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The Daily Five - Top 5 Royal Rumble Wins

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Hi all and welcome to the second edition of 'The Daily Five'.

As we revel in the aftermath of the Royal Rumble we are going to look at the top 5 Royal Rumble wins.

A Royal Rumble win means a lot, it means the WWE has faith in you, that you are now at the top and it means the you have attained a prestige you have looked for from the beginning. However how you win the Rumble can also be an important factor in how your are perceived after you win.

Royal Rumble 1994 - Lex Lugar & Bret 'The Hitman' Hart
Never before had the Rumble been so shocked by an ending to the Rumble then when Lugar and Hart both went over the top rope at the same and were declared joint winners of the Rumble.

Royal Rumble 1995 - Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels did the impossible and in 1995 when he entered in the number 1 position and lasted all the way until the end a feat that only Ric Flair had come close to in 1992 when he entered at 3 and won. When Shawn was thrown over the rope by the British Bulldog everyone thought it was over but Michaels came back with an incredible feat of agility to win the match.

Royal Rumble 2002 - HHH
Finally 'The Game' accomplished on of the feats that alluded him through his career. In shades of 1995 Kurt Angle though he had won when he threw HHH over the ropes only for Hunter to hold on, he then came in and hit the facebuster followed by a clothesline over the top to win

Royal Rumble 2010 - Edge
After 8 months out the R-Rated superstar made a surprise return at the 2010 rumble to a massive ovation and went on to win. This propelled him to the major leagues where he stayed until his retirement.

Royal Rumble 2012 - Sheamus
Although not yet a classic as this has only just happened the sheer shock of Sheamus winning over the dead cert Y2J was brilliant, the look on Sheamus's face was priceless as the realisation of what he had just done.

Although such greats as Flair and Austin did not appear on this list I do believe the above is the top 5 Rumble wins.

As always feel free to comment below any agreement or disagreement.

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  1. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Where's Mysterio? a record appearance time, a tribute win to Eddie, and a much deserved win for a hard worker.
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    I agree. I like your list bro, but kind of bummed no Mysterio or no Benoit. Not a bad list bro, and I can see why you chose them
  3. bearsfantildeath's Avatar
    look, im NO cena fan, and i personally told him he sucks D**K 2 feet from his face at a house show in IN, but when he came out in NYC in 08 i believe, i remember being shocked because they said he was in some other state on the PPV and was doing charity work and he'll be back hopefully for WM, and then he shows up at #30 and wins. As soon as the horns hit i knew he would win (he has super powers) but for about a 2 second period, i marked cuz they fooled me.
  4. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I like that you see what I've seen from this year's Rumble win. It was an epic ending IMO and it went on for so long that I felt the certainty of Jericho winning slipping away with every near-elimination. A win I'll remember for a long time.

    Another one I would have included was Undertaker's win simply because it was a) awesome, and b) a precursor to two amazing matches at WrestleMania.
  5. Dazzaschofield's Avatar
    I agree with you all, in some respect every winner of the Rumble deserves to be on this list, I mean lets be fair there have been less Rumble winners than WWE championships which to me gives the winner of the Rumble a prestige not earned elsewhere.
  6. Earthquake's Avatar
    great blog and some great rumble wins. I loved how wwe used to present things as dramatic but also "CONTROVERSIAL" back in the mid 90s.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    95 Rumble was one of the worst ever.

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