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Why oh Why does the IWC have to dump on everything?

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Hello Everybody, pay attention.

I've not been writing here for long but I've read shit loads of blogs, the majority of which are just recycled every week. Examples include "Who needs to get pushed","Why WWE has ruined X and Y's push","What I would have done about Raw/Smackdown/Previous PPV". It's a bit tiresome an unoriginal, much like this blog but what you will read below is pure passion.

I watched Royal Rumble 2012 last night and here are my thoughts on how things turned out.

Match 1: Daniel Bryan retains world heavyweight title. Not much wrong with this, predicatably Bryan won and thankfully not many people are complaining about that, as he is the iwc golden boy at the moment. People generally have been complaining about how weak he looks. He doesn't look weak to me, he looks opportunistic. I'm enjoying his run as champ.

Match 2: The Diva's 8-Way was unexpectedly a present surprise. If I am going to watch a Diva's match it's nice for an old fashioned 8 person tag as a surprise match. Kelly Kelly did a freaking top rope splash to the outside. You may hate but she was clearly making the effort.

Match 3: alot of people thought it would end in a similar way and they were correct. Thankfully people aren't shitting on it and if they are look at it this way. Kane looks stronger and not weak. Though most will probably forget this scenario and go mad as usual when Cena ends up winning the feud. I don't know if any of you know shit about wrestling in it's purest form, but good guy wins. Don't shit all over Cena when he wins. Watch it play out.

Match 4: Funkasaurus beat Drew in an impromptu match. I have no problem at all with unadvertised matches like a lot of you self anointed wrestling geniuses, I find them to be a nice surprise.

Match 5: CM Punk beat Ziggler. The cynic in me says that Dolph was made to look extremely weak but I was entertained as I was kept guessing what would happen. When the ending is not what you expect you have to say well done, ove you block out the internet voices.

Match 6: Royal Rumble was good fun I thought. The announcers entering was decent fare, I actually enjoyed Cole going apoplectic about Lawler and Booker being entrants. The IWC influence tells me "Cole entering was a waste of time/resources Blah blah" but the rumble is about surprises and this one didn't disappoint. Loved seeing Road Dogg and the crowd really digged Hacksaw. Kofi's hand walking was ace and arguably the moment of the rumble. What I really liked though was the choice of winner. Already there are those throwing their toys out of the pram and saying it doesn't make sense that Sheamus would win. There are 62 days left until Mania, I'm very very VERY sure that they will build it up to Mania properly. Most Royal Rumble's the winner is unfortunately obvious even to fairweathered fans and everyone thought either Jericho or Orton. So for Sheamus to win was awesome and unexpected.

So I have already read many blogs around the world today giving "expert" opinions on several missed opportunities, WWE fucking everything up as usual etc.

Basically alot of you out there need to grow up. Why are you wasting your time analysing wrestling? Just sit back and enjoy. I really really imagine that alot of you absolutely flip out at the tv screen/computer when you see something that doesn't exactly go your way. Basically 90% of all internet dedicated wrestling fans give wrestling fans a bad name, and that might even be a generous statistic. The Royal Rumble wasn't predictable at all even though most of you tried to ruin it before you began to watch it. Here is my opinion on big events of the last month, and compared to popular opinion spouted generally.

Daniel Bryan is an opportunistic heel. Thankfully, there are a good few rational people out there who are impressed with his run as champion and see him for what he is, an opportunistic sneak. And what is wrong with that? it doesn't make him look weak, he's been up against bloody Mark Henry and Big Show. How is he supposed to fucking dominate them? Instead of crying out about him being a weak champion you should be thankful that WWE aren't treating you like children and expecting you to buy that he can take out Show and Henry in a straight up contest.

Thankfully alot of the internet is quite sane and are completely behind this Funkasaurus character. And thankfully alot of people think it's a completely good idea. Some of you are too uptight to enjoy things like this however and you take wrestling too seriously. When you get a bit older or maybe a bit more sensible you will cop on to the fact that wrestling isn't supposed to be serious, and never was, unless your actually in the biz and it's your job.

The Chris Jericho thing. Why do you get upset about what they are doing wrong with the angle? Why jump to conclusions and declare it dead in the water each and every week? Why not just watch it without any IWC know-it-all's influencing your opinion, and watch it for what it is? A big belief among former wrestlers is that wrestling has lost it's surprise factor, and this is because of internet. This Jericho angle has been lambasted as much as it has been praised for the fact that WWE appear to be trying to keep people guessing. You either like to be surprised in wrestling (Which i do) or you expect to know what happens, and then shit over everything because it was so damn predictable EVEN THOUGH you wanted it to happen.

Punk/Laurenitis is interesting. Yes it's been somewhat done before but it is being done in another way. They haven't gone full blown into whatever plan they are going for. The friction has been slow, and not obvious at all. I'm enjoying it, I don't have a clue which way they are going with this and I like it and am interested in it. Some people don't like it because they can't see where it is going. If you're reading this and that describes yourself, you shouldn't be watching wrestling. I'm very serious too, cause you just don't get it. Trying to explain this would be too much for some of you to get your head around too.

If you have any of my points that you would like to argue over with me intelligently I welcome a chance to prove me wrong and/or show me up. For example, I am now backtracking and have realised that my "Only 10% of internet fans are rational" is actually quite probably not true and definitely over irrational. Probably alot more of all watchers are sane and know how to watch the product without getting emotional. Maybe it's just cause I'm Irish and we generally take things as they are without looking too deep into them? Or maybe I can be accused of being delighted with the Sheamus win cause he's Irish? If you think that Irish bias comes into it you are ignoring why I liked Sheamus as a winner. It was a surprise and that's why I liked it. Even if Miz won, I would have been happy as it wasn't obvious.

So please comment if you read this and you think I am being unfair, completely right, a pretentious dickhead, whatever, just comment. By the way, I don't block comments like some people on here so feel free to say anything you want.

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  1. Earthquake's Avatar
    @Razor ha thanks for confirming I'm a pretentious prick, thats 2 comments confirming this I just was very enraged to see all the negative bullshit after what i thought was a very well done ppv. wwe is what it is and most on here need a reality check, and just get used to things. I am still in love with the attitude era but if wrestling can move on surely people should take a cue
  2. Bagg's Avatar
    Sooooooooo....everyone has to sit back and enjoy wrestling and not analyze it....yet, you have an entire analysis on an entire ppv and the companys top angles. I agree with you on 95% of what youve written, maybe 98%...BUT...heaven forbid i or anyone think 3 active fucking wrestlers who NEED the spotlight and NEED the tv time get put into the rumble rather than the entire announce team. I am sick to death of announcers involvement, Ive seen Jerry Lawler in like 25 half-assed matches in angles since his feud with Bret 17 years ago and im tired of it. Im tired of getting these guys in my video games rather than wrestlers, im tired of them being on the Wrestlemania card rather than wrestlers and if im being a whiny IWC'er then thats fine, ill always stand by my opinion that lawler and his plugs and shitty old singlet and fistdrop need to stay behind the announce booth. let alone Michael Cole.
  3. Jags's Avatar
    To bad the most annoying internet fans complain the most, it isn't actually as bad as they claim.
  4. KC_Kyng's Avatar
    VERY Good Blog My Dude... Thank youyou said what i have been wanting to say
  5. Godsmack78's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Earthquake
    great to see a few comments already, I wasn't even sure if this would be published. In response to your comments:

    @akbar Thanks for reading. Yes, thank fudge there are many sane fans of this business

    @Godsmack78 Thanks for reading. At least I threw it out there that I'm a pretentious dickhead haha. I understand your frustrations with wrestling and your opinion, I'm a fan too, and I agree that wrestling doesn't have the likes of Taker, HBK, HHH, Rock, Austin and the greats you could write a big list about but the business is evolving, and new kinds of superstars are here. Now we could argue all day and say that this "evolution" has been happening for years and should have finished a long time ago, but it's not that simple. WWE has rode through several storm's, the 80's glory days which seemed like they would go on forever, the lull in the mid 90's, the unparallelled attitude era, the lull of sorts after those glory days and the controversial PG era. We can't see the PG era for what it is and that's the unfortunate act. We are too old, we live on past glories, and we compare everything unfavourably to it. But we have to stop whining, because we can't do anything about what we watch, just make the best of it..... Now that's pretentious!!!

    @Muzza_H16 Thanks for reading. Great to see someone agree with me. Too many keyboard warriors think they know wrestling better than who is presenting it. If they want to build an empire to compete with WWE I say go for it. In the meantime, stop spreading your bad attitude.

    @DK Wrestling Savior Thanks for reading. Lol, "Are you talking to me....You must be talking to me". Seriously though, are you talking to me? I'm not saying your opinions are wrong I am basically saying a big slice of the wrestling fan pie need to grow up. I could have written a sugar and sweet blog about the overused recycled garbage we read every week or I could have written a blog about my thoughts. I am saying A LOT of people's overall opinion of wrestling is wrong. It seems like a dangerous hobby for some people. Like seriously what are you all looking for? Are you revelling in being a notorious internet wrestling blogger? I'm not afraid to ruffle some feathers (virtual internet feathers of people I have never met or will never meet....emotional stuff). To a lot of level headed and mature readers the whining has become unbearable. I'm 27, I watch because it still entertains me. So you internet experts who are never happy with anything, good luck to you in your lives. Getting bent out of shape because you can't control everything is the biggest mark of an overgrown child,
    And more importantly what shucky ducky quack quack are you talking about? I never once mentioned you in this blog, I never once made reference to any of your previous blogs, much less 4 or 5 times. It's time to get the ol' ego in check there kid. You don't piss me off, I feel sorry for people who get upset because they can't control what happens in their favourite tv shows HAHAHAHAHAHA (Thats right, I'M LAUGHING AT YOU).

    @RatedATB Thanks for reading. You feel my pain too. I wonder how many people are pissed off that Sheamus won the Royal Rumble since "the news" that they only gave him the win to curveball internet fans expecting Jericho to win came out. Too too many people let their imaginations run away with them and let the iwc mantra dominate what's on the tv. I would like to think that every internet fan liked wrestling from the start because of something that happened on TV that piqued their interest rather than got into it because they enjoyed being on a forum.

    On a positive note, hasn't Raw been great so far. A decent promo between Punk and Bryan in which a match will result. Of course WWE has FUCKED EVERYTHING UP forever because it was SOOO Stupid to give away this match free on TV, especially in the first hour. Oh the humanity! I await the droning that I am going to read about tomorrow.

    lol..just kidding dude youre not a pretentious dickhead. the only thing i dont like is that wrestling is weak these days and i wish vince wouldnt play with the old schools intelligence of what the product should look like. and it doesnt include daniel bryan or zack ryder..wheres the talent?
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