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KanevsCena analysis

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kane cena feud and what the ending will probably look like
Analysis of kane vs cena feud
where it is at right now: with kane and cena match resulting in a double count-out at the Royal Rumble and kane getting the final hit tombstoning ryder and chokeslamming cena it looks as if cena has finally embaraced the hate by attacking kane on the last monday night raw.

two scenarios to end it:
1)superman cena typically wins again. Downside:again kane is put in the back seat like the rest of his career that vince has misused him so bad

2)kane wins and makes cena embracing the hate with cena most likely being heel for this wm. Downside: vince will not let his posterboy lose and this option is unlikely unless vince is smart and makes the storyline follow through.

How i would like the feud to end:
Kane wins and makes cena embrace the hate

what REALLY should happen:
Since the result of this feud would be damaging to both guys(yes even cena, even though i couldnt care, i still have to take in vinces opinion to base my decision off of) the only way i can see this feud ending besides kane winning is the rock interfering in kane vs cena at elimination chamber and costing cena the match making him truly embrace the hate and be ready for wrestlemania. Fueling the fight.

That is just my opinion, but how do you see this feud ending?

next blog: the rock vs cena wrestlemania and who should win and why

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  1. maar13's Avatar
    Actually Cena losing makes him more good than what meets the eye, how come? It actually make's him an underdog coming to his match with The Rock, even if he doesn't embrace the Hate, he will be like Rocky trying to make a comeback on that match. The Rock will seem like someon who will ran through Cena like he is a shell of himself but in the end like a true Underdog he can put up a fight and maybe even win the match with out the whole crowd really earing him appart.
  2. Viking's Avatar
    How do you know vinces opinion? Do you know him? Or is it on a dirtsheet?
  3. KillroyWW2's Avatar
    can someone please tell me how to post a blog?
  4. dres1214's Avatar
    I like your analysis. I have a feeling that SuperCena will win this fued. Vinnie Mac won't let the poster boy lose. His Rise Above Hate shirt was made for this fued it seems like.
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    I do agree, i think the best way to end this feud would be if Kane won, but after The Rock interferes and costs Cena the win. I get Rock has his movie he needs to promote, but i was hoping after the rumble we'd start getting a build up to WM, and kind of bummed we aren't
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Super Cena will probably win. though, putting Cena on a big time losing streak leading into his feud building w/ The Rock, would be smart because they can always put a spin on it like "Cena's Embracing The Hate" or "Cena's under pressure because of his match with The Rock". Either way, Kane is a bridge to The Rock. Unless he actually gets involved in the feud directly, *the feud, NOT the WM match itself*, he will go straight to the back seat again.

    Good Stuff.
  7. AndyWonder's Avatar
    This feud is now confusing to me because last I knew, Kane was trying to get Cena to hate the fans who hate him. Kane beating up fan favorite Zack Ryder isn't doing it for me IMO.

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