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The Daily Five - Undertaker Returns

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Hello all and welcome to edition 3 of The Daily Five.

In honour of the world wide mark out that happened last night on raw The Daily Five will be looking at the top five returns of the phenom himself.

Summerslam - 1994
Background - The Undertaker faced Yokozuna in a casket match at the 1994 Royal Rumble which was lost by the deadman when every bad man came out to lock him in the casket. A 'spirit figure' of the deadman appeared after the match to prophecise his return. He did come back with Ted Dibiase which was later shown to be an imposter.....this led to the deadmans return at Summerslam 1994.

Build To Wrestlemania 14
Background - At the Royal Rumble 1998 Takers younger brother Kane had turned on him and locked him in a casket which he then set alight while the deadman was locked inside. When the casket was opened however Taker had vanished. He returned just before Wrestlemania 14 to show his younger brother you can never kill what is already dead!!

The American Bad Ass Begins
Background - The Undertaker had previously been in line with the McMahon's during the corporate ministry days but after being out for sometime with a groin injury The Undertaker returned to claim his yard back from the McMahon/Helmsley faction.

Summerslam 2010

Background - During 2010 due to injuries we were told that The Undertaker had been found in a vegetative state and Mysterio and Kane both accused each other of the attack. During their casket match at 2010 Summerslam Kane opened the casket to put Rey in it only to reveal it was already occupied by Taker.

February 2011 - HHH feud
Background - After the Nexus had helped Kane win a match against his brother Taker was not seen again for months. Promos aired of Taker standing by an old house and showed a date of 2-21-11. Taker returned that night on Raw only to have his return cut short by the return of HHH who had also been absent for 11 month. Both stared down before looking towards the Wrestlemania sign showing what was to come.

One thing to say is that The Undertaker is definitely the king of the comebacks with some of the most well thought out and entertaining combacks in WWE history.

Long live the deadman.

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  1. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    How could you forget his greatest return??

    After years as the American badass, he finally came back in the original deadman gimmick to face Kane at Wrestlemania XX. That was one of my biggest mark out moments at the time.
    Updated 01-31-2012 at 08:18 PM by Muzza_H16
  2. Tall's Avatar
    Yeah the return at WrestleMania XX deserves to be on the list. The return in 2000 as the American Badass is the wrong video though. He actually returned at Judgement Day and got one of the loudest pops I've heard watching WWE.

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