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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts The Good, The Bad, The Impartial

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The Monday after the rumble, and what a show. Let's get right into it shall we?

The Impartial

Brodus Clay
I like Brodus. I like that he has a unique gimmick. I think he can get himself over pretty well with it. He has reached a point though. Squash matches are not doing anything for him. He needs to cut a promo, focus on some superstar, start a feud..SOMETHING! If not, he risks the possiblity of becoming pointless. Some might deny it, but come on, how long can Clay go on just squashing superstars. He needs something, and he needs something quick. If it doesn't change soon for the Funkasaurus, he will end up in the bad section of this raw review. His match with Reks...1/5..basic squash

Mike Tyson into HOF
I have never been a boxing fan, so other than what I've heard of Tyson, he isn't a big deal to me. I get why the E is inducting him, but as far as I am concerned, it's not something I look at negatively, nor is it something I look at positively. It's whatever.

Divas Match
This was a squash match pure and simply put. It helped Beth though with her whole "most dominate champion" and showed Eve as emotionally unstable considering her storyline. My guess, and hope is Trish returns to feud with Pheonix, leading to a match at Wrestlemania which i would thoroughly enjoy. I am not going to rate this match, simply because there wasn't anything to it.

The Good

William Regal
Not going to lie, I was annoyed by the fact they did a super short segment with Johnny talking to people in the back, BUT! the highlight was Regal. Seriously, him talking about his conjoined twins, and locking them in the attic, literally had me laughing my ass off. They need to use Regal more, because he is gold.

Opening Raw Segment/Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk match
The opening segment was something I really enjoyed. When Johnny announced Bryan v Punk, I was really expecting we would get some kind of cheap finish, which...meh..we kind of did, BUT, to me it was all worth it. My guess is this is the ground work for Punk/Jericho..maybe I am wrong, but I hope not. The match itself, was awesome in my opinion. I think a feud between Bryan and Punk a little later on could be huge, and their matches would be epic. For the match quality, I am going to say 4/5 and would love to see them go at it again.

Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton
Here is my thought. You have Orton returning to his first 1 on 1 match since injury, and you have Ziggler who is coming off a loss to Punk. Which person makes more sense to have lose. Honestly, I could have seen it go either way. The match itself, was decent. I am glad to see Orton back in the ring, and really hope at some point this year we see him become a heel again, as heel Orton, is 10x better than face Orton. The point where Ziggler was at the top of the turnbuckle laying, and Orton turned Zigglers head to Vicki and gave that sadistic smile, priceless. Ziggler seriously needs to get rid of Vicki. Other than her constant screaming and hollering, she is no use to him anymore. She doesn't get him heat, she doesn't do anything for him as a mouth piece, she is a dead weight. Let her focus on Swagger, or even focus on Swagger and get another client after Ziggles goes away from her. The match itself i would say is 3/5. Not bad, not great, just good. My favorite line from the commentators this match, The King "Don't look at Vicki Guerrero if you can help it, she'd give Freddy Kreuger nightmares". Best line of the match haha.

Miz vs Kofi Kingston
This match, to me, wasn't anything spectacular. The last few minutes, the back and forth fast paced action was great to see, and in my opinion helped save this match, but the shining moment from this match, R Truth on commentary. I have literally not laughed this hard in a while. Just listening to Truth going back and forth with Cole and King, pure gold. Kuods to Kofi on the win heading into Elimination Chamber. I'd say this match was 3/5.

As Eve came out, I thought to my self, "Wow...nearly two hours in and almost over, and no Cena or Kane yet..something has to happen" Even after the match when Kane came over the titantron i thought to myself "I wonder if we will see Cena tonight", and I am glad we did. Was it just me, or was there far less boos than usual for Cena? Seeing Cenas aggressive side more so tonight, was gold. I was so hoping Cena would FU Kane through the announce table, but it made sense he didnt. I've read reports that at EC it will be Kane/Cena in some kind of stipulation. Keep Ryder out..don't involve him in anyway. I'm sorry, but let's just focus this now on Cena and Kane from now to EC. This has become a feud I am looking forward to seeing what they do next week.

Final Raw Segment
Not going to lie, I wasn't feeling it at first, but when HHH hinted at inducting Johnny into the Kiss My Ass club. Watching Johnny put on the chapstick and then get on his knees, hearing Hunters lines, and then nearly canning Johnny, only to be interrupted by the Deadman, great stuff. Was it just me, or was Takers eyes getting all watery?

And with that, Raw has come to a close. but I will say this. Now more than ever I am excited for all of the Raws leading up to Elimination Chamber, as well as Wrestlemania. Tonights Raw has been another step in the right direction of quality stuff. Until next week, I look forward to reading peoples thoughts and opinions, and hope you enjoy reading.

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Great Raw, third week in a row too. Only thing I disliked was Brodus. Not because it was a squash, or because of his gimmick, but as you said he does these twice a week and they're already stale. They did the right thing by making him a fresh face, now it's time to do the right thing and give him something to do other than making wrestlers who deserve a push look even shittier. Good blog bro, keep up the good work.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    It was a great Raw. I think you might be over-reacting when you say "another" step in the right direction, because the last few weeks were pretty just that. WEAK. Let's hope they keep it rolling.
  3. blink's Avatar
    I want to have sex with you!
  4. Krag's Avatar
    Nice review and analysis.
    They need to use Regal more, because he is gold.

    Indeed: him and, if I may: Goldust.

  5. tchocky360's Avatar
    Enjoyed reading the blog again, agree pretty much on everything, especially about seeing another Punk/Bryan match.
    If I have one problem though is your using impartial as a headline for things you are indifferent about, impartial means even-handed or without bias.
    Your blog is impartial, but that section isn't. (I hate myself for complaining about that but it's the only problem I have with an otherwise awesome blog)
  6. Zekic's Avatar
    R-Truth for commenting!
    "i dont talk about little jimmy. I talk to little jimmy" gotta love this guy
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    DK, i disagree, i think the last few raws have been decent, and i think the raws going into Ec and Wm will each week step up the game. Tchocky360, i see your point, and will keep that in mind. Zekic, yeah R truth was great on commentary. that for me was the top comedic moment(s) on Raw, right behind it was Regal backstage haha

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