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WWE Presents: Elimination Chamber 2012 Ideal Match Card

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Greetings Guys,

Sunday Night's Royal Rumble was a great show, and it was a great way to kick off "The Road To Wrestlemania XXVIII."

While we are on the road to South Beach, we still have a PPV in between, Elimination Chamber. How is WWE going to book this Pay-Per-View? This is how I would do it.

Ringside Commentators:
Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Ring Announcer:
Tony Chimel

Match Card:

01: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Cody Rhodes vs. Alex Riley

This would be a great opener for the show, two great mid-carders that can put on a great match. Cody would win, then after the match, he gets taunted by Goldust.

02: WWE Tag-Team Championship Match:
Primo and Epico vs. Mason Ryan and Eziekial Jackson
This would be a good Tag-Team match. Since Big Ziek is hardly used on TV anymore, I believe himself and Ryan would make a great Tag-Team. Would be a good mid-card match for Pay-Per-View.

03: Elimination Chamber Match For The WWE Diva's Championship:
Beth Pheonix vs. Eve vs. Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn vs. Natalya vs. Tamina
Beth would win one of the most physical Diva's matches WWE has seen in a while. Afterward, Kharma would come out, play a mind game on her, and set up Beth vs. Kharma for the strap at Mania.

04: Extreme Rules Match:
John Cena vs. Kane
This will be physical, no doubt about it. It will go on for about 15-25 Mins. Then The Rock plays a mind game on Cena which would give Kane the win. Cena will defiantly embrace the hate as he doesn't avenge Ryder. It would look like when Cena played a mind game with Big Show and cost Show his match with Batista on RAW in 2009.

05: Elimination Chamber Match For The WWE Championship:
CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. Chris Jericho
This would set up Punk-Jericho at Mania. Either one of those two would win it. Then we would get the 1-on-1 match between the two for the WWE Championship. That should be the 2nd best match of WM28 behind Cena-Rock.

06: Elimination Chamber Match For The World Heavyweight Championship:
Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show vs. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. Ted DiBiase
Bryan would win, final two should be himself and The Big Show. While Bryan celebrates, Sheamus' music hits and he and Bryan stare each other down to end the show.

My revised updated Wrestlemania XXVIII card will be up shortly. Tell me your thoughts, and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    From your card, I assume this was either written before spoilers came out, or you haven't read them yet/don't read them, so I wont spoil it for you, but Dibiase isn't in the chamber, nor should he be considering he hasn't done shit since he left Legacy. But the rest of the card is probably about what it'll end up being, but idk how I feel about Ryan and Zeke as a team team...although they could be called "The Green Team"
  2. n2winlisa's Avatar
    Alex Riley is no mid-carder, is he Low-tier guy along with Ted Dibiase and most of the former Next stars
  3. bearkg88's Avatar
    While i realize this is your opinion of how the card would look, I don't see a lot of the matches happening. The EC match with the diva's, I doubt the E would do something like that, (it would be entertaining though), as well as Rhodes v Riley, as like n2winlisa said, Riley isn't even at the point to challenge for IC title. I know there was rumblings of Zeke and Ryan getting pushes again, and while they might become a tag team, I don't see them challenging Epico and Primo.
  4. TaylorWestfall's Avatar
    the wwe barely trust their divas to wrestle in a normal ring, never mind a chamber. seems like, by watching recently, that Gabriel is heading for an IC title shot which doesn't bother me at all. He does well for the WWE. He trends worldwide constantly every friday night on twitter and was even the #1 trend one week. he's not too bad in the ring either. + i could really see Beth Pheonix against Trish Stratus at mania this year. Also what's with Booker being dropped from the commentary team? poor guy

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