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More than Just a Raw Review: Lots of Stuff.

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Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here hoping you all had a great weekend. I enjoyed the Superbowl, and like I'm sick of seeing Cena and Orton in the title picture, I'm sick of seeing The Patriots in the Superbowl and was very happy to see The Giants win.

Okay,k let's jump right in as I have a lot of stuff to talk about here. I'll do my best to not jump all over the place.

First of all, I want to state something that's very important to me and hopefully gives you all an idea of where I'm coming from with my blogs. See, I come on to this site and enjoy reading the blogs, writing my blogs, and some, though very few, actual reports on this site. I don't watch spoilers and I don't read the reports, especially ones from a certain fraudulent writer by the name of Ryan Clark, who is famous mostly for reporting stuff the next day and plays it off like he got some sort of info from somewhere. My favorite was the day after the Royal Rumble, he posted something like this. "A source has indicated that creative plans were to have Sheamus win the Royal Rumble because they wanted to avoid being predictable with Jericho". Now, I don't call that news, I call that, pathetic. And he genuinely deleted my comment stating such. So, with that being said, my point is, I post straight from my thoughts and opinions, along with what I know after 25 years of watching wrestling religiously. So, my posts are backed with only pure passion, not by what's weakly posted on this site.

Now that I got that off my chest, let's talk about some wrestling things that are going on, or possibly going on.

Let me start by saying that I think it's pretty predictable to see that Drew Mcintyre and Santino will become a tag team like Santino vs Vladmir Kozlov did. Whether they'll win the titles or not, remains to be seen, but I'm willing to bet that's what they're going to do with Mcintyre and he'll slowly turn face.

The Elimination Chamber is coming up in two weeks. It doesn't look overly exciting. I guess another Cena vs Kane brawl to kill time will be interesting to see. Since plans for Wrestlemania are already written, there's not much as far as the surprise factor is concerned. I mean, we're gonna have CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the title. I'm sure the WWE is gonna force another Orton/Barrett match down our throats. Big Show might be booked to get buried by yet another celebrity, and it seems there would be a lot of intrigue behind a Cody Rhodes/Goldust match. So, Daniel Bryan will weasel his way out of another one.

Looking at it now, it really seems like Wrestlemania is gonna be pretty weak. I mean, sure we have Cena vs The Rock, but how exciting is that match going to be? The Rock pulls in what, $15 $20 mil per movie. He's not gonna risk that for Wrestling so there won't be anything major as far as high spots in the match. It has intrigue but won't be that great. Big Show vs Shaq is rumored and that would just be a joke. The ladder match should be good and Jericho/Punk should be pretty good. Of course, The Undertaker vs HHH will be good. But I'm sick of Orton/Barrett, I'm sick of Truth/Miz. Sheamus and Bryan will be an average at best match. Wrestlemania might not be so spectacular this year. And it's because of their lack of talent with drawing power.

Okay, time the report on what I thought was a very weak Raw following last week's. I know they can't pull out all the stops each and every week, but they could have had some sense of direction. In my opinion, they didn't do much to add substance to the Jericho/Punk feud. If Johnny Ace was in Connecticut to see the Board of Directors, then why was he on the show tonight? They wasted valuable minutes on two segments with him. R-Truth took a nasty spill. I wonder if he's legitimately hurt. Will they replace him in the Chamber? His head hit hard. He might not be okay to do that match.

Finally, and I want to say this is with the best intentions in mind. I have been getting comments recently by people who are taking the smallest point of my blog, and trying to disprove it. Like I said when I opened this blog, these are my thoughts and opinions. I don't read reports, watch spoilers, and I don't claim to know everything. I write these blogs so people will have something thoughtful and entertaining to read. And I welcome all comments. Just try to be intelligent with them.

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a great week.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    if they were electing an EWN president, you got my vote. Just one sour note: Santino and Drew would make me have a brain hemerage, that is a horrid idea, simply terrible.
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    First off, when it comes to Elimination Chamber, I am unsure if I want to spend the money getting it. I mean, other than the two Chamber matches, and Cena/Kane, I'm getting the feeling the WWE might not list more matches, maybe 1 more, if we are lucky. As for Wrestlemania, I know a lot of things are set in stone, but I think some things aren't. For instance, the World title match. I think that is still up in the air as to what we are going to get. Maybe Bryan vs Sheamus, maybe a triple threat, or maybe even a fatal fourway. I'm hoping for a triple threat. I agree with you on the Show comment, they need something better for him besides facing a celebrity.

    I do agree though, that this weeks Raw was a step backwards from last weeks. I wouldn't say it was a bad show, but I also wouldn't say it was phenomenal. I disagree though on your Punk/Jericho comment. I thought it was a great step forward in their feud. Watching Punk come out, say nothing to Jericho, and just raise the title then walk out, makes me want to see what is going to go down between them next week. Overall DK, decent blog bro
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper
    if they were electing an EWN president, you got my vote. Just one sour note: Santino and Drew would make me have a brain hemerage, that is a horrid idea, simply terrible.
    Thank you for the vote. And yes, Santino and Drew would be a horrible idea. I never said it would be a good thing...Just something I'm predicting because things seem to be pointing at it happening.

    Thanks for reading.
  4. silentq's Avatar
    The only thing I don't agree with is that Sheamus and Bryan being an average match. Mainly because I really don't think that's going to be the match. I feel like Barrett will win this elimination chamber and Sheamus faces Barrett. Orton should be in the MIIB match. I am not sure if he has been in one of those and I would really like to see him RKO somebody off the ladder! I really agree that if the card you said does indeed happen (which it could) WM won't be very good, average at best. I like D Bryan, but I just don't like this run. He is too good of a wrestler to throw him into the whiny little rat champion that gets the DQ every match.

    Anyways, good read. You are an intelligent person
  5. AJ1981's Avatar
    I know what you mean about the reporting on this site. What I love is Ryan or someone posts an "exclusive" and then the inevitable excuse when it doesn't happen e.g Mason Ryan will start being pushed at the rumble > Officials thought it wouldn't do anything for him, Why Sheamus won the rumble > Using a 2 and a half year old interview with Triple H as the reason, The Miz will face CM Punk at the rumble > The Miz lost his spot because it was his fault the Survivor Series buyrate was low. It just makes me laugh
  6. chato's Avatar
    As soon as I started reading this blog, I sensed a lot of negativity. I thought it was just going to be a lot of complaining and moaning. I almost stopped reading the blog, but I continued. It was a decent blog but I pretty much had heard everything on this blog on other blogs and forums. Anyways decent job DX WrestlingSavior.

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