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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts The Good, The Bad, and The Indifferent

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So after one comment last week, I decided to change the title of my weekly Raw review from Impartial to Indifferent, because the person made a good point. Now, onto the review. Let's get the bad out of the way first shall we.

The Bad

No Raw only matches for the first hour and a half
So I am sitting here thinking "Is today friday? It can't be friday..I'm not at work, so why am I really only seeing Smackdown superstars in matches" Yes I know Otunga was in a match, but I don't really consider him a wrestler(personally I think they need to stop putting him in the ring, and just use him as on screen figure of some kind). Look at last weeks Raw. You had Ziggler vs Orton, Bryan vs Punk, The Miz vs Kofi Kingston, Eve vs Beth Pheonix. This Raw, we have had Big Show vs Daniel Bryan, Sheamus vs David Otunga, Orton/Khali vs Rhodes/Barret, the 8 women tag match, and the Six Pack Challenge. Now I have never been a big fan of the whole Raw Supershow, but I can see the need/point of it. Keep it to 1, SD vs SD match on Raw. Otherwise mix it up and have Sd star vs Raw star, that seems to be a good formula.

8 Women Royal Rumble Rematch
Ok WWE...fool us once...shame on you...fool us twice..what do you think we are stupid? They have this dud of a match at the Rumble, and instead of, oh..trying to develop their divas, they are just going to give us a rematch of a dud. Did someone in the back come up with the formula of, well if one diva vs another diva is less than good, maybe if we make it 4 divas vs another 4, it will come out good...wrong! I get the feeling we are going to get a Tamina vs Pheonix feud. I could dig that, if they give it time and don't rush it. Only time will tell I guess.

The Indifferent

Sheamus vs David Otunga
I am all for giving Sheamus air time, getting him out to everyone and gaining more fans each week leading up to WM, but honestly, who didn't think this was a squash match as soon as you realized it was Sheamus facing Otunga. At first when Justin Roberts announced HHH said Otunga would be in a match, i was fully expecting Brodus Clay to come out, but I am also very glad he didn't. Like I said last week, I am glad Brodus Clay has a gimmick, and he is going to get stale unless they send him in a direction, and I think the E did the right thing of keeping him off Raw if they didn't have anything for him. Anyways, I was indifferent to this match, because other than to put Sheamus over more(which can you really do that with Otunga), I didn't see a point. I will admit the one highlight was when Sheamus just unleashed forearms on Otunga in the ropes. I don't know why, but I think that just makes any match better. Anyways, 1/5 for this match, nothing special or remarkable.

Orton/Khali vs Rhodes/Barrett
Ok..I need to get this off my chest...why Khali...why why why!? Why is he back. Why is he in the rumble. He has never entertained me, nor can he do anything of worth in the ring. I honestly tried thinking of who they could put in, in his place, and asides from Mark Henry who is out healing, and Christian who should be back at any point, there really isn't anyone on SD. That is kind of sad they don't have any other talents who are over enough that could be in the EC match and not seem out of place. Anyways, onto this match. This one really didn't catch my eye. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't entertaining. The friction between Orton and Khali was different from a normal tag match, which I think going into EC is a good thing. I would say this match, 2/5.

No John Cena
Now i know some people will want to point out that Cena was in a backstage segment with the nascar driver, but we really didn't have any Cena. No development in his feud with Kane(on his end), just nothing. I mean, I think in some aspects it was refreshing not having Cena, but I am sure a bunch of kids and die hard Cena fans were missing him. I was hoping to see him, simply to see where he would go next with the "embrace the hate" idea.

The Good

Daniel Bryan vs Big Show
I was surprised to see AJ out for this match, but it makes sense and it fit perfectly I think. The match wasn't anything stellar. I did enjoy the ending though, as well as Bryans promo afterwards. Bryan is really coming into his skin as heel, and I can't wait to see what he says/does next. I hope Bryan keeps the World title atleast until Wrestlemania. I would give this match a 2/5.

Opening Segment/Backstage Segment(HHH)
At first, I wasn't feeling HHH's promo, but, as he went about it, I found it pretty entertaining. Top it all off with the Taker video, and I thought this was a good way to start Raw. Then we have the backstage segment with Johnny and Trips, and I got some chuckles from it I would say. I was also glad to see that it is looking like Cena vs Kane at EC in an Ambulance match. I am looking forward to HHH/Taker 3. We all know Taker will win, but I will still be ont he edge of my seat with each near fall.

Chris Jericho Promo
FINALLY! HE TALKED! Everyone has been bitching about how Jericho hasn't said anything, and then the E dropped the ball by having him say one sentence, and then not win the rumble. I know a few people were saying Jericho was trolling people, just screwing with them, and they were right. Kudos to them. I feel like a lot of the stuff from Jerichos promos before his return have been answered. The only one that I don't think was answered was who is she. Is it Stephanie? I mean Jericho brought her up in his promo. Then when Punk came out, and did to Jericho, what Jericho has been doing to all of us, great way to end the promo IMO. I really think things with heat up between the two of them after the chamber.

Kane Ending
I really enjoyed Kanes promo. I saw another persons blog where they said Kane should talk less, and I disagree. i think Kane is a good talker. When I realized they were in the womens lockerroom, I had this creepy stalker feeling from seeing Kane like that, and I think that is a great thing. What better way to keep Kane going then to get under peoples skin. I can't wait to see what he does next week.

6 Pack...Er...5 Pack Challenge
To start off with, damn on truth and his nasty spill. I watched that and thought "....that has to hurt like a sum bitch". The actually match, was decent. Definitely glad they had this be the last match of the show. Some of the spots, definitely made the night better. Plus Jericho picking up the win, and then sitting in the ring with the WWE title, I think is great for a build up to Punk/Jericho at Mania. I hope Truth didn't legit get hurt, because I don't know who else they could throw in to replace him in the Chamber match. I would give this match 3/5.

Compared to last week, this show was a step backwards, not forwards. It wasn't a horrible, or even bad show. it was ok. I would give this show 2.5/5. I really hope they step it up 10x for the go home show next week, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for HBK. I hope everyone enjoyed reading, and I look forward to your thoughts and comments. Keep and eye out as later this week, I am going to put out a blog titled, WWE: The Positive Side

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Good blog man, feels weird not doing this blog anymore so I'll toss a few cents in if ya don't mind. I didn't notice the Smackdown thing until you said it but damn you're right. Seems like they REALLY need to do a draft or end the whole thing anyway if they're going to do stuff like that. I agree with what you said about taking a step back. This Raw wasn't awful but it wasn't good and kind of dragged at points. I don't mind Tamina but I think her and Natayla's roles need to be reversed...minus the one needs to be doing that. HHH was decent and I'll be ok with him and Taker again I long as it delivers. And last but not least I'm fully enjoying Punk/Jericho already, can't wait to see where they go with this. Ok Raw, if you missed it you didn't miss much other than Jericho/Punk and HHH/Taker really.
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    Yeah, I didn't notice it until we got to the Divas match and i actually start writing the blog, i was like "Wait a second...this doesn't seem right". I mean, I am all for having stars appear on opposite shows as we head to Mania, but if they are going to do that, have interbrand matches so that we might get a taste of match ups after Mania if there is a draft you know? I am all for giving Natalya air time..but seriously get away from the farts. Turn her face and have her feud with Beth. Those would be some good matches. Thanks for the two cents bro

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