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A Realistic and Entertaining Wrestlemania Card

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Hello, and welcome to my first ever blog! I've always enjoyed reading others work here on the site, and I finally decided I'd join in on the fun. I'm a long time fan of proffesional wrestling, and I love making match cards and seeing how they measure up to the final event. Please enjoy as I take a look at each of my predicted Wrestlemania matches.

1- John Cena Vs. The Rock
As Wrestlemania approaches, John Cena continues to lose a little momentum, getting angrier and angrier in the process. He has some good promo work with The Rock, and physicality between the two is put off until the big event. After a 20-25 minute match in which the two go back and forth, The Rock wins, although there was a point when Cena had him pinned and the referee was knocked out. After the match the Rock attempts to shake Cena's hand, and Cena hits the Rock with an attitude adjustment, and spits in his face. I know many may say that Cena may never turn heel, but this is a great scenario for what has been looking like a quite possible scenario lately.

2 - The Undertaker Vs. Chris Jericho
Although I'm not completely opposed to another HHH Vs. Undertaker match, this seems fresher and more exciting. Jericho is in great shape, and could carry Undertaker to a classic, although Taker is still amazing on his own. I see a match in which Undertaker gets a slight majority of the offense, and both men kick out of a few finishers. Expect a great match with a lot of cool counters until Undertaker counters a Code-Breaker into a second tombstone piledriver and wins at around the 25 minute mark.

3- WWE Championship Match: CM Punk (c) Vs. Triple H: No Holds Barred
This match would certainly have some great promo work in the build up and show why CM Punk is the best in the world. I put in a No Holds Barred stipulation so HHH could better keep up with Punk's technical prowess. Expect this match to be extreme, the ring littered with Kendo sticks and chairs. In the end, Punks wins clean in a 20 minute match.

4- WHC Match: Daniel Bryan (c) Vs. Wade Barrett Vs. Sheamus
This match would be quite easy to build, because Sheamus won the rumble and Wade Barret could just insert himself into the fued at the Elimination chamber. This match could be a look into the future, and prove why these gus deserve to be in the positions they are in. I say Sheamus wins in about 15 minutes and goes on to fued with Barrett.

5 - Singles Match: Randy Orton Vs. Dolph Ziggler
When making my card, the biggest problem I could find was that both Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler were matchless. It seemed perfect. Orton and Ziggler could enter a fued when they have a brutal fight at the elimination chamber, causing them both to be eliminated in succession and then fight outside the chamber. A good build up with Dolph actually getting the better of Orton in promos could lead to a great Wrestlemania match, which Orton would win in 12-15 minutes. Although Dolph could win this one, I think Orton would go over, and then lose to Ziggler in a match at Extreme Rules.

6 - Interconinental Championship Match: Cody Rhodes (c) Vs. Goldust
After a nice build continuing until Wrestlemania, these two will be poised for a high profile match. Cody would obviously win here, dominantly in about 10 minutes. Goldust will retire and Cody will be solidified as a great heel for years to come.

7 - The Big Show Vs. Shaquille O'neal
Shaquille O'neal ineivetably wins, hopefully in a short match. It looks like we'll be forced to sit through this one, so I won't put you through an explanation too.

9-Money in the Bank Ladder Match - R-Truth Vs. Justin Gabriel Vs. Jack Swagger Vs. Zack Ryder Vs. Kofi Kingston Vs. Mason Ryan Vs. Ezekial Jackson
After a decent 15 minute MitB filled with nice high spots, I say either Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder, or Kofi Kingson wins. I'm a bit of a Kingston mark and would love to see him elevated, but Swagger of Ryder both make perfect sense to win. Maybe Zack Ryder could even enter as a secret entrant as a return..

9 - Divas Championship Match: Beth Pheonix (c) Vs. Natalya Vs. Kharma
I see this as an excellent match that would revitalize the divas division, with Kharma winning in about 10 minutes.

10 - Singles Match: The Miz Vs. Rey Mysterio
This match could stem at the Elimination Chamber PPV. I say Mysterio returns and tries to cut a promo to the crowd, but The Miz interrupts and embarasses him. Later in the night, Mysterio interupts the chamber, sparking a fued. The Miz wins clean in 12 minutes to get back into the scene as THE main event heel.

Well, if you've read this far I'm pretty happy. The matches I listed aren't in order, but I think you could probably estimate that on your own. Please feel free to rip this blog to shreds, as I really want to be a great "blogger", and can't get there without some advice. Thank you so much for reading, and this has been the Main Event.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Not a bad card, but I don't see the Cena/Rock match going that way.
  2. Godsmack78's Avatar
    and remember kharma is coming after the bellas bad idea there.. second of all dont insult my intelligence by making zack dick ryder the mitb winner dammit whats wrong with you..get off the crack..cena rock should end that way because it wouldnt make sense for the rock to come back and lose to cena..unless cena cheats..the rest of your card is ok but i really dont want to see the deadman take on y2j..but i would love to see him and kane one last time with taker winning and retiring...other than that and you should want to see rtruth win mitb..or kofi.. swagger already has won one and ryder doesnt deserve the us title he got let alone mitb
  3. robMstull's Avatar
    I would buy this WrestleMania in a heartbeat. I think that you need to go onto the WWE Corporate website, and fill out an application to be a WWE writer. Superb card my friend!
  4. Dr. Death's Avatar
    I wouldn't even bother turning the TV on for this even if they gave it away on free TV. Just my personal opinion.
  5. ATM99's Avatar
    Some of the matches on here have no value for a realistic card like CM Punk vs. Triple H, I can't see why this match would take place.
    And why don't anyone like Zack Ryder I can see a bright future for him, with a lot of substance there already.

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