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IWC vs. The common wrestling fan

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Hey everyone this is Kaisered, and I'll be writing to you my first blog hope you guys hate it and bash me with your thoughts on why I am wrong.

I do not know if this kind of topic has ever been made since I have not been a long time in the EWN. My topic is as stated by the title the differences between the common wrestling fan and the IWC. Let me begin my complaints, I mean my research.

Although I just recently created myself an account with EWN I have been reading the spoilers, blogs, and things that the IWC likes to say. I, in all my proper judgement consider myself a hybrid between the two factions, and I believe I can write about how both are in instances very different from each other.
(side note from here on the common wrestling fan will now just be called fan and IWC will now be an Ifan)
So here it is:

When a fan is watching Raw he does not know what is going to happen, although that person may have an idea of where story-lines are going that person does not know how they are going to be worked out and for how long and that is if they work out.

When an I-fan is watching Raw he knows has a more thorough idea of what is going to happen on the show, but the more that person knows the more repetitive the show becomes and therefore starts complaining about how story-lines that were set to happen did not and how story-lines last for too long.

When a fan is following a feud that person gets exited by the fact that the person does not know for how long a story-line will last. I have seen that many fans tend to agree that a long feud is very entertaining.

When an I-fan is following a feud that person has a tendency of caring how long it lasts because if it runs for too long it gets boring and repetitive, but if it is too short they complain that the feud was cut and that it just did not look good.

When a fan is following a feud he wants the wrestler (superstar) whom he likes more to win the feud and move on to better things and he simply does not care for who the other superstar is.

An I-fan doing the same thing cares about both superstars. He wants to see both superstars get over and that none of the two get buried by the other one.

A fan will only cheer for a heel when he sees that the heel is doing something cool or that the face character facing him is not good enough.

An I-fan will cheer for any heel as long as they find potential on him no matter who he is facing or his status in the card.

A fan likes to watch the guys that can tell them a story although he enjoys matches with big spots. Overall they prefer a talker rather than someone who can wrestle to perfection. (examples Miz Cena Ted Dibiase Sr.)

An I-fan prefers the guys who can go for the big spots on the matches but every once in a while enjoy the good talkers. Overall they prefer a guy who although is lacking on mic skills is a good wrestler. (Daniels Swagger Barreta)

A fan stops watching wrestling when his hero retires or when there are other priorities in his life than watching wrestling.

An I-fan likes to read the spoilers for the tapped matches and from there decide whether to watch the shows or not.

After this long rant, I will state my thoughts over the rumble and raw. I believe that although this rumble was not as big as last years this year it had those things that make people have a good laugh and be into the thing especially when it was hard to define who was to win between Jericho and Sheamus. About raw I will say best raw since the summer of punk, why, because when you stop watching spoilers for the shows and just sit back and relax the show is much more fun to watch. As an I-fan I recognize that it is fun to watch the spoilers but as a fan I way prefer not to know what is going to happen and get surprised about it.

I hope I made logical sense to you guys. If there are any comments feel free to hate, I mean comment. Have a great day and I hope I did not offend any of you with my OPINIONS.

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  1. Jags's Avatar
    Not going to bash this blog, it makes sense. Let's bash spoilers instead :-).
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    I consider myself an "Ifan", but I don't ever read the spoilers. Good thoughts, though
  3. knox's Avatar
    I feel like the "Smarks" belong i their own category. You have "Common Wrestling Fans", "The IWC" and "The Smarks".

    Smarks are the ones that are completely negative and complain about everything the WWE does, yet they still watch Raw every week. That's basically the gist. They're the ones that complain saying such quotes as "I'm never watching WWE again" and then after the next week's Raw you see their comments in the threads. Those are the fans I hate.
  4. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    the things are ptretty much as you said it, no breakthought here , as knox said too they're pepople qho complain about everything, complainer gonna complain
  5. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Good blog mate. I myself hate the spoilers, and don't read them, but I do like giving predictions on where storylines and fueds are gonna go.
  6. Zekic's Avatar
    I am pretty much i fan,tough i read all news but spoilers,i cant watch Even the same night it happens so till i watch it i dont go into EWN/Face book
  7. Kaisered's Avatar
    Good one I think maybe next time I will talk only about the "smarks"

    Thanks for the comments
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