'm a huge fan of the X-Division and Knockouts Division. Both matches were great. Austin Aries is bad ass and it was good to see Tara get the win over Gail Kim. Should make for an interesting title match at Against All Odds. I smell a new Knockouts Champion.

Of course, the Bobby Roode vs Cowboy James Storm was a phenomenal match, only to get ruined at the end. In my opinion, I think this match was better than CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan...*though not by much*.

And of course, Hogan draws the biggest pop of the night. As usual, even at the ripe age of 150, he's still the main man everyone wants to see. Even moreso than Sting, I hate to say it, but it's true. Now I'm sure everyone knew 4 weeks ago when Garret first said he had a trainer, that it was Hulk Hogan, but it was still good to see him back in a special role. Hopefully, they don't overkill it with him.

Okay, even as good a show as it was, there was some bad as well.

First, I'm glad Hogan is still popular but, can they please change that low-budget sounding remix of the NWO music please? It absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, 100% completely SUCKS.

Also, this is a big time show, in front of a legit crowd, an amped up crowd that was rockin, and you didn't have one of your top faces in Jeff Hardy or one of your top heels in Kurt Angle there? You didn't showcase one of you major up and coming stars Gunner in a match, just a segment where Hogan buried him? You didn't have one of your cornerstones in AJ Styles on the show? These are legit pieces to the TNA infrastructure. These are major players in your organization right now and you had an extra segment with Eric and Garret? and a second match with Cowboy James Storm?

These are areas that need to be fixed, not just for a big show in England, but in their weekly format. These are the times where TNA just shows too much residue of trying to be the old WCW. And lots of people like to complain that The Attitude Era is over and never coming back. Well, TNA needs to understand that WCW is gone and never coming back. Impact is not Nitro. In the end, Nitro failed. So why would TNA try to become that?

Overall, TNA is a good company. Or at least, it has the potential to be. They got some big time recognizable names and some awesome young talent surrounding them. The proof is in the seeing. Wembly arena was packed last night and I didn't see one pro-WWE sign or hear one reference to anything that happens in WWE, *for example, no one yelled "What"*. These were TNA fans. And management would realize that there are TNA fans all over the country, if they would just get themselves out of the Impactzone.

I said it before. TNA is a company who's fate is in its own hands. The wrestling world is literally starving for competition. Real competition. Not the second rate minor league stuff we settle for. TNA has to stop following suit with the WWE. Stop worrying about what they're doing, and start setting their own precedent. You can only catch up to your competition if you do something that sets you apart from them. TNA lacks that. They could, they really could, be a legit player in the wrestling business. I saw signs of it yesterday with my own eyes. A big crowd, a big venue, high production value, and a well-formatted show. A big THUMBS UP to TNA.

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone is enjoying their week. So far, it's been a really good wrestling week. Let's hope Smackdown keeps the ball rolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowebin
    Come on...You can do better than sending me some phone video where 4 people say WHAT.
  2. kersh's Avatar
    i wouls like to point out how thry had to really dubb the garrett bishoff segments. the guy was getting boo'd out the building. plus the brilliant "fuck off bishoff" chants
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