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The New Four Horseman. Who Would it be?

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[B]Leader:[/B] Sheamus
[B]Enforcer:[/B] Wade Barrett
[B]Manager:[/B] William Regal
[B]Ladies Man/Treasurer:[/B] Drew McIntyre

Now for those of you that have played the first part of Road to WrestleMania in WWE '12, you may recognize the members as the members of The United Kingdom stable. I think they should bring this stable out of the game and have it in real life but renamed The NEW European Four Horseman.

TNA did this with their wrestler, Suicide. They created him in the game and then took him out and introduced him as a real wrestler with several wrestlers portraying him such as Kaz, Daniels and Kiyoshi.

First of all, turn Sheamus heel. He is much better as a heel and it suits him. He is just one of those guys who should never be a face. Next, end Drew McIntyre's losing streak. Have him win an All or Nothing match, in which, if he loses once more, he is fired for good. Have him win that match, a few other jobber matches, some on Superstars and gradually build him up and climb the ladder of success. Finally, bring William Regal back as a manager and part time wrestler and stop him from being a commentator.

[B]Regal and Barrett: [/B]Maybe have Regal start managing Barrett and have them team up now and again. Then have Barrett and Regal become No. 1 Contenders to the WWE Tag Team titles.

[B]McIntyre: [/B]Drew starts winning time after time and eventually gets upset wins over superstars like Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel Jackson, Zack Ryder and even Randy Orton. Drew then becomes No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

[B]Sheamus: [/B]As Sheamus continues to win matches every week, he starts to complain that SmackDown has run out of competition and starts appearing on RAW. He gets wins over superstars like Chris Jericho, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Then shortly after, he gets a big win over CM Punk. Punk goes to extend his hand out and Sheamus shakes it. But then he cheap shots him from behind and pummels him. He then knocks him out with the ring steps, finalizing his heel turn. Sheamus continues to dominate some more and gets involved in a small feud with the World Heavyweight Champion, whoever it may be.

[B][B]The Formation: [/B][/B]Sheamus then wins a battle royal to become No. 1 Contender for the championship after he and Barrett are the final two men left standing. Regal comes up from behind and tries to cheap shot Sheamus, but Sheamus sees it coming and sidesteps. He then goes for the Brogue Kick but Barrett steps in. Sheamus halts and stares Barrett and Regal down. They lock eyes for about 10 seconds. Barrett looks around and so does Sheamus. Barrett and Sheamus then smirk at each other and shake hands. Regal has a look of confusion on his face but then smirks back and shakes Sheamus' hand. Regal raises Barrett and Sheamus' arms up and then they leave the ring.

One week later, Sheamus reveals themselves to be the newest alliance in WWE. Barrett says that as long as they stick together, they can accomplish things no one would ever think of. Regal says that they look to go to great heights. Regal goes on about how his not the youngest wrestler and may not have long left with his career and he should make the most of what he has left. Sheamus then concludes that they will be better then DX, better then Evolution and they could even be better than the Four Horseman.

Drew McIntyre then comes out. He says that we have four of the toughest wrestlers from Europe in WWE in the one spot. He then says that they could be known as the NEXT Four Horseman. Maybe even the first European Four Horseman, but first they have to let him into the group. He then says that the ring is filled with the No. 1 Contenders to the Top 3 Championships in WWE. Regal then interrupts and says he's right. Regal says that all four men have their respected title matches at the upcoming Pay Per View, whatever it may be. Drew says that if they let him into the group, they could make history quicker than any other faction. They could be more powerful than The Original Four Horseman and D-Generation X combined.

Sheamus, Barrett and Regal consult in the corner. Sheamus then grabs Drew by the shirt and has a mad look on his face. He then lets him go and extends his hand. Drew shakes it and laughs with Sheamus. Sheamus raises his arm up high. Drew shakes Barrett and Regal's hands and Sheamus grabs the mic again. He officially announces the group as the NEW European Four Horseman.

[B][U]The Title Matches[/U][/B]
A couple of weeks later at the PPV, which was SummerSlam, all four members of the EFH win the titles.

[B]Intercontinental Championship: [/B]Drew won the Intercontinental Championship for the second time by beating then-champion Justin Gabriel. In the end, Barrett and Regal come out. Regal distracts the referee. Barrett slides the Intercontinental Championship belt to Drew while Gabriel knocks Regal off the apron. The referee then tends to Barrett as Gabriel goes to the top for the 450 Splash but Drew sits up, tucking the title away, unbeknownst to Gabriel. Gabriel instead goes for a Diving Axehandle but Drew clocks Gabriel in the face with the belt in mid-air. Drew covers and gets the win and the title.

[B][B]WWE Tag Team Championship: [/B][/B]Regal and Barrett become the new tag team champs after defeating the then-champions Daniel Bryan and Mason Ryan. They double team Bryan by hitting a Wasteland/Knee Trembler Combo. Regal shoves Bryan off the top rope and into the guard rail. Barrett picks Mason Ryan up on his shoulders and pulls him backward. Regal knees him in the head and Barrett slams him down. Barrett covers and they win the tag titles.

[B][B]World Heavyweight Championship: [/B][/B]Sheamus is the final member to win their title match. Sheamus wins the World Title after beating then-champion Christian. This match was No Disqualification. In the end, all the members of The New Four Horseman come out and hit their finishers on Christian. Drew hits the Future Shock DDT. Barrett picks Christian up and holds him by his arms. Regal dashes and levels him with a Knee Trembler and Barrett then follows up with Wasteland. Drew, Regal and Barrett hold him up and Sheamus charges and nails the Brogue Kick. Sheamus taunts the fans as Christian lies in the ring unconscious. The other 3 members stand on different sides of the ring aprons as Sheamus picks Christian up again. He drags him to the corner, lifts him up and hits a huge High Cross. Sheamus puts once foot over Christian’s chest and the ref counts 3, giving Sheamus the World Heavyweight Championship.

The following Friday, the New Four Horseman come out with their championships. They climb on all four corner turnbuckles and hold up their belts. They meet in the middle of the ring and Sheamus takes the microphone.

Sheamus introduces himself as the new World Heavyweight Champion and says that The European Four Horseman made history quicker than any other faction in WWE history.
Regal grabs the mic and introduce himself as one half of the new WWE Tag Team Champions. He says to the crowd that the most powerful and dominant force in WWE is within their presence. He then passes the microphone to Wade Barrett.

Barrett first introduces himself as the other half of the new WWE Tag Team Champions. He then goes on about how he led a powerful group called The Nexus. He then says that the European Four Horseman will be twice as more powerful than The Nexus ever was.

And finally, Drew. He takes the mic and introduces himself as the NEW Two-Time Intercontinental Champion. He then reminds the fans that 1 year ago; they thought he would never be as dominant as he was back in 2009 and 2010. Drew then holds the title up again and screams out that he made it back to the championship picture.

Sheamus takes the mic again and says that The NEW European Four Horseman will be the most dominant stable in the history of wrestling for years to come. He then drops the microphone.

The EFH hold their titles up again and then leave the ring.


[B]Leave your comments below but please, DON’T start anything and keep any negative remarks to yourself. Thank you.[/B]

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  1. wcwfan402's Avatar
    I like Barrett and Regal roles, but I think that Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler would be much better. Ziggler as the Flair role, Barrett as the Anderson role, and Cody Rhodes is comparable to Tully. Regal would fit awesome in the JJ Dillion role.
  2. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Don't like it.
  3. Sydnister's Avatar
    I can just see it now... WWE Presents the NEW FOUR HORSEMEN!!! *click* What's on Pawn Stars?
  4. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I can just see it now... WWE Presents the NEW FOUR HORSEMEN!!! *click* What's on Pawn Stars?
    I couldn't agree more brother. In fact I'll call it exactly what it would be" BLASPHEME''!!
  5. ozfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pjpjr6
    Don't like it.
    There's a difference between a prediction and an opinion. Mine was an opinion and I stick by it. You don't like it, then go away
  6. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    If you think back a few years bro the WWE already had a Horsemen type of faction. It was called Evolution. Triple H was the leader & WHC, Randy Orton was the young cocky brash, to good for his own good, good looking pretty boy, Batista was the muscle & Ric Flair was....well Ric Flair the world travelled expert who had seen it all and done it all. There would be no need to try to triplicate this success. The greatest version of the Horsemen is HOF bound, thats enough for their fans.
  7. Cobra's Avatar
    Not trying to bash your opinion and I think you put together some names for a pretty dominate stable. However I just don't see the Four Horsemen in them. Also the thing about the Horsemen is they been reinvented multiple times. Some of those times, IMO, tarnished the legacy that had already been created.
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